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Royal Profile: 21 Facts about Samuel David Benedict Chatto

  1. Samuel David Benedict Chatto was born 28 July 1998 in London, the elder of two sons of The Lady Sarah Chatto and David Chatto {Source}. 
  2. He has a younger brother:
    1. Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto (1999)
  3. One of his godparents was The Prince Charles of Wales {Source}.
  4. He is currently 22nd in line to succeed to the throne of the United Kingdom after his mother {Source}.
  5. For his younger years, he attended Westminster Cathedral Choir School {Source}. 
  6. He is believed to have followed Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry's footsteps and attended Eton College{Source}.
  7. Although he performs no official royal functions, he has attended a few in recent years. 
  8. He and his family typically attend Christmas at Sandringham {2006, 2008, 2010, 2015}. He also has attended the State Opening of Parliament {2010}{2013}
  9. He along side his family, aunt and uncle and cousins, attended the service of Thanksgiving in honor of his late grandmother and great-grandmother in 2012 {Photos}. 
  10. Also in 2012, he alongside his parents and brother, attended the Cartier Style & Luxury Lunch at Goodwood Festival of Speed {Photos}, attended day 1 of the Goodwood Races {Photos}.
  11. He is a regular at Queen Elizabeth II's pre-Christmas luncheon {2011 seated between his parents, 2012 sitting behind his brother, 2013, seated behind his parents}
  12. It is presumed that Samuel leads a relatively normal life, in spite of being a great-nephew to the Queen.
  13. His maternal uncles and aunts are:
    1. David Armstrong-Jones, The 2nd Earl of Snowdon (1961)
      1. The Lady Serena Armstrong-Jones, The Countess of Snowdon (1970, m. 1993)
    2. The Lady Frances von Hofmannsthal (1979, from her father's 2nd marriage)
      1. Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal (m. 2006)
    3. Jasper William Oliver Cable-Alexander (1998, illegitimate son of his grandfather, who is only about 12 weeks older than he is!)
  14. His maternal cousins are:
    1. Charles Patrick Indigo Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linely (1998)
    2. The Lady Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (2002)
    3. Rex Antony Octavian Hofmannsthal (2008)
    4. Maud Dolores Diamond Hofmannsthal (2009)
    5. Sybil Sabrina Ernestine von Hofmannsthal (2013)
  15. He is related to the following monarchs:
    1. Queen Elizabeth II: his maternal great aunt, his grandmother and she were sisters.
    2. King Carl XVI Gustaf: 3rd cousin 2x removed through Queen Victoria
    3. Queen Margrethe II: 3rd cousins 2x removed through Queen Victoria
    4. King Constantine II: 3rd cousins 1x removed through Queen Victoria
  16. He is related to the following consorts:
    1. The Duke of Edinburgh: his great uncle, he married his great aunt Elizabeth, and they are also 3rd cousins 3x removed through Queen Victoria. 
  17. He is currently enrolled in university at The University of Edinburgh {Source}
  18. He is active on social media (do not ask-the answer is already no, and it's pretty locked down anyway)
  19. His maternal grandparents were The Princess Margaret, The Countess of Snowdon & Antony Armstrong-Jones, The 1st Earl of Snowdon{Source}.
  20. His paternal grandparents were Tom Chatto and Rosalind Chatto {Source}.
  21. His paternal uncle is{Source}:
    1. James A. Chatto

Royal Profile: King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun of Thailand

King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun was born 28 July 1952 the only son of Bhumibol Adulyadej, the King of Thailand, and Queen Sirikit.

He had a worldly education, spending his primary years in Thailand, before moving on to England and Australia for his upper educational studies. The Prince undertook military training at the Royal Military College, Duntroon in Canberra, Australia, and also completed an arts degree at Sukhothai Thammatirat University in Bangkok. He also took a period of time as a Buddhist monk {Source}.

In 1977, he married his maternal first cousin Princess Soamsavali Kitiyakara {Source} , a year later his first child was born {Source}. He and Princess Soamsvali Kitiyakara were divorced sometime in the 1980s {Source}. His second marriage produced four illegitimate children as they were born prior to the 1994 marriage {Source}. In 2001, he married again, to HRH Princess Srirasmi, who has since given him a son {Source}.

His children are:
  1. Princess Bajrakitiyabha (1978)
  2. Prince Juthavachara Mahidol(1979)
  3. Prince Vacharaesorn Mahidol (1981)
  4. Prince Chakriwat Mahidol (1983)
  5. Prince Vatcharawee Mahidol (1985)
  6. Princess Siriwanwari Nariratana (1987)
  7. Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijoti (2005)

On 3 January 1977, Vajiralongkorn married, a first cousin on his mother's side. They had one daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha in 1978. Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn started living with actress Yuvadhida Polpraserth in the late 1970s and had five children with her. Although Princess Soamsavali had refused divorce for many years, Vajiralongkorn was finally able to sue for divorce in the Family Court in January 1993. In the court proceedings, Vajiralongkorn accused Princess Soamsavali of being completely at fault for the failed relationship. She was not able to refute the charges due to the prohibition against lèse majesté. The divorce was finalized in July 1993. Princess Soamsavali and her daughter continue to play a significant role in royal ceremonies.

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Royal Profile: Archduke Bartholomäus of Austria-Este

Archduke Bartholomäus Karl Robert of Austria-Este was born 27 July 2006 as the eldest of four children of Archduke Martin of Austria-Este and Princess Katharina von Isenburg, Archduchess of Austria-Este {Source}. He has one younger sister, and two younger brothers {Source}:
  1. Archduke Emmanuel of Austria (2008)
  2. Archduchess Helene of Austria (2009)
  3. Archduke Luigi of Austria (2011)
He is the maternal nephew of Princess Sophie of Prussia, Princess von Isenburg & Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia {Source}. He is the paternal nephew of Prince Lorenz of Belgium, The Archduke of Austria-Este & Princess Astrid of Belgium, The Archduchess of Austria-Este {Source}.

He is named:

  • Bartholomäus: Likely a name his parents liked
  • Karl: likely for his paternal grandfather who was Archduke Robert Karl of Austria, who died in 1996
  • Robert: For his paternal grandfather, Archduke Robert Karl of Austria-Este, who died in 1996.

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Royal Profile: 21 Facts about Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece & Denmark

  1. Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece & Denmark was born 25 July 1996 in New York, NY USA the eldest child of Crown Prince Pavlos & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece {Source}. 
  2. She has four younger brothers:
    1. Prince Constantine Alexios (1998)
    2. Prince Achileas-Andreas (2000)
    3. Prince Odysseus-Kimon(2004)
    4. Prince Aristidis-Stavros (2008)
  3. Her godparents were {Source}:
    1. Princess Alexia of Greece (paternal aunt)
    2. Prince Michael of Greece (1st cousin 2x removed)
    3. The Prince Charles of Wales(2nd cousin 2x removed)
  4. She has grown up mostly in the US and Europe. 
  5. She was born in the US, and likely lived here until she was at least two, before the family temporary went back to England, where her brother Odysseus-Kimon was born in 2004. 
  6. Four years later, she was back in the US, this time on the "left coast", where her youngest brother was born in Los Angeles in 2008. 
  7. Although a member of the defunct Greek Royal Family, she still participates in numerous appearances.
  8. In 2004, she attended the gala preview of Mary Poppins on London's West End with her paternal grandmother and family {Photos}. 
  9. In 2005, she attended her new brother's christening {Photo}. 
  10. In 2008 and 2009, she participated in part of the family's appearances in Vanity Fair {Photo} {Photos}. 
  11. In 2010, she was in Greece to attend her uncle's wedding {Photos}.
  12.  In 2011, she was spotted in London's West End for a gala performance of Shrek The Musical {Photos} and attended the annual ARK Gala Dinner with her parents {Photos}. 
  13. In 2012, along side her mother and grandfather, she attended a dinner and private view of'Valentino: Master Of Couture' {Photos}. 
  14. In 2013, she attended Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research at Battersea Power station with her parents and one of her brothers {Photo}. 
  15. She has also designed her own handbag for charity called "The Japan Bag", which was sold by her mother's line, Marie Chantal, that was released in September 2013 and benefited the construction of a new nursery school in the tsunami-devastated town of Minami Sanriku in Japan {Source}. 
  16. In 2016, she attended the opening of 'Women: New Portraits ByAnnie Leibovitz' hosted by Vogue & UBS at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station {Photos}, Dolce & Gabbana Pyjama Party {Photos}, 2016 Foundation Fighting Blindness Gala {Photos}, the 2016 Met Gala, the Balmain and Olivier Rousteing after the Met Gala Celebration, several Paris Fashion Week events, the 7th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala New York and more Paris Fashion Week events
  17. She was educated in England, and the United States. 
  18. As a youngster, she attended Garden House School in England, graduating in 2007.
  19.  For her upper school years, she attended a creative arts school in London {Source}. 
  20. In September 2015, she began her freshman year at New York University, studying fashion {Source} {Ed Note: NYU and Parsons ARE NOT THE SAME SCHOOL. NYU's fashion school is Gallatin, while Parsons is connected to The New School. Pauline Ducruet  attends Parsons, Maria Olympia does not.}
  21. It's likely she speaks English, if not some Danish and other languages as well. She does not speak Greek {Source}.
  22. She is presently related to most of Europe's monarchies and is in line for the defunct Greek and British throne. She is presently 6th in line for the Greek throne after her father and brothers.
    1. Denmark: Queen Margrethe II is her great-aunt on her father's maternal side.
    2. Spain: Queen Sofia is her paternal great aunt (her grandfather is Queen Sofia's younger brother). King Juan Carlos I is her 3rd cousin 1x removed.
    3. Sweden: King Carl XVI Gustav is her 1st cousin 2x removed.
    4. Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II is her 3rd cousin 2x removed. Prince Philip is her 1st cousin 3x removed.
    5. Norway: King Harald V is her 3rd cousin 2x removed.

Royal Profile: Lord Nicholas Windsor

Lord Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan Windsor was born on 25 July 1970 as the youngest child of  Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent and Katharine, The Duchess of Kent {Source}. He has an older brother, an older sister, two siblings-in-law,three nephews, and four nieces {Source}:

  1. George, The Earl of St Andrews(1962)
    1. Sylvana Windsor, The Countess of St. Andrews (1957. m. 1988)
      1. Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (1988)
      2. Lady Marina Charlotte Windsor (1992)
      3. Lady Amelia Windsor (1995)
  2. The Lady Helen Taylor (1964)
    1. Timothy Taylor (m. 1992)
      1. Columbus George Donald Taylor (1994)
      2. Cassius Edward Taylor (1996)
      3. Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor (2003)
      4. Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor (2004)
He was educated at Harrow School in London, England{Source}. He became a Roman Catholic in 2001, thus barring him and his descendants from the throne {Source}.

He married Paola, Countess Doimi de Lupis in November 2006{Source}. Together, they have three sons:

  1. Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor (2007)
  2. Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor (2009)
  3. Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix Windsor (2014)

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Royal Profile: Konstantin Johannsmann

Konstantin Gustav Heinrich Richard Johannsmann was born 24 July 2010 as the first child of Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and Alexander Johannsmann{Source}. He has a younger sister {Source}:
  • Louisa Johannsmann (2015)
He was named for various relatives {Source}:
His godparents were{Source}:

It is likely he will lead a fairly normal life in Germany. He is not in succession for the Princely House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg or The Danish Throne, but is distantly in succession for the British throne.

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The Royal Recap of the Royals You Love: July 17-23, 2017


-Archduke Karl-Konstantin celebrated his 13th birthday on Thursday. 


-King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Astrid, The Archduchess of Austria-Este & Prince Lorenz, The Archduke of Austria-Este attended a pre-national day concert on Thursday {Photos}

-King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Élisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel & Princess  Eléonore attended events to mark Belgian's National Day on Friday {Photos}{Photos}{Photos}

-King Philippe, Queen Mathilde & Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant visited Tomorrowland 2017 on Friday {Photos}{Photos}

-Prince Laurent, Prince Lorenz, The Archduke of Austria-Este & Princess Claire attended a festival in a park in honor of Belgium's National Day celebrations on Friday {Video}

-King Philippe & Queen Mathilde attended the opening of the summer exhibits at the palace on Thursday {Photos}


-Prince Felix celebrated his 15th birthday on Saturday.


-Prince Ernest-August Andreas of Hanover celebrated his 34th birthday on Wednesday.

-Princess Alexandra Charlotte of Hanover celebrated her 18th birthday on Thursday.

Great Britain

-Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh  visited Canada House in London to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation on Wednesday {Photos}

-The Prince Charles of Wales, The Duke of Cornwall & Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall undertook a three day tour of Devon and Cornwall this week {Photos}

 -Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall celebrated her 70th birthday on Monday.

-Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge & Princess Charlotte of Cambridge undertook an official visit to Poland and Germany this week {Source}{Photos}{Photos}{Photos}

-Prince Harry of Wales presented the RAF Regiment with a new Colour at RAF Honington on Thursday {Photos}

-Prince George of Cambridge celebrated his 4th birthday on Saturday.

-The Lady Helen Taylor & Mr. Timothy Taylor celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.

-The Lady Rose Louise Gilman & Mr. George Gilman
 celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.


-Mariana, Consort of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark celebrated her 77th birthday on Monday.


-Princess Georgina celebrated her 12th birthday on Sunday.


-Prince Constantin de Nassau celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday.


-Prince Albert II & Princess Charlene attended the 2017 IAAF Diamond League Herculis race on Friday {Photos}

-Prince Albert II visited the commune of cormicy (Marne) on coast 186 as part of his travels related to the centenary of WWI on Tuesday {Photos}

The Netherlands

-King Williem-Alexander & Queen Maxima attended the opening of the new monument for the victims of the Flight MH7 on Monday {Photos}


-Crown Prince Haakon celebrated his 44th birthday on Thursday.


-Prince Radu attended the launch party of his latest book, the launching of the book The Story of the Peles Castle  on Wednesday {Source}

-Princess Maria became High Patron of the 42nd Conventus Latin ENO 2017 on Thursday {Source}


-Don Felipe Juan de Marichalar y de Borbón celebrated his 19th birthday on Monday.

-Juan Gómez-Acebo y Pascua celebrated his 1st birthday on Monday.


-Crown Prince Alexander celebrated his 72nd birthday on Monday.

Royal Profile: Princess Georgina of Liechtenstein

Princess Georgina Maximiliana Tatiana Maria of Liechtenstein was born 23 July 2005 in Vienna, Austria, the middle child and only daughter of Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein and his wife, Princess Marie{Source}. She has one older brother and one younger one:

  1. Prince Moritz of Liechtenstein (2003)
  2. Prince Benedikt of Liechtenstein (2008)

Her brother Prince Moritz was born in New York, NY USA and her younger brother was also born in Vienna, like she was {Source}.

She is the 4th granddaughter (and 10th grandchild overall) of Prince Hans-Adam II and his wife, Princess Marie.

Because Liechtenstein is ruled under Agnatic primogeniture law, meaning male-only succession, Princess Georgina is not line line for the throne. If for some reason the laws were to change, she would be no higher than 7th after her father today.

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Royal Profile: Prince George of Cambridge

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born 22 July 2013 as the first child of Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge{Source}. He is also the first grandchild of The Prince Charles of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, as well as the first step-grandchild of Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall {Source}. In May 2015, he was joined by a younger sister:

Like his father, he is in line to succeed the British throne after his great grandmother and grandfather {Source}. His birth marked the second time that three generations of direct heirs to the British throne are alive at the same time, a situation that last occurred between 1894 and 1901, in the last seven years of the reign of Queen Victoria, when she, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, and George VI were all alive.

He was baptized on 23 October 2013 {Source}. The following were his godparents{Source}:

  • Mrs. Zara Anne Elizabeth Philips-Tindall (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
  • Mr. Oliver Baker (university friend of his parents)
  • Mrs. Emilla Jardine-Paterson (childhood friend of his mother)
  • Hugh Grosvnor, Earl Grosvenor (childhood friend of his father)
  • Mr. William van Cutsem (childhood friend of his father)
  • Mr. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (private secretary to his parents)
  • Mrs. Julia Samuel (friend of his paternal deceased grandmother)
Like with the previous royal christenings, the young prince wore a replica of the christening robe worn by Queen Victoria that was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth in 2008 and water was from the River Jordan. For the first time, the Royal Mint issued a set of commemorative coins to celebrate the christening.

Like when his father was 8 months old, he embarked on his first royal tour-to the same location his father had in 1983, Australia and New Zealand. On 9 April 2014, the young prince did his first public engagment with a playdate at the Goverment House which was organized by the New Zealand parenting organization, Plunket {Source}. During the tour, he made a second official apperance, this time at the Taronga Zoo in Australia, where he met a bilby named after him {Source}. He also attended his first Trooping of Colour and his sister'schristening in 2015. In 2017, he made a second world tour with his parents, this time with his sister as well, to Germany and Poland {Photos}.

In January 2016, he began attending  Westacre Montessori School Nursery{Source}. In March 2017, it was announced that George would begin primary school in September at the Thomas's Battersea School{Source}.

Per the British Patent issued by King George V in 1917, Prince George of Cambridge was entitled to inherit the title Prince of Cambridge, however, in 2012 Queen Elizabeth II issued her own patent, granting the rights to all of Prince William's children for the use of Prince/ss of Cambridge. Per the 1917 patent, the rights were to only the eldest son, and all other children would have been either The Lord XXX Mountbatten-Windsor or The Lady YYY Mountbatten-Windsor if born prior to the beginning Prince Charles or Prince William's reign. However, with Queen Elizabeth's patent, all of Prince William's children will be titled Prince or Princess of Cambridge from birth.

Royal Profile: Prince Felix of Denmark

Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat was born 22 July 2002, the younger son of Prince Joachim and his then-wife Countess Alexandra of Fredriksburg{Source}. He also has a stepmother and a soon-to-be former stepfather. He has one full brother and two younger half siblings{Source}:
  1. Prince Nikolai William Alexander Fredrik of Denmark (1999)
  2. Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain of Denmark (2009)
  3. Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie of Denmark (2012)

Prince Felix was christened in Møgeltønder church on 4 October 2002 {Source}. At the christening the musical work Dåbens Pagt composed by Frederik Magle, dedicated to Prince Felix, was given its first performance {Source}.His godparents are:
  • Martina Bent (maternal aunt)
  • Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
  • Oscar Davidsen Siesbye
  • Damian Sibley
  • Annick Boel

He was named:

  • Felix: a name his parents liked, that means "Happy And Prosperous."
  • Henrik: after his paternal grandfather, Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark.
  • Valdemar: is a common royal Danish name; his father and his cousin, Prince Christian of Denmark, also have Waldemar/Valdemar as one of their names.
  • Christian: is a common royal Danish name, as most Kings of Denmark are either Christian or Frederik; it could also be for one of his godparents, Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig.

Prince Felix attended pre-school at the Garnison Church in Copenhagen. Upon turning six years old, he followed in the footsteps of his father, brother and uncle at Krebs School in Østerbro, of which he presently attends.

He is presently 8th in line for the Danish throne after his uncle, four cousins, father, and older brother. He is also distantly in line for the British throne as a great x5 grandchild of King Christian XI of Denmark and greatx4 grandchild of Queen Victoria.