Thursday, November 26, 2015

Royal Profile: Princess Marie of Hanover, Countess von Houchberg

Princess Marie Viktoria Luise Hertha Friederike of Hanover, Countess of Houchberg was born 26 November 1952 as the first daughter and eldest child of Prince Ernst August IV of Hanover & Princess Ortrund of Hanover {Source}. She has three younger brothers, two younger sisters, a host of siblings-in-laws and many nieces and nephews {Source}:
  1. Prince Ernst August of Hanover (1954)
    1. Chantal Hochuli (1983-1997, sister-in-law)
      1. Prince Ernst August of Hanover (1984)
      2. Prince Christian of Hanover (1985)
    2. Princess Caroline of Hanover (1999-2009, separated, presumably divorced, sister-in-law)
      1. Princess Alexandra of Hanover (1999)
  2. Prince Ludwig of Hanover (1955-1989)
    1. Isabella Gräfin von Thurn und Valsássina-Como-Vercelli (1987-1988, sister-in-law)
      1. Prince Otto of Hanover (1987)
  3. Princess Olga of Hanover (1958)
  4. Princess Alexandra of Hanover, Princess of Leiningen (1958-)
    1. Andreas, Prince of Leiningen (1981-present)
      1. Prince Ferdinand, Hereditary Prince of Leiningen (1982)
      2. Princess Olga of Leiningen (1984)
      3. Prince Hermann of Leiningen (1986)
  5. Prince Heinrich of Hanover (1961)
    1.  Thyra Donata Sixtina (1999-present)
      1. Prince Albert of Hanover (1999)
      2. Princess Eugenia of Hanover (2001)
      3. Prince Julius of Hanover (2006)

Princess Marie was married to Count Michael von Hochberg on 5 June 1982 {Source}. Together, they have two sons{Source}:

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