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TheRoyal Recap of the Royals You Love: January 9-15, 2017


-Archduchess Zsófia celebrated her 16th birthday on Thursday.


-King Philippe & Queen Mathilde attended a New Year's Diplomatic Corps Reception on Thursday {Source}.

-Princess Astrid, The Archduchess of Austria-Este & Prince Lorenz, The Archduke of Austria-Este attended the 2017 Motor Show on Friday {Photos}{Source}

-King Philippe held an audience with the Belgian Prime Minister on Monday {Source}. On Tuesday, he held audiences with the ambassador to the United States, attended the swearing-in as Attorney General at the Court of Cassation and attended a memorial service for former Belgian Minister of State  Luc Coene {Source}{Source}{Source}

-Queen Mathilde  hosted a round table conference with Belgian ONGs on a better cooperation in the field, to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals on Tuesday {Source}

-Princess Astrid, The Archduchess of Austria-Este undertook an economic mission to Texas, USA starting on Monday {Source}


-Princess Ashi Chimi Yangzom Wangchuck celebrated her 37th birthday on Tuesday.


-Crown Princess Mary was awarded the Berlingske Foundation Award of Honour on Tuesday {Source}.

Great Britain

-The Prince Charles of Wales, The Duke of Rothesay & Camilla, The Duchess of Rothesay attended a musical performance of Robert Burns poetry on Friday {Photos}
The Couple are known as The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland.

-The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal visited the UK Parliament to meet Speakers and Deputies of Commonwealth Parliament on Friday {Photos}

-Sophie, The Countess of Wessex visited the 5th Battalion The Rifles at their new home at Ward Barracks on Wednesday {Photos}

-Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge & Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge visited Child Bereavement UK Centre at CBUK Stratford on Wednesday {Photos}

-Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge visited a CentrePoint-run youth hostel on Tuesday {Photos}

-Princess Eugenie of York attended the Bunga Bunga Launch Party on Thursday {Photos}

-Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 35th birthday on Monday.

-Zara Anne Elizabeth Philips Tindall & Michael James Tindall attended the 2017 Magic Millions Raceday on Saturday {Photos}

-Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl Snowdon passed away at the age of 86 on Friday {Source}
Obituary comming. He was the husband of The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and was the father of David, The 2nd Earl of Snowdon and Lady Sarah Chatto.

-Princess Michael of Kent celebrated her 72nd birthday on Sunday.

-George Windsor, The Earl of St. Andrews & Sylvana Palma Windsor, The Countess of St. Andrews celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on Monday.


-Gustav Frederik, Hereditary Prince of Sayn-Wittengstein-Berleburg celebrated his 48th birthday on Thursday.

-Kelly, Hereditary Princess of Saxe-Coburn und Gotha, Duchess of Saxony celebrated her 42nd birthday on Tuesday.


-Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko, Crown Prince Naruhito, Crown Princess Masako, Prince Fumihito of Akishino, Kiko, Princess Akishino, Princess Mako of Akishino & Princess Kako of Akishinoattended the 2017 Utakai-Hajime-no-Gi Ceremony on Friday {Photos}

-Emperor Akihito, Empress Michiko, Crown Princess Masako attend a series of lectures by experts, known as the Imperial New Year's Lectures on Wednesday {Photos}


-Queen Rania met with women from Sayyidat Nashmiyyat Group on Wednesday {Photos}.


-Prince Hans-Adam II, Princess Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois II & Hereditary Princess Sophie, Duchess in Bravia attended a New Year's Reception on Saturday {Photos}


-Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke & Princess Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess held several audiences with several members of the Luxembourger Government on Tuesday {Source}.

-Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Maria Teresa held an audience with  German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday {Source}.

-Grand Duke Henri & Prince Guliiaume, Hereditary Grand Duke attended a  New Year's concert of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra on Wednesday {Source}.


-Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy celebrated her 70th birthday on Friday.

-Antoine de Massy celebrated his 20th birthday on Sunday.

The Netherlands

-Princess Margriet Francisca & Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven, Jr. celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.


-King Harald V held an audience with Iver Kleive to award her the Order of St. Olav on Thursday {Source}

-Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the Norwegian Rescue Dogs (Norske Redningshunder) on Wednesday {Photos}. On Saturday, the royal couple attended the men's volleyball finals {Source}

-Crown Prince Haakon attended the opening of Kubatoren and attended a comittee meeting of the European Championships in surfing for 2017 and 2018 on Thursday {Source}{Source}

-Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS) on Wednesday {Photos} On Thursday, she released an open letter celebrating her eldest son, Marius upcoming 20th birthday {Source}

-Marius Borg Høiby celebrated his 20th birthday on Friday.
Next week, he will begin a degree program in business administration in a university the United States, where he will lead a private life, he will no longer be listed on the Norwegian Royal Family website or appear at official functions unless it is a natural thing for the whole family to be present {Source}


-King Felipe VI held an audience with members of the Board of Government of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Granada on Monday {Source}. On Tuesday, he presided over the opening of the VII edition of "Spain Investors Day" and attended the funeral of a former president of Portugal {Source}{Source}

-Queen Letizia attended a working meeting of Spanish Association Against Cancer on Tuesday {Source}

-Don Iñaki Urdangarín y Liebaert celebrated his 49th birthday on Sunday.


-Countess Diana Bernadotte af Wisborg & Stefan Dedek married in a religious ceremony on Saturday {Photos}.
Countess Diana is the daughter of Count Lenhart af Wisbourg & his second wife Sonja Anita Maria Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg. Count Lenhart is the 1st cousin 1x removed of King Carl XVI Gustav, making Diana Carl XVI's 2nd cousin.


-Prince Alexandder & Prince Philip celebrated their 35th birthdays on Sunday.

Royal Profile: Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon

Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon was born 7 March 1930 as the son of Ronald Armstrong-Jones and his first wife Anne Messel (later Countess of Rosse) {Source}. He has one sister as well as a paternal half-brother, and two maternal half siblings{Source}:
  1. Susan Armstrong-Jones (1927-1986)
    1. John Eustace Vesey, 6th Viscount de Vesci of Abbey Leix (1919, m. 1950-1983, his death)
      1. The Hon Emma Frances Vesey (1951)
        1. Norman Zalkind (m. 1986)
          1. Susan Zalkind (1987)
      2. The Hon. Catherine Anne Vesey (1953)
        1. Bruno Creeton (m. 1984)
          1. Matthew John Cretton (1985)
          2. Cecilly Anne Cretton (1986)
          3. Alexis Pierre Cretton (1988)
          4. Madeleine Cretton (1991)
      3. Thomas Eustace Vesey, 7th Viscount de Vesci of Abbey Leix (1955)
        1. Sita-Maria Arabella Vesey, The Viscountess de Vesci of Abbey Leix (m. 1987)
          1. Damian Brian John Vesey (1985)
          2. Hon. Cosima Frances Vesey (1988)
          3. Hon. Oliver Ivo Vesey (1991)
      4. The Hon. Geogina Mary Vesey (1963-1965)
  2. William Clere Leonard Brendan Parsons7th Earl of Rosse (1936)
    1. Alison Margaret Cooke-Hurle (m. 1966)
      1. Lawrence Patrick ParsonsLord Oxmantown (1969)
        1. Anna Lin Xiaojing (m. 2004)
          1. The Hon. Olivia Rose Xuewei Parsons (2006)
          2. The Hon. William Charles Parsons (2008)
      2. Lady Alicia Siobhan Margaret Nasreen Parsons (1971)
      3. Hon. Michael John Finn Parsons (1981)
  3. Hon. Desmond Oliver Martin Parsons (1938-2010)
    1.  Aline Edwina Macdonald (m. 1965)
      1. Rupert Alexander Michael Parsons (1966)
      2. Desmond Edward Richard Parsons (1968)
  4. Peregrine Owen Llewellyn Armstrong-Jones (1960)
    1.  Caroline Therese Bloy
      1. India Armstrong-Jones (2000)
      2. Robert Owen Llewelyn Armstrong-Jones (2000)
Antony, 1st Earl of Snowdon contracted polio as a child while at the family's country home in Wales, and spent many months recuperating  in the hosptial, where his only visitor was his sister {Source}. He was sent to two different boarding schools as a young child. First, he attended Sandroyd School for four years, from 1939-1943{Source}. Upon leaving Sandroyd, he attended  Eton College{Source}. Upon leaving Eton, he attended Jesus College, University of Cambridge, where he studied archetechture, but failed his final exams{Source}. He coxed the winning Cambridge boat in the 1950 Boat Race {Source}.

After his university years, he  became a photographer in fashion, design and theatre{Source}. He later became known for his royal studies, among which were the official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh for their 1957 tour of Canada{Source}.

He had the following former wives and lovers, children and grandchildren{Source}:
  1. The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (m. 1960-1978, div)
    1. David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon (1961)
      1. The Hon. Serena, The Countess of Snowdon (m. 1993)
        1. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (1999)
        2. The Lady Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (2002)
    2. Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (1964) 
      1. Mr. Daniel St. George Chatto (m. 1994)
        1. Mr. Samuel David Benedict Chatto (1996)
        2. Mr. Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto (1999)
  2. Lucy Lindsay-Hogg (m. 1978-2000)
    1. Lady Frances  von Hofmannsthal (1979)
      1.  Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal (m. 2006)
        1. Rex Antony Octavian  von Hofmannsthal (2008)
        2. Maud Dolores Diamond von Hofmannsthal (2009)
        3. Sybil Sabrina Ernestine von Hofmannsthal (2013)
  3. Melanie Cable-Alexander (affair in the 1990s)
    1. Jasper Cable-Alexander (1998)
Funeral arrangements are currently pending. I suspect it will be a semi-private affair and that several members of the British Royal Family will be in attendance. He is survived by two brothers, four children, four grandsons, and three granddaughters.

Royal Profile: 20 Facts about Antoine de Massy

  1. Antoine de Massy was born 15 January 1997, as the only biological son of Christian Louis de Massy with his fourth wife, Cecile de Massy{Source}. 
  2. He has one older (adopted) brother{Source}:
    1. Brice Souleyman Gelabale-de Massy (1987, adopted 1997 by Christian Louis de Massy, I believe he is also his mother's biological child, but am not certian)
  3. Antoine has an older half-sister{Source}:
    1. Jonkvrouw Leticia de Massy (1971)
  4. de Massy has an older brother-in-law{Source}:
    1. Jonkheer Thomas de Brouwer (1973, brother-in-law)
  5. He has two step-nieces{Source}:
    1. Jonkvrouw Lillah de Brouwer (stepniece, 2001)
    2. Jonkvrouw Hermine de Brouwer (stepniece, 2003)
  6. He has a niece and a nephew{Source}:
    1. Jonkvrouw Rose de Brouwer (2008)
    2. Jonkheer Sylvestre de Brouwer (2008)
  7. He is the grandson of Princess Antoinette de Massy
  8. This makes him a nephew to:
    1. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy (1947)
    2. Christine-Alix de Massy (1951)
  9. He is a  second cousin to Monaco's reigning Prince{Source}. 
  10. Like his grandfather, Alexandre “Aleco” Noghes, Antoine is a tennis champion with his eyes on the Summer Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil{Source}. 
  11. He has been playing the sport since he was a toddler, when his father would toss him a tennis ball in their living room{Source}. 
  12. When he was four years old, his father began teaching him the sport, which he remained under his father's tutelage until he was five years old{Source}.
  13.  When he turned five, he began to practice with various coaches at the Monte Carlo Country Club, where he caught the eye of Bob Brett, Boris Becker’s and Goran Ivanisevic’s world renowned coach who gave him a few lessons{Source}.
  14.  In September 2008, he moved to the United States where he attended Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida, until June of 2009{Source}.
  15.  He returned to Monaco that summer where he trained with Heinz Gunthardt, that fall, he returned to the United States where he attended Nick Saviano’s Tennis academy{Source}. That summer (2010), he returned to Monaco where he won the U-14 international tournament of Beaulieu, France{Source}. 
  16. Although technically not a member of the Princely Family, he has attended a few official events over the years. 
  17. He attended his grandmother's funeral with his parents, aunt and cousin in March 2011{Photo}. 
  18. On 29 June 2011, he was assaulted by five young adults, where his wallet and mobile phone were stolen. He was more shaken up then hurt in the incident {Source}. A few days later, he attended (Pictured here sitting behind Garreth Wittstock) the Royal Wedding of his father's cousin and the reigning Prince of Monaco. 
  19. In March 2012, he took part in an interview with Vouge ItaliaIn Vouge Italia, he again stated that he wanted to go to Rio 2016, wanted to be the #1 Tennis player in the world, and bring home Monaco's 1st gold medal at an Olympics. (he did not end up going-perhaps a bid for 2020 is in order??)
  20. He attended the 2014 Monaco National Day celebrations {Photo (right behind Andrea Casiraghi)}, and the reveal of the Monégasque Twins in 2014. Other than these rare public appearances and representing the principality in Tennis, he lives a relatively normal life.

Royal Profile: 15 Facts about Prince Philip of Yugoslavia

  1. Prince Philip of Yugoslavia was born 15 January 1982 as the son of Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans Bragança {Source}. 
  2. He has two brothers{Source}:
    1. Hereditary Prince Peter (1980)
    2. Prince Alexander (1982, twin)
  3. His godparents are{Source}:
    1. King Constantine II of Greece
    2. Queen of Spain 
    3. The Duchess of Calabria
  4. He grew up in the United States, and Europe. He attended kindergarten in Spain, before moving to England{Source}. 
  5. In June 2000, Prince Philip graduated from The King’s School Canterbury in England having obtained three “A” levels in Spanish, Politics, and Geography, and ten GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) {Source}.Prince Philip graduated from University College London (UCL) with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Humanities {Source}. 
  6. After graduation, he worked for Landsbanki and Teather & Greenwood in London, before attending École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Switzerland {Source}. 
  7. After graduation from EHL Switzerland, he began working for IKOS in Cyprus, before moving on to work as a global asset manager in London {Source}. Prince Philip speaks English, Spanish and French, and is continuing his Serbian studies{Source}.
  8. Prince Philip enjoys surfing, scuba diving and snowboarding{Source}. 
  9. He completed the Athens Marathon in 2010 and the Belgrade Half-Marathon in 2011{Source}. 
  10. Prince Philip is also interested in fine arts, financial markets, music and meteorology{Source}. 
  11. Before the 5 October 2000 revolution, he traveled to Serbia in 1991 {Source}. 
  12. He also visited Bosnia in 2000{Source}. 
  13. On 17 July 2001, Prince Philip and The Royal Family took up residence in The Royal Palace in Belgrade{Source}. 
  14. He has traveled throughout Europe, the United States, and has visited the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Central and South America {Source}.
  15. His stepmother is Crown Princess Katherine.

Royal Profile: 15 Facts about Prince Alexander of Yugoslaiva

  1. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia was born 15 January 1982 as the youngest son of Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia and his wife Princess Maria da Gloria, Duchess of Segorbe {Source}. 
  2. He has an older brother and a fraternal twin{Source}:
    1. Hereditary Prince Philip (1980)
    2. Prince Peter (1982, twin)
  3. His godparents are{Source}:
    1. Queen Sofia of Spain
    2. King Constantine of Greece
    3. The Duchess of Calabria
  4. He was educated in Spain, England and the United States. 
  5. He first attended kindergarten in Spain, before attending one of London's top prep schools {Source}.
  6. In 2000, he graduated from King’s School Canterbury{Source}.
  7. He  obtained three “A” levels in Spanish, French, Government and Politics, and ten GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education){Source}.
  8.  He went to the University of San Francisco (USF), graduated with a Communication Studies Degree with Emphasis on Public Relations and Journalism in 2004{Source}. 
  9. Prince Alexander was at a graduate school at an American university completing a Master of Fine Arts Degree (MFA) in Advertising (Art Direction){Source}. 
  10. Currently he is working in the internet electronic publishing area in California.
  11. Prince Alexander enjoys Art, Photography, Music, French Cinema, Current Affairs, Surfing, Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Museums, Cuisine, Literature, Tennis, Basketball and Football{Source}. 
  12. He speaks English, Spanish and French and is continuing his Serbian studies{Source}.
  13. When he was 19 years old, his family took up residence at the Royal Palace of Belgrade{Source}.
  14. He is in line for the throne of Yugoslavia and as a greatx4 grandson of Queen Victoria, he is distantly in line for the British Throne as well.
  15. He shares a birthday with:
    1. Princess Michael of Kent (1945)
    2. Don Iñaki Urdangarín y Liebaert (Spain) (1968)
    3. Prince Philip of Yugoslavia (1982)
    4. Master Antoine de Massy (Monaco) (1997)

Royal Profile: Iñaki Urdangarín y Liebaert

Iñaki Urdangarín y Liebaert was born 15 January 1968, and is the husband of Infanta Cristian of Spain. His parents were Juan María Urdangarín Berriochoa (1932-2012) & Claire Françoise Liebaert Courtain (1935-), and his is of Spanish Basque & Belgian descent. His paternal grandparents were minor Basque nobility.

Urdangarín y Liebaert grew up primarily in Barcelona with his older brother, and five sisters.

In 1986, he became a professional handball player for FC Barcelona, where he continued to play until he retired from the sport in 2000. He also participated in numerous Olympics as part of the Spainish handball team, he participated in the Summer Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona, 1996 in Atlanta, and in the 2000 Sydney Olympics(where he served as captain). The Spanish handball team won bronze medals in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

Also during his handball career, he studied at Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE), where he earned a master's degree in business administration.

During the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, he met Infanta Cristina, the daughter of King Juan Carlos. They married on 4 October 1997. Upon their marriage, her father granted them the titles Duke Consort & Duchess of Palma de Mallorca. Together, they have four children, including:
  • Don Juan Valentín de Todos los Santos Urdangarín y de Borbón (1999)
  • Don Pablo Nicolás Sebastián de Todos los Santos Urdangarín y de Borbón (2000)
  • Don Miguel de Todos los Santos Urdangarín y de Borbón (2002)
  • Doña Irene de Todos los Santos Urdangarín y de Borbón (2005)

The family lived in Barcelona until 2009, when Iñaki's career brought the family to Washington, DC. The family returned to Spain in 2012.

Urdangarín y Liebaert is a member of the Spanish Olympic Committe, and has served as its deputy chairmain since 2004. He was awarded the Grand Cross of the Spanish Royal Order of the Sports Merit (The Real Orden del Mérito Deportivo) in 2001.

In November 2011, he was accused of diverting public funds for his own profit throng the Nóos institute in the 'Palma Arena case. In December of that same year, the Anticorruption Bureau confirmed that the Duke had been sending important sums of public money to tax havens in Belize and the United Kingdom and the Spainish Royal Court annonced that the Duke Consort would no longer participate in any official Royal Family activities as a result of the scandal. In 2012, he made several court appearances over the allegations. Since these allegations, he has been barred from attending royal events. In 2015, his brother-in-law renouced his and his wife's Dukedom.

Royal Profile: Princess Michael of Kent

Princess Michael of Kent was born Baroness Marie-Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz on 15 January 1945 as the younger child of Baron Gunther von Reibnitz & Marianne, Countess Szapary, Baronenss von Reibnitz {Source}. She has an older paternal half-sister and full brother, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and several nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Baroness Margarita von Reibnitz (1924-2012)
    1. Charles Jacques Francisco
      1. Christopher Francisco
        1. Fritz Alexander Francisco
    2. Charles Francisco
  2. Baron Friedrich Johannes László Diprand Alfred Maria von Reibnitz (1942)

She has been married twice, firstly to English banker Thomas Troubridge, in the early 1970s. That marriage did not last. They were separated in 1973, and divorced by 1977, and the marriage was annulled by the Catholic church in 1978. A month after the annulment took place, she wed in a civil ceremony in Vienna, Austria to Prince Michael of Kent, who was the youngest son of Prince George, Duke of Kent. Upon marriage, she assumed the style and title of HRH Princess Michael of Kent, the female equivalent to her husband's title; because she was not born a princess, she is not entitled to be styled Princess Marie Christine. After receiving Pope John Paul II's permission, the couple later married in a Roman Catholic ceremony on 29 June 1983, at the Archbishop's House, London.

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have two children, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter:

  1. Lord Frederick Windsor(1979)
    1. Sophie Winkleman aka Lady Frederick Windsor (1980)
      1. Miss Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor (2013)
      2. Miss Isabella Alexandra May Windsor (2016)
  2. Lady Gabriella Windsor (1981)

She and her husband never received any money from the government to fund their public duties. Nevertheless, Prince and Princess Michael represented the Queen at the independence celebrations in Belize and at the coronation of King Mswati III of Swaziland. Her husband also supports a large number of different charities and organisations, and she supports him in this work. The Kent Family have had the use of a 5 bed, 5 reception room at Kensington Palace for many years. Prince Michael's cousin Queen Elizabeth, had been paying their £120,000 rent annually from her own private funds with the couple paying the nominal amount of £70 per week. However, in 2008, it was announced Prince and Princess Michael would be required to begin paying rent of £120,000 a year.

Princess Michael of Kent has attended several Catholic related events over the years, including Pope Benedict XVI’s state visit to the UK in 2010, where she was personally involved in the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman during the Pope’s visit.

Princess Michael's primary royal duty is to support her husband when he is called upon by his cousin to perform duties. However, on the occasion she represents the Firm on her own. She represented her 1st cousin in law, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh during the launching ceremony of the Green Pilgrimage Networkthat was organized by Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) in Italy in 2011.

Over the years she has led a variety of careers ranging from interior designer to author. The Princess is an accomplished author, having penned three books, Crowned in a Far Country: Eight Royal Brides, and Cupid and the King – Five Royal Paramours and The Serpent and The Moon.

Prior to her Royal Marriage, she was an interior decorator. In a report from The Observer’s Pendennis column in 2007, she began decorating again with her original company SZAPAR DESIGNS. She also served as President of Partridge Fine Art for a few years. In 2008, she became a consultant for the Swiss art gallery, Galerie Gmurzynska.

Like most royals, she has not led a life without controversies. She has made claims against her cousin in law, stating to an American fashion magazine that she had "more royal blood in her veins than any person to marry into the royal family since Prince Philip". She is also reported to have said she was "probably the first tall person to marry into the clan" (also true if males are discounted; Princess Michael stands about six feet (1.83 m) tall). The Queen reportedly has referred to her as "Our Val", a reference to the warrior-like Valkyries, and – sarcastically – as "a bit too grand for" the rest of the royal family. In 2004, she was in New York, NY USA, in a restaurant where she allegedly told a group of black diners to "get back to the colonies" when complaining about their noise. This was an accusation she denied, though it made headlines around the world. Her account of the story was that she remarked to one of her fellow dinner guests that she would be glad to go back to the colonies in order to escape her noisy neighbors. She later described her accusers as a "group of rappers". This was untrue; the group consisted of an investment banker, a music mogul, a reporter, a television fashion correspondent, and a lawyer. In 2005, she gave a series of interviews to promote her book, in one interview where she claimed that the British media were "excited" by Prince Harry's decision to wear a swastika for a fancy dress party because "of the ownership structure" of the British press. She claimed that the press would not have been so concerned had he worn a hammer and sickle, which "stands for Stalin and gulag and pogrom and devastation". In 2005, she was taken by News of the World after their reporter, Mazher Mahmood gained her confidence and claimed that she made numerous self-indulgent remarks, including referring to her 1st cousin 1x removed’s former wife as “bitter” and “nasty”. She also created a controversy when she heard of the research of Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth that seemed to indicate that rank among female baboons is hereditary, the Princess said, "I always knew that when people who aren’t like us claim that hereditary rank is not part of human nature, they must be wrong. Now you’ve given me evolutionary proof!"

She has a personal website, which can be viewed here.

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Royal Profile: 20 Facts about Marius Borg Høiby

  1. Marius Borg Høiby was born 13 January 1997 as the son of Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby and Morten Borg{Source}. 
  2. He is the stepson of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway{Source}. 
  3. Through his mother's marriage to the Crown Prince, he has two younger siblings{Source}:
    1. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
    2. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (2005)
  4. He and his siblings' birthdays are all within a few weeks of each other-Marius's is 13th January, Ingrid Alexandra's is the 24th of January and Prince Svrre Magnus's birthday is 6th December.
  5. He has grown up in the spotlight due to his mother's marriage.
  6. He is an active sportsman, often doing extreme sports like skateboarding, surfing {Source}.
  7. He also enjoys soccer and swimming  {Source}.
  8. In September 2012, he celebrated his confirmation with the church-with his whole family (mom and dad, stepdad, younger siblings, and stepgrandparents) in attendance {Source}
  9. Like most people his age, he is active on social media (Don't bother asking me for his links).
  10. He is currently dating Norwegian model Linn Helena Nilse {Source}.
  11. Although he has enjoyed the privileges of being a member of the Norwegian Royal Family, he is not in succession for the throne.
  12. He was four years old when his mother married the Crown Prince of Norway.
  13. He shares a birthday with:
    1. Princess Maria Luisa of Bulgaria (1933)
    2. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy (1947)(Monaco)
  14. His first major events were his little sister's christening and Christmas photo call in 2004 {Photos}.
  15. In 2005, he attended his younger brother's christening {Photo}.
  16. In 2006, he attended the family's summer photocall, Celebrations For The Centennial Anniversary Of The Coronation Of King Haakon Vii & Queen Maud, Norway's National Day Celebrations, Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lights event {Photos}
  17. In 2007, he attended family photocalls, the celebrations of his stepgrandparents' 80th birthdays and Norway's National Day Celebrations {Photos}.
  18. In 2015, he attended a memorial for the victims of the Paris Attacks. the playoff game between Norway and Hungary, the  The Unveiling Of A Statue Of King Olav V, and Norway's National Day celebrations {Photos}.
  19. Last year, 2016, he attended events regarding his stepgrandparents' 25th succession anniversary to the throne. and Norway's National Day celebrations {Photos}
  20. Next week, he will begin a degree program in business administration in a university the United States, where he will lead a private life, he will no longer be listed on the Norweigan Royal Family website or appear at official functions unless it is a natural thing for the whole family to be present {Source}

Royal Profile: 54 Facts about Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy

  1. Baroness Elisabeth Anne de Massy aka Elisabeth-Anne Grimaldi at birth was born 13 January 1947 the daughter of Princess Antointte of Monaco & Alexandre-Athenase Noghès{Source}.
  2. She has one younger brother{Source}:
    1. Christian Louis de Massy (1949)
  3. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne has one sister{Source}:
    1. Christine-Alix de Massy (1951-1988)
  4. She is a niece of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace of Monaco{Source}.
  5. Her first cousins are:
    1. Princess Caroline of Hanover, Princess by birth of Monaco (1957)
    2. Prince Albert II of Monaco (1958)
    3. Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Countess of Polinac (1965)
  6. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne is a first cousin once removed of:
    1. Andrea Albert Piere Casiraghi (1984)
    2. Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (1986)
    3. Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi (1987)
    4. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (1992)
    5. Louis Robert Paul Ducruet (1992)
    6. Pauline Grace Maguy Ducuret (1994)
    7. Princess Alexandra Charlotte of Hanover (1999)
    8. Alexandre Eric Stephane Coste-Grimaldi (2003)
    9. Princess Gabriella of Monaco, The Countess of Carladès (2014)
    10. Prince Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Marquis de Baux (2014)
  7. She is a first cousin 2x removed of:
    1. Raphaël Casiraghi Elmaleh (2013)
    2. Soon-to-Be Baby Casiraghi-Borromeo (due sometime in 2017)
  8. Elisabeth-Anne was the paternal grandchild of Alexandre Noghès & Marie Markellos-Petsalis.
  9. Her paternal great-great grandfather, Alexandre was the founder of the Monte Carlo Automobile Club and former general treasurer of Monaco's state finances{Source}. 
  10. Her great-grandfather Anthony (1890–1978), created the first Grand Prix ever raced in a city, the world famous Grand Prix de Monaco{Source}.
  11. At the time of her birth, her parents were not married; they subsequently married in 1951, legitimatizing her and her two younger siblings{Source}.
  12. However, this did not place her and her siblings in succession for Monaco's throne in line for the throne of Monaco{Source}.
  13. Due to when her uncle turned 21 years of age in 1944, her grandmother (Princess Charlotte) and and her mother, Princess Antoinette formally renounced their succession rights, however with the changes in the 2002 succession laws, Princess Antoinette and her line were briefly back in succesion for the throne from 2002-2005.
  14. She and her two siblings were originally given the surname Grimaldi, but when her mother received the Barony of Massy as a wedding present from her brother in December 1951, then Princess Antoinette changed her children's last name to de Massy to reflect her title. 
  15. However, Elisabeth and her siblings are not entitled to use Baron or Baroness of Massy as it is not considered hereditary nor do they have the courtesy titles as the children of a baroness. like they would in the United Kingdom (UK child of baron titles: The Honourable First name last name. Example: Peter Trevor Maxwell, 28th Baron de Ros's children areThe Hon. Finbar Maxwell, The Hon. Katherine Maxwell & The Hon. Jessye Maxwell){Source}. 
  16. Elisabeth-Anne is a baroness via her first marriage, not through hereditary titles or titles from Monaco (see #14). 
  17. Elisabeth has been married twice, and has two children-one from each marriage.
  18. She married Baron Bernard Alexandre Taubert-Natta (m. 1974-1983, he died in 1989).
  19. She married Nicolai Vladimir Costello (m. October 1984-1985).
  20. From her marriage to Baron Berard, she has a son and daughter-in-law
    1. Baron Jean-Leonard Taubert-Natta (1974)
  21. Through her son, she the mother-in-law of:
    1. Baroness Susanna Taubert-Natta (m. 2009)
  22. From her marriage to Nicolai, she has a daughter:
    1. Melanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy (1985, professionally known as Melanie-Antoinette de Massy)
  23. She is well known for her charitable works in Monaco.
  24.  Elisabeth-Anne is President of the Monegasque Tennis Federation 
  25. She is also president of the Monte Carlo Country Club
  26. She and her daughter Melanie also appear with the family on the balcony annually at Monaco's National Day celebrations. 
  27. In April 2015, she appeared with her daughter Melanie and cousin Prince Albert II, during the renaming of the Monte Carlo Tennis Courts {Photos}.
  28. With the death of her uncle in 2005, she lost her place in the line of succession for the Monégasque throne, however, she, her children, and her brother, his family and her youngest sister (who died in 1989)'s son and his family remain in the "pool" of familial persons eligible to be selected for the Crown in the event of the extinction of the descendants of Prince Rainier.
  29. She has one nieceto:
    1. Jonkvrouw Leticia de Massy de Brouwer (1971)
  30. She also has three nephews:
    1. Keith Sébastien Knecht de Massy  (1972)
    2. Brice Gelable-de Massy (1988)
    3. Antoine de Massy (1997)
  31. She has one niece-in-law:
    1. Donatella Knecht de Massy (1972, m. 1999)
  32. She has one nephew-in-law:
    1.  Jonkheer Thomas de Brouwer (1973, m. 2006)
  33. She has been the sister-in-law of:
    1. María Marta Quintana y del Carril (1951, m. 1970-1978, div)
    2. Anne Michele Lütken (1982-1987, div)
    3. Charles Wayne Knecht(1972–1976, div)
    4. Leon Leroy(1988–1989, her death) 
    5. Julia Lakschin (1992-1995, div)
  34. Currently, she only has one sister-in-law:
    1. Cécile Gelabale (1995-present)
  35. She is the great aunt to the following great nieces:
    1. Christine Knecht (2000)
    2. Alexia Knecht (2001)
    3. Vittoria Knecht (2007)
    4. Andrea Knecht (2008)
    5. Jonkvrouw Rose de Brouwer (2008)
  36. She also has one great-nephew:
    1. Jonkheer Sylvestre de Brouwer (2008)
  37. She is the step-great-aunt of:
    1. Jonkvrouw Hermine de Brouwer (2001)
    2. Jonkvrouw Liliah de Brouwer (2003)
  38. In April 2016, she attended several days of the Monte Carlo ATP Masters and the Launch Party of the event {Photos}.
  39. In September 2016, she attended the Traditional Pique-nique Monegasque with her cousins Prince Albert II & Princess Caroline and Princess Charlene, Prince Albert II's wife {Photos}.
  40. In November 2016, she attended Monaco's National Day Celebrations {Photos}
  41. Her astrological sign is Capricorn, along with her cousin Princess Caroline of Hanover, her cousin-in-law, Princess Charlene of Monaco, her nephew Antoine de Massy, her younger brother Christian Louis de Massy, and her daughter, Melanie-Antoinette de Massy. 
  42. She is godmother to her cousin, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.
  43. She is the oldest grandchild of Princess Charlotte of Monaco, The Duchess of Valentinos & Prince Pierre of Monaco, The Count of Polignac.
  44. She is of Mexican, French, Scottish, English, German, Italian descent on her mother's side (there might be more here as well)
  45. After her parents divorce, she became the stepdaughter of Margot James.
  46. Through her stepmother, she was the step-niece of:
    1. Dr. Charles S. James 
    2. Mrs. Holly W. James
  47. She is related to the first official Monegasque ambassador to the US, Gilles Noghès, who was Monaco's first official ambassador from 2006-2009. Prior to Gilles appointment, Monaco was represented by France's ambassador.
  48. She was close to her uncle Rainier growing up.
  49. She grew up in the little town of Èze, France, which is about a 20 minute car ride to Monte Carlo.
  50. She is president of A.S.Co.T.
  51. Sometimes her birthday is credited as 14 July 1947, which is actually her birthday, I'm unsure. 
  52. She was a regular at the Monaco Red Cross Ball with her two children (2012, 2011, 2006)
  53. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy has also attended the Rose Ball (2005, 2004, 2002)
  54. She almost shares a birthday with her nephew Antoine (15th),  brother Christian-Louis (17th), her daughter Melanie-Antoinette (18th).

Royal Profile: Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria

Princess Marie Louise of Bulgaria was born 13 January 1933 as the daughter of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria and Tsaritsa Ionna of Bulgaria {Source}. She has the following siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria (1937)
    1. Doña Margarita Gómez-Acebo y Cejuela (1935, m. 1962)
      1. Kardam, Prince of Turnovo (1962–2015)
        1.  Doña  Miriam de Ungría y López (m. 1996-2015, his death)
          1. Prince Boris of Bulgaria, Prince of Tarnovo, Duke of Saxony (1997)
          2. Prince Beltrán Tarnovski of Bulgaria (1999)
      2. Kyril, Prince of Preslav (1964)
        1. Doña Miriam Ungría y López  (m. 1989)
          1. Princess Mafalda-Cecilia Preslavska of Bulgaria (1994)
          2. Princess Olimpia Preslavska of Bulgaria (1995)
          3. Prince Tassilo Preslavski of Bulgaria (2002)
      3. Kubrat, Prince of Panagiurishte (1965)
        1.  Doña Carla María de la Soledad Royo-Villanova y Urrestarazu (m. 1993)
          1. Prince Mirko Panagiurishtski of Bulgaria (1995)
          2. Prince Lukás Panagiurishtski of Bulgaria (1997)
          3. Prince Tirso Panagiurishtski of Bulgaria (2002)
      4. Konstantin-Assen, Prince of Vidin (1967)
        1.  Doña María García de la Rasilla y Gortázar (m. 1994)
          1. Prince Umberto Vidinski of Bulgaria (1999)
          2. Princess Sofia Vidinska of Bulgaria (1999)
      5. Princess Kalina of Bulgaria (1972)
        1. Don Antonio José "Kitín" Muñoz y Valcárcel (m. 2002)
          1. Master Simeon Hassan Muñoz (2007)
The monarchy was abolished during her time, and she, her mother and brother fled to Egypt and Spain, where she grew up. 

In 1957, she married Prince Karl of Leiningen. Together they have the following children, children-in-law and grandchildren{Source}: 

  1. Prince Karl Boris Frank Markwart of Leiningen (1960)
    1. Millena Manov (1962-2015, m. 1987-1996, div)
      1. Prince Nicholas of Leiningen (1991)
    2. Cheryl Riegler (1962, m. 1998)
      1. Prince Karl Heinrich of Leiningen (2001)
      2. Princess Juliana Elizabeth Maria of Leiningen (2003)
  2. Prince Hermann Friedrich of Leiningen (1963)
    1. Deborah Cully (m. 1987)
      1. Princess Tatiana of Leiningen (1989)
      2. Princess Nadia of Leiningen (1991)
      3. Princess Alexandra of Leiningen (1997)

Princess Marie Louise and Prince Karl were later divorced. After the divorce, she and her children moved to the United States.

In 1969, she married a second time, to Bronislaw Tomasz Andrezej Chrobok (1933) {Source}. They reside in the United States. Together, they have the following children, children-in-law, and grandchildren{Source}: 
  1. Princess Alexandra Nadejda Maria Chrobok of Koháry ( 1970)
    1. Jorge Champalimaud Raposo de Magalhães (1970, m. 2001)
      1. Prince Luís de Magalhãesof Koháry (2003)
      2. Giovanna de Magalhães, Prinzessin von Koháry (2006)
      3. Clémentine de Magalhães, Prinzessin von Koháry (2010)
  2. Prince Pawel Alastair Antoni Chrobok of Koháry (1972)
    1. Ariana Oliver Mas (m.2014?)
      1. Maya Chrobok, Prinzessin von Kohary (2015)
In 2012, her brother granted her and her children of her second marriage the title Prince/ss of Koháry {Source}. The children of her first marriage were already titled from their paternal relations.

Princess Marie-Louise serves on the Board of Trustees of the American University of Bulgaria {Source}. During the 2012 commencement ceremony at the American University of Bulgaria, she received an honoary doctorate degree in Humane Letters {Source}.