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Royal Profile: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi was born 4 March 1992 in Palm Desert, California, the daughter of Prince Albert and Tamara Rotolo{Source}. She has two paternal half brothers and a paternal half sister:
  • Alexandre Eric Stephane Coste (2003)
  • Princess Gabriella of Monaco, The Countess of Carladès (2014)
  • Prince Jacques of Monaco, The Hereditary Prince (2014)

Prince Albert and Rotolo had a brief summer love affair in 1991, while Tamara was vacationing in the Cote d’Azur area with girlfriends after a recent divorce. After Tamara’s summer rendezvous with Prince Albert of Monaco (then heir apparent to the throne), she returned to California, only to discover she was pregnant by Prince Albert of Monaco (she believed at the time and in 2006 it was proven her claims as true after a DNA test was performed). Due to the inferiority of Prince Rainier of Monaco of the situation that his son had placed him and the principality in, Prince Rainier prohibited his son from having any contact with Tamara or their daughter and to deny any wrong doing. Unknown to his father, Prince Albert allegedly kept in contact with Tamara throughout the pregnancy-and even suggested calling her Grace in honor of his late mother.

On March 4, 1992, approximately six weeks early in a Palm Desert area hospital, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi was born to Tamara J. Rotolo and Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi. Prince Albert, unsure how to address the issue spoke with Tamara after realizing that the situation was not at all this new baby girl’s fault and that it was up to him to fix it.

In the book, The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour, Tragedy and Scandal by John Glatt, Glatt claims that Tamara once said:
“Albert said that he would not allow her to grow up as his grandmother had. He promised he would sort things out before she was old enough to understand.”
At Jazmin’s birth, Prince Albert had been away from Monaco on business, and upon his return to Monaco, he sheepishly told his father of the news of his latest grandchild. Well, apparently, it did not go over so well with Grand-père Rainier. Prince Rainier was furious with his son, ordering him to deny all responsibility and sever ties with the American tourist from the summer before. In fear of what his father could or would do, Prince Albert did as ordered-he stopped returning Rotolo’s phone calls, and letters.

After failing to get any acknowledgement of the birth from Monaco, Tamara obtained a lawyer in California to attempt to get Prince Albert in Monaco to submit to a DNA test. Prince Albert’s lawyers agreed to the request-and Tamara provided a sample, and provided a sample from Jazmin. When it came to Albert’s turn, he backed out.

This paternity suit was a big thing for the Grimaldi family lawyers-after all, if this were to be Prince Albert’s child, she would automatically become second in line after her father and take predence over her aunts and cousins. After a six month court battle to get Prince Albert to submit to a DNA test (this would be around late 1992, early 1993), he still never submitted.

In 1994, Tamara learned that Albert would be visiting Wyoming, and decided to take their daughter there to meet her father for the first time. She spent $50 in order to join the society that Prince Albert was set to visit. The day of the “visit” reportedly, Tamara approached Albert with Jazmin, telling him straight out that the child she was holding was his daughter. Tamara later attended reception, where the Prince ignored her. However, she did manage to make a friend that evening- with newspaper publisher Bruce McCormack. Bruce, having seen the fiasco from earlier in the day, prevented Tamara from making another scene at the reception, keeping her in the background. Later, McCarmack would two-time Rotolo and publish a story of her afternoon outburst in his paper the next day. When Tamara called his office to complain, he agreed to listen to her side of the story. She told him:
“This is not about the money. This is not about the publicity. This is about the acknowledgement of a child. I want Jazmin to see her father. My whole goal coming to Cody was for him to see this beautiful child. I want him to think about this when he closes his eyes at night.”

McCarmack was convinced, even without a DNA test that Jazmin was Albert’s daughter (Ed. Note: Given some of the pics from her childhood, and how much she and Alexandre looked like Albert as babies...I don't see how Albert EVER had any doubt!). He kept in contact with Tamara, and each year, Tamara sent him a photograph of Jazmin dressed as a princess. Tamara would also send these photos to Albert.

In 1998, Jazmin was a fiercely independent 6-year old, who looked very much like her Kelly Genes. She would proclaim that Prince Albert was ‘Albert, my biological father and lives far away’.

Then of course, in 2002, Prince Rainier changed the laws so Albert’s non-illegitimate (nor anyone else)’s child could not inherit the throne. HOWEVER, IF in some alternative univerise Albert and Charlene divorce and Albert and Tamara decide to marry, Jazmin will automatically be placed in line for the throne between the twins.

It appears that Tamara did a wonderful job raising Jazmin by herself in southern California. In 2010, Jazmin graduated with honors from JSerra Catholic High School where she also received the Faculty, Musical Excellence and Fine Arts awards. During her time at JSerra, she started her own foundation, The Jazmin Fund in 2006 after an inspiring trip to Fiji.

After her acknowledgement from her father in 2006, he has claimed that she is welcome to study and live in Monaco, however to this day, it is not known that she has taken her dad up on his offer.She graduated from  Fordham University in 2014 and is working for the UN World Food Programme as a Liaison Assistant. Now a legal adult, she makes very brief, low-key public appearances on occasion, many of which have been at movie and television premieres. In September 2012, she attended the premiere party of HBO's Homeland {Source}. In October 2012, she attended The Princess Grace Awards in New York with her father and stepmother, arriving low-key with her father's cousin, Christopher LeVine and his family {Photo}{Photo}. In October 2013, she made it back in the spotlight with a public appearance at the Nespresso Pop-Up Boutique in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal {Photos}. On her paternal grandmother's would-be 84th birthday, she attended a premiere of Oscar-nominatedPhilophmena (of which was produced by the same company that is producing a film about Jazmin's late paternal grandmother titled Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman){Photos}. She was most recently spotted this past January at The Cinema Society & Tod's host the premiere of the film Arcade & Cinedigm's Song One {Photos}

Royal Profile: Prince Paul Louis Jean Marie Guillaume of Nassau

Prince Paul Louis Jean Marie Guillaume of Nassau was born 4 March 1998 as the eldest son of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg {Source}. He has three younger siblings {Source}:

  • Prince Leopold of Nassau (2000)
  • Princess Charlotte de Nassau (2000)
  • Prince Jean de Nassau(2004)
He is the godson of his cousin, The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. He shares a birthday with Jazmin Grace Grimaldi. He is currently 7th in line for the Luxembourg throne.

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Royal Profile:Infanta Maria Francisca Isabel Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Paula de Herédia de Bragança of Portugal

Infanta Maria Francisca Isabel Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Paula de Herédia de Bragança was born 3 March 1997, the only daughter of The Duke & Duchess of Braganza. She is presently 4th in line for the deposed throne of Portugal after her father and brothers.

She was baptized in June 1997 at Vila Viçosa in the Church of the Immaculate Conception {Source}

At the age of 10, she was torn between becoming a doctor or bull fighter {Source}. She is also said to enjoy music, poetry and theatre {Source}.

In 2008, she made her public debut with her parents and younger brothers at a Dinner of the Conjured{Source}.

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Royal Profile: Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor

Eloise Olivia Katharine Taylor was born 2 March 2003 as the third child and elder daughter of The Lady Helen Taylor and Timothy Taylor {Source}. She has two older brothers and a younger sister{Source}:
  • Columbus George Donald Taylor (1994)
  • Cassius Edward Taylor (1996)
  • Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor (2004)
She is a maternal granddaughter of The Duke and Duchess of Kent {Source}.

She is likely named:

Eloise: a name her parents liked, meaning "famous war"...perhaps because she was conceived  just after her father's cancer battle.
Olivia: not sure...likely a name they liked
Katherine: for her grandmother, Katharine, The Duchess of Kent

Before the birth of Baby Cambridge #2 this spring, Eloise is 38th in line for the British Throne, so it is likely she leads a fairly normal life.

She has occasionally attended some royal events, such as The Trooping of Colour (20112014) and the Queen's annual pre-Christmas luncheon (2014).

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Royal Recap of The Royals You Love: February 23-March 1, 2015


-King Philippe & Queen Mathilde  visited the Province Flemish Brabant on Thursday {Source}


-Crown Princess Mary  the House of Disabled People’s Organizations – Denmark (DPOD) on Thursday {Source}

-Countess Feodora Mathilde Helena af Rosenborg celebrated her 40th birthday on Friday.

Great Britain

-The Prince Charles of Wales & Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall visited The Evening Standard offices on Wednesday {Source}

-Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall visited Dents Fine Accessories and Community First {Source}.On Wednesday, she officially opened the offices of First News &  hosted a recital for the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain {Source}{Source}. 

-Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge attended an investiture on Tuesday {Source}. On Thursday, he began a 3-day tour of Japan {Source}.

-Prince Harry visited Avondale House & the Northumberland Wildlife Trust's Red Squirrel Northern England project on Wednesday {Source}.

-Sir Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence celebrated his 60th birthday Sunday.

-The Lady Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley celebrated her 45th birthday on Sunday.

-The Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Gilman celebrated her 35th birthday on Sunday.

-Katharine, The Duchess of Kent celebrated her 82nd birthday on Monday.

-James Robert Bruce Ogilvy celebrated his 51st birthday on Saturday.


-Arrietta Morales y de Grecia celebrated her 13th birthday on Tuesday.


-Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko met with Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge on Friday {Photo}.

-Crown Prince Naruhito celebrated his 55th birthday on Monday.


-Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilles, The Duke of Castro celebrated his 52nd birthday on Tuesday.


-Grand Duke Henri met with a delegation composed of 20 members from the German city of Breme on Wednesday {Source}


-Prince Ernest-August of Hanover celebrated his 61st birthday on Thursday.


-Princess Lalla Khadija celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday.


-King Harald & Queen Sonja undertook a 5 day tour of Australia starting on Monday {Source}.

-King Harald attended the formal opening of a seminar on the Antarctic at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Tuesday {Source}.

-Queen Sonja attended an art exhibitation opening at Museum of Contemporary Art, Foundation Hall on Wednesday {Source}.

-Crown Prince Haakon attended the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Special Operations Executive and the 70th anniversary of the Special Forces Club on Wednesday {Source}


-Princess Irina celebrated her 62nd birthday on Saturday.

-Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger celebrated his 30th birthday on Wednesday.


-King Felipe VI & Queen Letizia attended the opening of ARCO 2015 (2015 Contemporary Art Fair) on Thursday {Source}. On Sunday the royal pair attended to a State Visit by the President and First Lady of Columbia {Source}

-King Felipe VI visited "Tecnidex, Fruit Protection", attended an awards ceremony in his honor and attended the closure of the VII Congress of Cooperative Agro on Friday {Source}{Source}{Source}. On Sunday, the Spanish king  chaired the welcome dinner at "Mobile World Capital Barcelona" & "GSMA" {Source}. 

-Queen Letizia visited the ONCE Education Resource Center on Wednesday {Source}.

-King Juan Carlos I met with the elected President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay on Saturday {Source}. On Sunday, the former Spanish king represented Spain at the inauguration of elected President of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay{Source}. 


-Princess Estelle celebrated her 3rd birthday on Monday.

Royal Profile:The Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Gilman

The Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Gilman was born 1 March 1980, the younger daughter of The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester {Source}. At her birth, she was 12th in line for the throne, and is presently 29th after her niece Sennna. She was baptized when she was 4 months old at Barnwell Church, Northamptonshire {Source}, where her godparents included her second cousins, The Prince Edward and The Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones {Source}.

She was educated at St. George's School, Ascot in the 1990s. Professionally, she works under the name Rose Windsor, as an Art Department Production Assistant in the film industry and has worked on films such as Harry Potter & The Oder of the Phoenix, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince, Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley and the television series,Little Britain {Source}

Her engagment was announced on 16 November 2007 to the 26 year-old George Gilman. She was married the following summer, in the Queen's Chapel, St. James's Palace {Source}. Several members of the British Royal Family attended her wedding, including The Princess Royal, The Earl of Wessex (who also read at the wedding) and his wife, The Lady Sarah Chatto (who also read at the wedding) and her husband, Peter & Autumn Philips and Catherine Middleton {Source}. Together, they have two children, Lyla Beatrix Christabel Gilman in 2010 {Source} and Rufus in 2012 {Source}

Royal Profile: The Lady Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley

The Lady Serena Alleyne Armstong-Jones, Viscountess Linely ( née Stanhope) was born on 1 March 1970 as the daughter of the 12th Earl of Harrington and The Countess of Harrington {Source}. She grew up with one older brother, The Viscount Petersham {Source}

She married David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley on 8 October 1993 {Source}. Together, they have two children {Source}:

The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones (1999)
The Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones (2002)
In 2010, she opened Serena Linley Provence, a shop selling soaps, scent and candles using lavender from Provence, France {Source}.

She also shares a birthday with Sir Vice Admril Tim Laurence and The Lady Rose Gilman.