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Royal Profile: Stefano Casiraghi-Borromeo

Stefano Ercole Carlo Casiraghi-Borromeo was born 28 February 2017 as the first son of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi {Source}. Approximately 15 months after his birth, his parents welcomed their second child{Source}:
  1. Francesco Carlo Albert Casiraghi-Borromeo(2018)
He is a  first male-line grandchild of Princess Caroline of Hanover (Sacha, India and Maximilian ARE NOT Caroline's grandchildren). He joined cousin Raphael, and was later joined by his brother and another cousin, Balthazar.

He was named:
  • Stefano: for his paternal grandfather, who died when his father was a youngster
  • Ercole: Italian for Hero
  • Carlo: His maternal grandfather

Royal Profile: Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco

Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco was born 28 February 2007 as the second child of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma {Source}. She has an older brother {Source}:
  • Crown Prince Mulay Al-Hasan of Morocco (2003)
In honor of her birth, the king granted a royal pardon to thousands of prison inmates{Source}. Khadija visited Tunisia with her mother Lalla Salma in June 2009. Princess Lalla Khadija joined her father and brother for an official presentation ceremony on Moroccan state-owned television channels {Source}

In November 2018, she made her modeling debut with a cover of FMD Magazine {Source}

Royal Profile: Lily Ambler

Lily Elektra Ambler was born 28 February 2003 as the eldest child of James Patrick Ambler & Ursula Mary Shipley Ambler {Source}. She has one younger brother{Source}:
  • Oscar Rufus Ambler (2004)
She is the paternal granddaughter of John Kenneth Ambler and Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler{Source}.

She is not in succession for the Swedish throne, however, she is distantly in succession for the British throne as a descendant of Queen Victoria through her sons Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany{Source}

Royal Profile: Irina Walker

Irina Walker, previously Princess Irina of Romania, was born 28 February 1953 as the third daughter of King Mihai & Queen Anne {Source}. She has the following sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Princess Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania (1949)
    1. Radu, Prince of Romania (1960, m. 1996)
  2. Princess Elena of Romania
    1. Dr. Leslie Robin Medforth-Mills (m 1983, div. 1991, b 1942, d. 2002)
      1. Nicholas Michael de Roumanie Medforth-Mills(1985)
        1. Aliana-Maria Binder (civil 2017, religious in 2018)
      2. Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie Medforth-Mills (1989)
  3. Princess Sophie of Romania (1957)
    1. Alain Biarneix (m. 1998, div 2002)
      1. Elisabeth-Maria de Roumanie Biarneix (1998)
  4. Princess Maria of Romania (1964)
    1. Kazimierz Wieslaw Mystkowsk (m 1995, div 2002)

The young princess was educated in Switzerland and the UK{Source}. She studied Secretariat (a horse) in Oxford and London {Source}. In 1973, at the invitation of Lord and Lady Gordon, Princess Irina joined the administration thoroughbred horse farm in Alberta, Canada, where he perfected the principles of animal husbandry and farm management{Source}. After that, she moved to the United States, where she worked at a Welsh pony farm in Middleburg, Virginia, USA{Source}. In the late 1970s, she returned to Switzerland, where she spent a year working for the auction house, Christie's in the silverware department, before moving on to sales {Source}.

In 1983, she married a Swedish man John Kreuger{Source}. It was then that Princess Irnina moved back to the United States, where the couple settled on his estate in Oregon{Source}. Together, they have two children, two children-in-law and three grandchildren{Source}:

  1. Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger (1985)
    1. Tara Littlefeld (m. 2011)
      1. Kohen de Roumanie Kreuger (2012)
  2. Angelica Margaretta Bianca de Roumanie Kreuger Knight (1986)
    1. Richard Robert Knight (m 2009)
      1. Courtney Bianca Knight (2007)
      2. Diana Knight (2011)

She and her first husband divorced in 2003. She remarried in Las Vegas in 2003 to John W. Walker{Source}.

In 2013, she and her husband were arrested for being part of an illegal cockfighting ring, being charged also for operating an illegal gambling business on their ranch near Irrigon, Oregon{Source}. A year after this incident her father striped her of her titles and her and her children and grandchildren's rights to the defunct Romanian throne {Source}. However, she and her children and two of her grandchildren are still in succession for the British throne.

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Royal Profile: Countess Feodora af Rosenborg

Countess Feodora Mathilde Helena af Rosenborg was born 27 February 1975 as the youngest of three daughters of Count Christian af Rosenborg and Countess Anne af Rosenborg {Source}. Her two elder sisters were twins who have given her several nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Countess Josephine af Rosenborg (1972)
    1. Thomas Christian Schmidt (1970, m. 1998, div before 2016)
      1. Julius Christian Emil Schmidt(2001)
      2. Clara Dorthe Elisabeth Schmidt (2004)
    2. Kenneth Schmidt
      1. Oscar Christian Schmidt af Rosenborg (2016)
  2. Countess Camilla af Rosenborg (1972)
    1. Mikael John Rosanes (1952, m. 1995, div 2016)
      1. Anastasia Caroline Amalie Rosanes(1997)
      2. Ludwig Christian Mikael Rosanes (2000)
      3. Leopold Christian Ingolf Rosanes (2005)
      4. Theodor Christian John Rosanes (2008)
    2.  Ivan Ottesen (m. 2016)

She has been married twice. She married Eric Hervè Patrice Patte on 31 July 2004, and they divorced in 2006 {Source}. On 26 September 2008, she married Morent Rønnow{Source}. On 1 February 2009, she gave birth to her only child, Caroline-Mathilde Margareth Rønnow {Source}. Her daughter is presumably named for her great-grandmother, Hereditary Princess Caroline-Mathilde of Denmark (wife of Hereditary Prince Knud) and Queen Margarethe II.

Due to her father marrying a commoner and him not seeking parliamentary approval, he lost his succession rights to the throne, as did Countess Feodora, her children, and sisters, as well as her nieces and nephews. Therefore, Countess Feodora and her family perform no public functions on behalf of the monarchy. Little is known about her. However, she did attend her father's funeral in May 2013 {Photos}.

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Royal Profile: Prince Ernest-August V of Hanover

Prince Ernst August Albert Paul Otto Rupprecht Oskar Berthold Friedrich-Ferdinand Christian-Ludwig of Hanover was born on 26 February 1954 as the eldest son of Ernst August, Hereditary Prince of Brunswick (1914-1987) and his first wife, Princess Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1925-1980) {Source}. He has one older sister, two younger brothers and two younger sisters {Source}:

  1. Princess Marie of Hanover, Countess von Houchberg (1952)
    1. Count Michael von Houchburg (m. 1982)
      1. Count Conrad Hans-Heinrich Ernst-August von Hochberg(1985)
      2. Count George von Hochberg (1987)
  2. Prince Lugwig of Hanover (1955-1988)
    1. Isabella Gräfin von Thurn und Valsássina-Como-Vercelli (m. 1987, d. 1988)
      1. Prince Otto of Hanover (1988)
  3. Princess Olga of Hanover (1958)
  4. Princess Alexandra of Hanover, Princess of Leiningen (1959)
    1. Andreas, 8th Prince of Lieningen (m 1981)
      1. Prince Ferdinand Heinrich, Hereditary Prince of Lieningen (1982)
        1. Princess Viktoria-Luise of Prussia (m. 2017)
      2. Princess Olga Margarita of Lieningen (1984)
      3. Prince Herman of Leiningen (1986)
        1. Isabelle Franziska Sophie Heubach (m. 2017)
  5. Prince Heinrich of Hanover (1961)
    1. Thyra Donata Sixtina (m 1999)
      1. Prince Albert of Hanover (1999)
      2. Princess Eugenia of Hanover (2001)
      3. Prince Julius of Hanover (2004)
He has been married twice. He was married to Chantal Hochuli from 1981-1997, producing two sons, two daughters-in-law and a granddaughter, and a soon-to-be grandson {Source}:
  1. Prince Ernest August of Hanover (1983)
    1. Ekaterina Malysheva (m. 2017)
      1. Princess Elisabeth Tatiana Maximiliana Iacobella Faiza of Hanover (2018){Source}
      2. Prince XXX of Hanover (2019)
  2. Prince Christian of Hanover (1985)
  3. Alessandra de Osma (civilly in November 2017, religiously in March 2018)
He married secondly to Princess Caroline of Monaco on 23 January 1999, together, they have one daughter{Source}:
  • Princess Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Marym Virginia of Hanover (1999)
It is rumored (but has never been confirmed) that Prince Ernest and Princess Caroline separated when she moved back to Monaco. They have not been seen together publicly since 2009, however, his sons from his first marriage have been seen with her.

The prince is not without controversy! He was photographed urinating on the Turkish Pavilion at the Expo 2000 event in Hanover, causing a diplomatic incident and a complaint from the Turkish embassy accusing him of insulting the Turkish people. He successfully sued those who published (Bild-Zeitung) the photograph for invasion of privacy, obtaining an award of 9,900 euros, although the paper had previously published a photo of Ernst August urinating outside a hospital in Austria. In 2004, he was convicted of aggravated assault and causing grievous bodily harm after beating a man with a knuckleduster{Source}

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Royal Profile: Prince Stefan of Yugoslavia

Prince Stefan of Yugoslavia was born 25 February 2018 as the first child of Prince Philip of Yugoslavia and Princess Danica of Yugoslavia {Source}.

This male birth is the first one in the Royal Family in Serbia for 90 years when HRH Prince Tomislav was born in Belgrade, who was the brother of HM King Peter II, the grandfather of HRH Prince Philip{Source}.

He was baptized on 15 December 2018, with the following godparents {Source}:

In honor of his first birthday, a new portrait was released {Source}.

In addition to being in succession for the Yugoslavian throne, he is distantly in succession for the British throne after his father {Source}

Royal Profile: Paola ten Cate

Paola Cecilia Laurentien ten Cate was born on 25 Februrary 2011 as the daughter of Tjalling Siebe ten Cate and Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma {Source}. She has an older sister{Source}:

  • Julia Carolina Catharina ten Cate (2008)

Her godparents are:

  • Princess Laurentien of The Netherlands (her mother's cousin's wife)

She was named:

  • Paola: not sure
  • Cecila: Not sure
  • Laurentien: For her godmother

She is not in succession for the Dutch throne. She likely leads a fairly normal life.

Royal Profile: Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger

Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger was born as the first child of Mrs. Irinia Walker and Mr. John Kreuger on 25 February 1985{Source}. He has a younger sister, a brother in law and two nieces {Source}:

  1. Angelica Margareta Bianca de Roumanie Kreuger Knight (1986)
    1. Richard Robert Knight (m 2009)
      1. Courtney Bianca Knight (2007)
      2. Diana Knight (2011)

He married a woman named Tara Littlfield in February 2011{Source}. Together, they have a son named Kohen{Source}.

He was born in the United States, and thus is a US citizen. It is likely that he leads a normal private life, despite being a grandson of deposed royalty.

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The Royal Recap of the Royals You Love: February 18-24, 2019


-Archduchess Magdelena celebrated her 3rd birthday on Sunday.


-King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, King Albert II, Queen Paola & Prince Laurent attended a Eucharistic mass in memory of the deceased members of the Royal Family on Tuesday {Photos}.

-King Philippe held an audience with rhetoric students from the Saint-Louis Institute on Thursday {Photos}

-Prince Amedeo, Archduke of Austria-Este celebrated his 33rd birthday on Thursday.


-King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck celebrated his 39th birthday on Thursday.


-Princess Isabelle d'Orléans celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday.


-Queen Margrethe II, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim & Princess Marie attended a Memorial concert for Prince Henrik on Wednesday {Source}

-Crown Prince Frederik participated in a press conference at Copenhagen City Hall, where it was revealed that the Tour de France Grand Départ will be held on 2-4. July 2021 in Denmark on Thursday {Source}


-Princess Alexandra Irene, Princess of Leiningen celebrated her 60th birthday on Monday.

-Princess Elisabeth Tatiana Maximiliana Iacobella Faiza of Hanover celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday.

-Princess Madeleine of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, Duchess of Saxony celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday.

Great Britain

-Queen Elizabeth II  marked the centenary of the granting by King George V of the prefix ‘Royal’ to The Royal Army Chaplains’ Department at The Guards’ Chapel in London on Friday {Source}

-The Prince Charles of Wales visited Cwm Brombil Schoolwhre he met staff and pupils involved in The Prince’s Trust Achieve program, visited Plas Bryn Rhosyn Care Home where he met residents and artists involved in Age Cymru’s ‘cARTrefu’ project, and toured Rock UK’s Summit Centre and met young climbers on Friday {Photos}

-The Prince Andrew, The Duke of York celebrated his 59th birthday on Tuesday.

-Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall presented the Queen Elizabeth II Award for Design during London Fashion Week on Tuesday {Photos}. On Thursday, the future queen consort attended the opening their new training centre for Medical Detection Dogs {Photos}

-Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex & Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex made an offiical visit to Morrocco over the weekend {Source}{Source}{Photos}{Photos}

-Princess Beatrice of York & Sarah, Duchess of York took part in a discussion on education in emergencies at the House of Lords on Tuesday {Source}

-Katharine, The Duchess of Kent celebrated her 86th birthday on Saturday.

-Rowan Michael David Brudenell celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday.


-Arietta Morales y de Grecia celebrated her 17th birthday on Sunday.


-Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duke of Castro celebrated his 56th birthday on Sunday.

-Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy celebrated her 79th birthday on Sunday.


-Crown Prince Naruhito his 59th birthday on Saturday.


-Grand Duke Henri & Prince Sébastien attended a farewell military ceremony at the Grand Duke Jean Barracks to pay a last tribute to the two deceased ncos during the tragic accident At The Depot of ammunition at the waldhaf on Thursday {Photos}

-Princess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess celebrated her 35th birthday on Monday


-Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, Hereditary Prince Jacques, Princess Gabriella & Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi attended the inauguration of a new Monte-Carlo Complex and the "Promenade Princesse Charlène on Friday {Photos}{Photos}

-Princess Caroline of Hanover & Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi attended the creamation service of Karl Largfeld on Friday {Source}

-Prince Albert II held an audience with the President of the European commission, attended a reception organized by the embassy of Monaco in Belgium, met with members of the European Free Trade Association, attended a high-level conference on climate change and ocean conservation, participated in the cdp Europe Awards 2019 on Monday {Photos}. On Tuesday, Monaco's sovereign prince visited the hergé museum before attending a masterclass of the french cellist gautier capucon and a singing masterclass at the Queen Elisabeth Musical Chapel in Waterloo and visited the folon foundation; museum located in the farm of the château de la hulpe and created in 2000 by the artist Jean-Michel Folon {Photos}{Source}{Source}{Source}

The Netherlands

-King Willhelm Alexander opened the Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft on the TU Delft campus on Thursday {Source}

-Queen Máxima attended the signing of the local music education cooperation covenant in the province of Zeeland on Wednesday {Source}

-Princess M. Christina celebrated her 72nd birthday on Monday.

-Princess Zita Clara of Bourbon-Parma celebrated her 5th birthday on Thursday.


-King Harald V  celebrated his 82nd birthday on Thursday.


-Don Afonso of Braganza, The Prince of Beira conducted a reforestation campaign in the Municipality of Covilhã in the interior of Portugal on Thursday {Photos}


-Margareta, Custodian of the Crown & Prince Radu held an audience with the German Ambassador to Romania and his wife on Monday {Source}

-Margareta, Custodian of the Crown visited UNICEF Romania  and held an audience with the chairman of the Juridical Commission of the Romanian Senate on Tuesday{Source}{Source}


-King Felipe VI & Queen Letizia attended the 2018 National Research Awards on Thursday {Source}


-King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia & Crown Princess Victoria hosted a diplomatic reception with ambassadors from Qatar, Albania, Japan, New Zealand, North Korea, Sri Lanka and Brazil on Wednesday {Source}

-King Carl XVI Gustaf handed out the HM King's medal for merits in Swedish sport at a ceremony on Wednesday {Source}

-Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle & Prince Oscar visited King Husgerådskammaren on Thursday {Source}{Source}

-Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel  visited the Fryshuset to get an update on Fryshuset's business on Friday {Source}

-King Carl XVI Gustaf held audiences with newly appointed foreign ambassadors from Botswana, Malaysia, Slovenia and Liberia on Thursday {Source}

-Prince Daniel  visited Prince Daniel's Fellowships mentoring program for young entrepreneurs in
Gothenburg on Wednesday {Source}

-Princess Estelle, The Duchess of Östergötland celebrated her 7th birthday on Saturday{Photos}.

-Princess Leonore, The Duchess of Gotland celebrated her 5th birthday on Wednesday.

-Ian Carl Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng celebrated his 17th birthday on Wednesday.

Royal Profile: Archduchess Magdalena of Austria

Archduchess Magdalena Maria Alexandra Zita Charlotte of Austria was born on 24 Februrary 2016 as the second daughter of Archduke Imre of Austria and Archduchess Kathleen of Austria {Source}. She has an older sister and a younger sister{Source}:

  • Archduchess Maria-Stella Elizabeth Christiana Yolande Alberta of Austria (2013)
  • Archduchess Juliana Marie-Christine Wilhelmina Margaret Astrid of Austria (2018)

Archduchess Magdalena was likely named:

  • Magdalena: for her ancestress Archduchess Magdalena of Austria (1532-1590)
  • Maria: popular name in the Austrian line, for the Virgin Mary
  • Alexandra: likely for Alexandra Deptula, a friend of her mother
  • Zita: for her great-great grandmother Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma
  • Charlotte: for her great grandmother, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg, Princess of Belgium

She resides in Luxembourg with her parents and sisters {Source}. Archduchess Magdalena was baptized in April 2016, again, with no word on who her godparents were {Photo}

Royal Profile: Arrietta Morales y de Grecia

Arrietta Morales y de Grecia was born 24 February 2002 in Barcelona, Spain, the eldest of Princess Alexia of Greece & Denmark and Carlos Morales's children{Source}. She has two younger sisters and a younger brother{Source}:

  • Ana-Maria Morales y de Grecia(2003)
  • Carlos Morales y de Grecia (2005)
  • Amelia Morales y de Grecia(2007)

She was baptized on 30 June 2002 {Source}. Her godparents consisted of{Source}:

  • Princess Theodora of Greece (maternal aunt)
  • Maria Teresa Morales (paternal aunt)
  • Infanta Cristina of Spain (1st cousin of her mother)
  • Manuel Cabrera (friend of her father)
  • and an unknown Greek friend of her mother

She resides in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands in a house designed by her father {Source}.

She is the granddaughter of Queen Anne-Marie of The Hellenes & King Constantine II of Greece. Technically, she is biologically related to the following monarchs and/or consorts (current and former):

  • Queen Elizabeth II is her 3rd cousin 2x removed, through The Princess Victoria, The Princess Royal.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh is her 1st cousins 3x removed, through King George I of Greece.
  • Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is 3rd cousin 2x removed, through The Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn as well as her great aunt from her grandmother's side.
  • King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is her 2nd cousins 2x removed, through Queen Victoria.
  • King Juan Carlos I of Spain is 3rd cousins 1x removed, through Queen Victoria.
  • Queen Sofia of Spain is great aunt though King Paul and Queen Fredrica-Arrietta's grandfather is Queen Sofia's younger brother.

Technically, she is 8th in line for the Greek throne after her uncle, 4 cousins, mother and brother.

Royal Profile: Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Siclles, The Duke of Castro

Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Siclles, The Duke of Castro was born 24 February 1963 as the only son of Ferdinand, Duke of Castro and Chantal de Chevron-Villette {Source}. He has He he baptized in France with the name Charles Marie Bernade Gennaro, but he generally uses the Italian form of his name, Carlo {Source}.

The Duke of Castro has two elder sisters, and between them they have four children{Source}:
  1. Princess Béatrice Marie Caroline Louise Françoise of the Two Sicilies (1950)
    1. Princess Caroline Marie Constance Napoléon (1980)
      1. Éric Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (1971, m. 2009)
        1. Elvire Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (2010)
        2. Augustin Quérénet-Onfroy de Breville (2013)
    2. Prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon (1986)
  2. Princess Anne Marie Caroline Carmen of the Two Sicilies (1957)
    1. Nicolas Cochin (1979)
    2. Dorothée Cochin (1985)

Prince Carlo was educated firstly at the Institute of the Marist Fathers at Toulon, France{Source}. He went on to study at a namesake of the Collège Stanislas de Paris{Source}. After studying at an international university in Paris, he spent three years working for a public relations firm in New York, NY USA {Source}. He is fluent in Italian, French and English {Source}.

In 2008, Carlo succeeded his father as claimant to the headship of the House of the Two Sicilies. As head of the house, he uses the title Duke of Castro{Source}.

On 31 October 1998, he married Camilla Crocini {Source}. Together, they have two daughters{Source}:

  1. Princess Maria Carolina, Hereditary Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duchess of Calabria & Palermo (2003)
  2. Princess Maria Chiara of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, The Duchess of Noto, The Duchess of Capri (2005)
He and his family maintain homes in Monaco, Paris and Rome{Source}.

He is also a Royal Godfather to two children:

  1. Prince Gaston d'Orléans (2009)
  2. Princess Josephine of Denmark (2011) {Source}

In his capacity as Grand Master of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George promotes and coordinates the activities beneficial - and cultural welfare of this ancient order of knighthood{Source}.

Royal Profile: Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy

Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy was born 24 February 1940 as the third child of The Prince and Princess of Piedmont who were later King Umberto II & Princess Marie José de Belgique {Source}. She has two older siblings and a younger sister{Source}:

  1. Princess Maria Pia Elena Elisabetta Margherita Milena Mafalda Ludovica Tecla Gennara of Bourbon-Parma (1934)
    1. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (m 1955)
      1. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia (1958)
      2. Prince Michael of Yugoslavia (1958)
      3. Prince Sergius Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia (1963)
      4. Princess Helene Olga Lydia Tamara Maria of Yugoslavia (1963)
        1. Thierry Gaubert (m. 1988)
          1. Milena Maria-Pia Angelique Armaule Gaubert (1988)
          2. Nastasia Marie José Tania Vanessa Isabelle Gaubert (1991)
          3. Leopold Umberto Armand Michel Gaubert (1997)
  2. Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (1937)
    1. Marina, Princess of Naples (1935, m. 1971)
      1. Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice (1972)
        1. Clotilde, Princess of Venice (1972)
          1. Princess Vittoria of Savoy (2003)
          2. Princess Luisa of Savoy (2006)
          3. two adopted sons
  3. Princess Maria Beatrice Caroline of Savoy (1943)
    1. Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon(1939-1999, m. 1970)
      1. Rafael Humberto Lupo Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1970-1994)
        1. Margaret Beatty Tyler (1966, engaged, never married)
          1. Uriel Tyler (1994)
      2. Patrizio Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1971-1971)
      3. Azaea Beatrice Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1973)
        1. Arturo Pando y Mundet (1973, m. 1996, div)
          1. Marie José Pando y Corvalán-Reyna (1996)

In 1943, she moved to Switzerland with her mother and siblings to avoid Nazi capture. In 1945, they returned to Italy. Upon the fall of the monarchy in 1946, her family gathered in Portugal then she fled with her mother and siblings to Switzerland again.

The young Princess was educated in Switzerland, and took courses at a school associated with the Lovre in Paris {Source}. After her father died in 1983, with the approval of her brother, she launched the King Umberto II Foundation in Switzerland, which is dedicated to preservation of the Royal House and its history. She participated in several cultural exhibits during the 1992 Olympics in Albertville. She has also co-authored several books on her family history and history of the House of Savoy.

Princess Maria Gabriella married Robert Zellinger de Balkany (1931-2015, m. 1969-1990, div) on 12 February 1969 {Source}. They have one daughter, a son-in-law, and four grandchildren:

  1. Marie Elisabeth Zellinger de Balkany (1972)
    1. Olivier Janssens (m. 2002)
      1. Gabriella Luise Maria Janssens (2004)
      2. Tommaso Janssens (2005)
      3. Paul-Louis Janssens ( 2009)
      4. Victor Janssens (2014)

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Royal Profile:Princess Estelle of Sweden, The Duchess of Östergötland

Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, The Duchess of Östergötland was born 23 February 2012 as the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel {Source}. She has one younger brother{Source}:
  • Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden, The Duke of Skåne (2016)

In accordance with the 1979 Act of Succession, which entered into force on 1 January 1980, Princess Estelle is second in the line of succession, following Crown Princess Victoria{Source}. With the Succession of the Crown Act of 2013, she is also behind her mother in succession for the British throne, roughly in 300th place for the British throne{Source}

Princess Estelle was christened in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace on 22 May 2012{Source}. Her godparents were{Source}:

  • Anna Westling Soderstrom (paternal aunt)
  • Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (maternal uncle)
  • Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (friend of her parents, her mother is his eldest child's godmother)
  • King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (friend of her parents, her mother is his eldest child's godmother)
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (friend of her parents, her mother is her eldest child's godmother)

Although she is only six years old, she already has a collection of Swedish Royal medals including:

  • Member of the Royal Order of the Seraphim (23 February 2012, presented 22 May 2012) (received as she is part of the Royal Family){Photo}
  • Commemorative Ruby Jubilee Medal of His Majesty The King (15 September 2013){Photo}
  • 70th Birthday Celebrations Medal of King Carl XVI Gustaf
At six years old, she has been undergoing an education of the royal collections with her mother within the last few months with visits to the National Museum, and paying a visit to King Husgerådskammaren with her mother and brother
She almost shares a birthday with her cousin, Princess Leonore, who is the daughter of Princess Madeleine who was born 20 February 2014 {Source}.

Like her great aunts before her (her grandfather's sisters, Princess Christina, Princess Désirée, Princess Birgitta and Princess Margaretha), she is being raised at the Swedish Haga Palace.

She began pre-school in August 2014, and is attending Äventyret Preschool{Source}. In August 2019, she began attending  Campus Manila’s elementary school {Source}.

Royal Profile: Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan

Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan was born 23 February 1960 as the eldest son of the then Crown Princely couple {Source}. During his childhood years, he was known as Prince Hiro-no-Miya {Source}. He was invested as Japan's Crown Prince on 23 February 1991, eleven years after his Coming of Age ceremony in 1980{Source}.

Today he serves as honorary vice president to the Japanese Red Cross and Honorary President of the United Nations Secretary-General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation{Source}.

Like most of the Japanese Imperial Family, his educational background is extensive. He graduated from Gakushuin University with a degree in History {Source}.From 1983-1985, he studied at Merton College, University of Oxford{Source}. In 1988, he returned to Gakushuin to persue a doctorate degree in Humanities, but never finished{Source}. In 1992, he became a guest researcher for the archives of Gakushuin{Source}.

His engagement was formally announced by the Imperial House Council on 19 January 1993{Source}. His Engagement Ceremony took place on 19 January 1993 to Masako Owada{Source}. He married Owada on 9 June 1993{Source}. Together, they have one daughter{Source}:

  • Princess Aiko, Princess Toshi-no-Miya (2001)

In April 2019, he will become emperor of Japan after his father's abdication {Source}.

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Royal Profile: Princess Elisabeth of Hanover

Princess Elisabeth Tatiana Maximiliana Iacobella Faiza of Hanover was born 22 February 2018 as the first child of Hereditary Prince Ernst August of Hanover and Hereditary Princess Ekaterina of Hanover{Source}.

She was christened in Germany in October 2018, with the following godmothers {Source}:

  • Tatiana Santo Domingo (ex-girlfriend of her father's step-brother, Andrea)
  • Maximiliana, Countess Douglas (friend of her mother)
  • Iacobella Gaetani (friend of her mother)
  • Faiza s'Lika (friend of her mother)

In the spring of 2019, she will become a big sister, reportedly to a brother {Source}.

It is likely that she will lead a fairly normal life. She is distantly in succession for the British throne (think 500+) {Source}.

If she had been born four days later, she would've shared a birthday with her paternal grandfather.

Royal Profile: Princess Madeleine of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony

Princess Madeleine Aurelia Viktoria Carin of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony was born 22 Februrary 2017 as the youngest of three children of Hubertus Michael, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duke of Saxony & Kelly, Hereditary Princess of of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony {Source}. She has two older siblings{Source}

  • Princess Katharina Victoria Elizabeth Cheryl of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2014)
  • Prince Philipp Hubertus Andreas Christian of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (2015)
She was baptized in July 2017 with the following as her godparents:
  • Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia
  • Princess Anna of Bavaria
  • Alexandra-Nadejda Chrobok Raposo de Magalhães
  • Countess Clémence von der Schulenburg
  • Count Benedikt von Abensperg und Traun

Princess Madeleine was named:

  • Madeline: likely a name her parents liked
  • Aurelia: likely a name her parents liked
  • Viktoria: for her great grandmother, Countess Viktoria-Luise of Solms-Baruth
  • Carin: for her paternal grandmother Carin Dabelstein

Royal Profile: Princess Isabelle d'Orléans

Princess Isabelle d'Orléans was born 22 February 2012 as the only child of Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orléans, The Duke of Anjou and Dona Diana Álvares Pereira de Melo, Princess d'Orléans, 11th Duchess of Cadaval, Duchess of Anjou{Source}.

The young princess is named for her maternal great-grandmother, The Countess of Paris {Source}.

Her godparents are:

It is likely that she won't inherit her mother's titles and will lead a fairly normal life.

Royal Profile: Katharine, The Duchess of Kent

Katharine, The Duchess of Kent was born Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley on 22 February 1933 as the only daughter of Colonel Sir William Arthington Worsley, 4th Bt. and Joyce Morgan Brunner {Source}. She had three older brothers, three sisters-in-law, and several nieces and nephews {Source}:

  1. Sir William Marcus John Worsley, 5th Bt.(1925-2012)
    1. The Hon. Bridget Assheton (1926, m. 1955)
      1. Sir William Ralph Worsley, 6th Bt.(1956)
        1. Marie-Noëlle Dreesmann (m. 1987)
          1. Isabella Claire Worsley (1988)
          2. Francesca Sylvia Worsley (1992)
          3. Marcus William Bernard Worsley(1995)
      2. Sarah Marianne Worsley(1958)
        1. Martin Stephen Robert Elwes (m. 1984)
          1. James Robert Elwes(1986)
          2. Sophie Bridget Elwes (1988)
          3. Hugo Marcus Elwes(1991)
      3. Giles Arthington Worsley(1961-2006)
        1. Joanna Beaufort Pitman (m. 1996)
          1. Alice Beaufort Worsley(1998)
          2. Emma Sylvia Worsley (2000)
          3. Lucy Jennifer Worsley (2002)
      4. Peter Marcus Worsley(1963)
        1. Catherine Marie Paule Hirtz
          1. Margot Joyce Worsley (2001)
          2. Hector Felix Arthington Worsley (2002)
          3. Matilda Bridget Worsley (2005)
  2. George Oliver Worsley (1927-2010)
    1. Penelope Susanne Fleetwood Fuller (m. 1966)
      1. Georgina Joyce Worsley (1967)
        1. Tjden Lane (m. 1990, later divorced)
          1. Molly Lane (1991)
          2. Marcus Oliver Lane(1993)
      2. David Christopher Worsley (1969)
        1. Victoria Louise Lane (m.2001)
      3. Richard Oliver Arthington Worsley (1972)
      4. Anne Penelope Worsley (1974)
  3. John Arthington Worsley (1928)
    1. Hon. Carolyn Mary Wynyard Hardinge (m. 1954)
      1. Willa Victoria Worsley (1955)
      2. Henry John Worsley(1958)
        1. Janet deBoer (m. 1988)
          1. Jennifer Worsley (1989)
          2. Nichole Worsley (1990)
          3. Richard Worsley(1993)
      3. Jonathan Hugh Worsley(1960)
        1. Laura Pitfield (m. 1987)
          1. Nicholas Worsley (1988)
          2. Oliver Worsley(1990)
          3. Hugo Worsley(1992)
          4. Charlotte Worsley(1995)
      4. Dickon Carol Worsley(1966)
        1. Catharine Lewis (m. 1994)
          1. Audra Worsley (1995)
      5. Katharine Margot Worsley (1968)
        1. Paul Guthrie (m. 2001)

She married Prince Edward , The Duke of Kent on 8 June 1961 and together, they have the following children and grandchildren{Source}:
  1. George Philip Nicholas Windsor,The Earl of St. Andrews (1962)
    1. Sylvana Windsor, The Countess of St. Andrews
        1. Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (1988)
        2. The Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor (1992)
        3. The Lady Amelia Windsor (1995)
  2. The Lady Helen Windsor (1964)
    1. Mr. Timothy Taylor
      1. Mr. Columbus George Donald Taylor (1994)
      2. Mr. Cassius Edward Taylor (1996)
      3. Miss Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor (2003)
      4. Miss Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor (2004)
  3. Lord NicholasWindsor (1970)
    1. Paola. The Countess Doimi de Lupis
      1. Master Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor (2007)
      2. Master Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph Windsor (2009)
      3. Master Louis Arthur Nicholas Felix Windsor (2014)
  4. Still born unnamed child (1977)
She preferred to be known as "Katharine Kent" rather than The Duchess of Kent. She often represents Queen Elizabeth II and served as chancellor or patron of many organizations including{Source}{Source}:

  • Leeds University (1965-1998, Chancellor)
  • National Foundation for Youth Music (London) (Trustee)
  • Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester) (former board member and past president)
  • Aldeburgh Productions (ambassador)
  • NCH Action For Children (President)
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief (board member and president)
  • London Committee of the Manchester Christie (Cancer) Hospital Appeal (committee chair)'
  • RUC Benevolent Fund (chair)
  • Queensland Conservatorium (patron)
The Duchess of Kent has traveled the world for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Fund) and VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas), highlighting specific areas of deprivation{Source}. In 1999 she visited Cambodia, Macedonia and Nepal {Source}.She has been Visitor to the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The Duchess of Kent holds the Honorary Freedom of four of the ancient City companies: the Worshipful Companies of Clothworkers, Dyers, Glaziers, and the Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers{Source}.

In 2004, The Duchess of Kent together with Nicholas Robinson (Headmaster, King's College School, Cambridge) launched Future Talent, a children's music charity dedicated to finding, funding and nurturing exceptionally talented young musicians in the UK{Source}.

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Royal Profile: Princess Zita Clara of Bourbon-Parma

Princess Zita Clara of Bourbon-Parma was born 21 February 2014 as the first child of Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Parma, Count of Bardi & Princess Viktória of Bourbon-Parma, Countess of Bardi{Source}. She is a granddaughter of Princess Irene of the Netherlands and late Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma. She has a younger sister{Source}{Source}:

  1. Princess Gloria Irene of Bourbon-Parma (2016)

Princess Zita was named:

  • Zita: for her great-great aunt Empress Zita Maria delle Grazie Adelgunde Michaele Raphaele Gabriele Josephine Antonie Louise Agnes of Bourbon-Parma
  • Clara: for her maternal great grandmother
She had a double baptism with her cousin, Alaïa-Maria Brenninkmeijer, on October 4, 2014 at Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands{Source}. Her godparents are:
  • King Willem-Alexander I of The Netherlands (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
  • Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
  • Princess Maria-Teresa of Bourbon-Parma (paternal great aunt)
  • Dorothea ter Riet-Bartos (maternal grandmother)
  • Jacco Eltingh (friend of her parents)
In 2014, her father was appointed ambassador for The Netherlands to The Holy See, therefore it is likely she and her parents reside in or around there{Source}.

Royal Profile: Rowan Brudenell

Rowan Michael David Brudenell was born 21 February 2001 as the youngest son of Edwina Brudenell and her then husband, Jeremy Alexander Rothwell Brudenell {Source}. He has two older siblings, a brother-in-law and a niece{Source}:

  1. Maddison May Modupe-Ojo (1994) 
    1.  Olaoluwa Olamide Modupe-Ojo (m. 2015)
      1. Daphne Modupe-Ojo (2016)
  2. Jordan Anne Brudenell (1995)

As the grandson of Lady Pamela Hicks, he is distantly in succession for the British throne, as of 2011, he is 676th place {Source

Also through his grandmother, he is distantly related to The Duke of Edinburgh.

Not much is known about Rowan's life, it's likely that he will lead a fairly private lifestyle.

Royal Profile: Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Royal of Hungary & Bohemia

Prince Amedeo Marie Joesph Carl Pierre Philippe Paola Marcus d'Aviano of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Royal of Hungary & Bohemia was born 21 February 1986 at the University Clinic of St. Luc in Belgium, the eldest child of Princess Astrid, Archduchess of Austria-Este & Prince Lorenz, Archduke of Austria-Este {Source}. He has three younger sisters and a younger brother{Source}:

  • Princess Maria Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1988)
  • Prince Joachim of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este (1991)
  • Princess Luisa Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1995)
  • Princess Laetitia Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (2003)

His godparents wee his grandmother, Queen Paola, and his maternal uncle, Prince Philippe, The Duke of Brabant {Source}.

He attended Sint Jan Berchmans College for his early education until 2001{Source}. He then moved on to Sevenoaks College in Kent, England from 2001-2004 {Source}. He then went on to attend Belgium's Royal Military Academy from 2004-2005{Source}, and then went back to England to study at the London School of Economics from 2005-June 2008{Source}. Upon graduation from LSE, he took a gap year to travel and better his Spanish language skills {Source}

He is very athletic. He ran the New York Marathon in 2008, and plays rugby. In September 2009, he moved to New York City to work for Deloitte, a financial services company{Source}.

Presently, he is the hereditary prince of the Archduchary of Austria-Este, 5th in line for the Austro-Hungary throne, and 7th for the Belgian throne.

He is a reserve officer in the Belgian Army, whee he serves as a Second Lieutenant oof the Regiment Carabiniers Prins Boudewijn-Grenadiers.

He is became a godfather in 2001, to his cousin, and future monarch, Princess Elisabeth{Source}.
Due to his being so far down on the Belgian throne line, his mother is fiercely private about his life, therefore he makes limited public appearances on behalf of Belgium.

The 33 year old Prince was married on 5 July 2014, and relocated from New York, USA to Belgium after the wedding. Together, they have a daughter:

  • Archduchess Anna Astrid of Austria-Este (2016)
At the time of their wedding, no royal decree was issued granting her the title Her Royal Highness Princess of Belgium. However, it has been speculated as to why no such decree has yet to be issued. Some say that is was due to other government matters (such as the current world economic crisis) were taking priority over someone's title matters, other sources say it was because Prince Amedeo did not seek government authorization (as required by Belgian law) for the marriage, therefore he automatically loses his rights to the Belgian throne-however, neither has yet to be confirmed by the Royal Court or Belgian Government. More than a year after the wedding he applied for retroactive approval of their marriage with his uncle and it was approved retroactively. Due to a new royal decree issued by his uncle that entitles only those of the heir and present monarch the title Prince/ss of Belgium, their future children will not hold the title Prince/ss of Belgium. However, due to Prince Amedeo also being a paternal heir to the titles Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Royal of Hungary & Bohemia, their children and his wife will hold those titles.

Royal Profile: King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan was born 21 February 1980 as the son of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck and is the current reigning Druk Gyalpo or Dragon King, of the Kingdom of Bhutan{Source}.

He attended to his primary education in Bhutan, before studying his upper secondary education abroad in the UK and US{Source}. He attended a special program at the National Defense College in India in 2005{Source}. He has also received several honorary doctorates from the following universities including{Source}:

  • University of New Brunswick(Canda)
  • Rangsit University (Thailand)
  • Calcutta University (India)
  • Keio University (Japan)

His father abdicated in 2006, and he became King on 9 December 2006{Source}. A public corranation ceremony was held on 1 November 2008{Source}. In addition to his regular duties as King of Bhutan, he oversees the Royal University of Bhutan as Chancellor; Patron of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Patron of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies and the European Convention of Bhutan Societies; President, Bhutan India Friendship Association{Source}.

Since the formal coronation, King Jigme Khesar's first landmark project was the launching of the National Cadastral Resurvey in March 2009{Source}.The program is aimed at resolving long-standing land issues of excess land that affects every Bhutanese household{Source}. The King has also been giving land to landless farmers around the country. The on-going project takes the King to remote villages and communities{Source}.

On 20 May 2011, the King announced his engagement to Jetsun Pema{Source}. They Royal Couple were married on 13 October 2011 in the Punakha Dzong{Source}. During the ceremony the King also received the Crown of the Druk Gyal-tsuen (Queen) from the most sacred Machhen temple of the Dzong and bestowed it on Her Majesty Jetsun Pema, hereby formally proclaiming her the Queen of the Kingdom of Bhutan{Source}. On 5 February 2016, Queen Jetsun Pema gave birth to the couple's first child, The Gyalsey {Photos} {Source}

Royal Profile: King Harald V of Norway

King Harald V of Norway was born on 21 February 1937 as the third child and only son of Crown Prince Olav (the future King Olav V, 1903-1991) and Crown Princess Märtha (1901-1954) {Source}. He had two older sisters, two brother-in-laws, {Source}:

  1. Princess Ragnhild (1930-2012)
    1. Erling Lorentzen (1923-)
      1. Haakon Lorentzen (1954)
        1. Martha Carvalho de Freitas (1958, m. 1982)
          1. Olav Alexander Lorentzen (1985)
          2. Christian Frederik Lorentzen (1988)
          3. Sophia Anne Lorentzen (1994)
      2. Ingeborg Lorentzen (1957)
      3. Paulo César Ribeiro Filho (m 1982)
        1. Victoria Ragina Ribeiro Sampaio (1988)
          1. Felipe Sampaio Falcão (m. 2014)
            1. Frederik Sven Falcao (2016)
      4. Ragnhild Lorentzen (1968)
        1. Aaron Long (m. 2003)
          1. Alexandra Long (2007)
          2. Elizabeth Long (2011)
  2. Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner (1932)
    1. Johann Martin Ferner
      1. Cathrine Ferner (1962)
        1. Arild Johansen (1961m. 1989)
          1. Sebastian Ferner Johansen (1990)
          2. Madeleine Ferner Johansen (1993)
      2. Benedikte Ferner (1963)
        1. Rolf Woods (1963,m 1994-1998)
        2. Mons Einar Stange (1962, 2000-2002)
      3. Alexander Ferner (1965)
        1. Margrét Gudmundsdóttir(m 1996)
          1. Edward Ferner (b. 28 March 1996)
          2. Stella Ferner (1998)
      4. Elisabeth Ferner (1969)
        1. Tom Folke Beckmann (b. 1963, m 1992)
          1. Benjamin Ferner Beckmann (1999)
      5. Carl-Christian Ferner (1972)
        1. Anna-Stina Slattum (1984, m 2014)

At the time of his birth, the Norwegian Constitution of 1884 stipulated that only male heirs could inherit the throne, this was amended in 1990 to include females and the eldest child regardless of gender{Source}.

He was the first prince born in Norway in 567 years{Source}. His early years wehre spent at his parents' estate, Skaugum{Source} (Skaugum would later become his official residence before giving it to his son as his official residence). However, in April 1940, things changed when the Germans invaded Norway{Source}. The Royal family, members of the government and most members of the Norweigan Storting escaped the country by train{Source}. Once the family reached the city of Elverum, his father left the family to continue the journey to safety with their three children{Source}. First, he traveled with his mother and sisters to Sweden (where his mother is a birth-right Princess and his maternal grandfather was the son of King Oscar II){Source}. After several months there, the royal family continued to the United States, where they remained for the remainder of the war{Source}.

After the war ended in 1945, the Royal Family returned to Norway, where the young prince began school at Smestad School{Source}. During his education, he had a security guard stationed outside his classroom, but other than that, his educational experience did not differ from other children{Source}. He completed his upper-secondary education in 1955 at the Olso Cathedral School{Source}.

Upon graduation, he entered the Norwegian Cavalry Officers’ Training School and went on to finish his military education at the Military Academy in 1959{Source}. Upon completion of his compulsory military service, the Crown Prince went to Oxford for further study{Source}. He attended Balliol College from 1960 to 1962, studying social science, history and economics{Source}.

His grandfather died in September 1957, leaving his father to reign as King and he as Crown Prince{Source}. Upon this event, he attended his first Council of State meeting for the first time{Source}. After his father reign officially began, he began to increase his number of official tasks, such as travelling with trade delegations to promote Norwegian industry abroad{Source}. In 1960, Crown Prince Harald attended his first official state visit abroad, where he attended the 50th anniversary of the American-Scandinavian Foundation in the United States{Source}.

In March 1968, his engagement to commoner Sonja Haraldsen was announced after a nine-year courtship{Source}. Reportedly, his father originally did not approve of the match due to her being a commoner, but Crown Prince Harald stood his ground and refused to marry anyone by Sonja. They were married on 29 August 1968{Source}. Together, they have two children, a daughter-in-law, an ex-son-in-law, five grandchildren and a stepgrandson:

  1. Princess Märtha Louise(1971)
    1. Mr. Ari Behn
      1. Miss Maud Angelica Behn (2003)
      2. Miss Leah Isadora Behn (2005)
      3. Miss Emma Tallulah Behn (2008)
  2. Crown Prince Haakon (1973)
    1. Crown Princess Mette-Marit
      1. Mr. Marius Borg Høiby (1997, technically Haakon's stepson)
      2. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
      3. Prince Severe Magunus of Norway (2005)

His father fell ill in the spring of 1990, Crown Prince Harald began attending to the affairs of the state as Crown Prince Regent{Source}. When his father passed away in 17 January 1991, Crown Prince Harald immediately became King Harald, and he swore to oath to uphold the Constitution of Norway in the Storting{Source}. The Queen was also present at the ceremony, which was the first time since Queen Maud{Source}. In accordance with their own wishes, the King and Queen were consecrated in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim on 23 June 1991{Source}. In connection with the consecration, the King and Queen conducted a 10-day tour of Southern Norway{Source}. The following year, the entire Royal Family conducted a 22-day tour of Norway’s four northernmost counties{Source}.

Since the introduction of parliamentarism in 1884, the official duties of the King have been primarily ceremonial as the custodian of royal tradition{Source}. The King heads the Council of State every Friday, and formally opens the new session of the Storting each year in October{Source}. No acts of legislation or decisions approved by the Council of State are valid until sanctioned by the King and countersigned by the prime minister{Source}. While the language of the Constitution still states that the executive power is vested in the King, the actual power lies with the Government{Source}. The King has an important role to play during a change of government{Source}. Usually, the retiring prime minister will advise the King on who should assume the role of the new prime minister{Source}. If the parliamentary situation is unclear, however, the King must exercise his own discretion in selecting a new prime minister{Source}.

The King and Queen pay official state visits to other countries, and act as host to foreign heads of state visiting Norway {Source}. The King holds official audiences at the Palace for newly-appointed ambassadors of foreign countries who are delivering their credentials{Source}. King Harald holds the rank of General in the Army and Air Force, and of Admiral in the Navy. He is the nation’s highest-ranking officer.The day-to-day activities conducted at the Royal Palace in Oslo include official audiences, and discussions with the prime minister, foreign minister and representatives from the armed forces{Source}. The King frequently pays visits to private and public institutions on his journeys to various parts of the country{Source}. Every year the King and Queen pay a visit to a county in Norway, which each visits last 2-3 days, during which time they pay visits to several municipalities{Source}. The King and Queen often use the Royal Yacht Norge to travel along the Norwegian coast{Source}. Every year in the afternoon of 17 May, the King and Queen visit one of Oslo’s districts{Source}. This gives them the opportunity to meet the population and gain an insight into the various activities taking place throughout the capital{Source}. The King receives many invitations to events and commemorative activities all over the country, and tries, as far as his programme will allow, to be present{Source}. In recent years the King has also become involved in issues related to welfare and conditions for children{Source}. The King regularly receives letters from children whose everyday lives are difficult, and has on occasion received children and groups of children for talks at the Palace{Source}.

In the little spare time that King Harald has, he enjoys sports and outdoor receation, and is an active hunter and fisherman{Source}. During Olympic years, he and Queen Sonja can often be seen at events, cheering on "their" team{Source}. The King and Queen were actively involved in connection with the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer. The King served as honorary chair of the Lillehammer Olympic Organising Committee.In 1964 he carried the Norwegian flag during the opening ceremony for the Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo{Source}.

The King was Chairman of the Advisory Board of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 1982{Source}. During the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo in 2011 he was present as an interested spectator at all the events{Source}. In January 2011 the King was awarded the Sports Gala Honorary Award at the annual Sports Gala{Source}. The King has distinguished himself on several occasions in national and international sailing competitions{Source}. In 1987 King Harald and his crew won the World Championships with his one-tonne yacht, the Fram X, and in 2005 they won the European Championships with the Fram XV{Source}. The King remains an avid yachtsman, participating in national and international regattas each year{Source}.

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Royal Profile: Princess Leonore of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland

Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland was born 20 February 2014 as the first child of Princess Madeleine of Sweden & Mr. Christopher O'Neil {Source}. She has a younger brother and sister{Source}:

  1. Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf of Sweden, The Duke of Ångermanland (2015)
  2. Princess Adrienne  Josephine Alice of Sweden, The Duchess of  Blekinge (2018)

She was born in the United States, but they celebrated her birth in Sweden anyway! Her birth was celebrated with a 21-gun salute, and a Te Deum Thanksgiving service attended by her maternal grandparents, The Crown Princess Couple, and Prince Carl Philip{Source}. From her birth she was eligible to be part of the Swedish succession, however, to remain in line, she must:

  • Be commune with the Church of Sweden (Lutheran)
  • Reside in Sweden at some point during her upbringing
  • Not marry without the consent of the Government (Article 5)
  • Ascend the throne of another state by election, inheritance or marriage without the consent of the monarch and the Riksdag.

It has been claimed that she is named:
  • Leonore: a name her parents liked after weighing several options. It could also be a nod to previous Swedish Queens (who were named Elenora,and reigned or was consort from 1718-1720,1620-1632,1654-1660,1720-1741).
  • Lilian: for her maternal great aunt, Princess Lilian, The Duchess of Halland who died almost a year to the day before her birth.
  • Maria: for her paternal grandmother, Eva Maria O'Neill.

By technicality, she has no "official" surname, but on her Swedish passport and likely her US birth certificate, her surname is considered Bernadotte O'Neill {Source}. Currently, the little princess is 8th in succession for the Swedish throne after her aunt, uncle, mother, and four cousins. She is also distantly in succession for the British throne.

Her christening took place on her parents' first wedding anniversary, and the following were her godparents {Source}:

  • Crown Princess Victoria (maternal aunt)
  • Tatjana d'Abo (her paternal half-aunt)
  • Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun (her paternal half-uncle by marriage)
  • Mr. Patrick Sommerlath (her maternal first cousin once removed)
  • Mrs. Alice Bamford (childhood friend of her father)
  • Ms. Louise Gottlieb(best childhood friend of her mother)
Although just celebrating her fifth year of life, she has already undertaken several royal events and holds several honors. At her christening, her grandfather made her a member of the Royal Order of the Seraphim {Source}. She attended Sweden's National Day Open Palace event with her parents in 2014 {Source}. In December 2014, it was announced that her parents were expecting to make her a big sister in 2015 {Source}. In early 2015, she and her parents moved from the United States to Sweden, and she and her mother were registered as Swedish nationals {Source}. In early 2016, the family of four, now including Prince Nicolas, moved their home base to London. In April 2015, she tagged along with her parents and maternal grandmother when they met The Pope in Vatican City{Photo}. Shortly before becoming a big sister, Little Princess Leonore attended the wedding of her maternal uncle with her parents {Photos}. In October 2015, she attended her brother's christening with her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin {Photos}. In November 2015, she joined her mother for the opening of the Swedish Christmas Market in London {Photos}. In May 2016, she attended the christening of her cousin, Prince Oscar of Sweden {Photos}. In June 2016, she undertook a visit to her duchy, Gotland for the first time {Photos}. In September 2016, she attended the christening of her cousin Prince Alexander of Sweden {Photos}. In July 2017, she was in attendance of her maternal aunt and godmother's 40th birthday celebrations {Photos}. In August 2018, after several years going back and forth from London to Stockholm, it was announced her family would be settling in Florida in the United States-while continuing to maintain residences in London and Stockholm {Source}

Princess Leonore resides in Miami, Florida, USA with her family, but the family frequents Sweden.

In August 2017, it was announced that Princess Leonore would attend pre-school in Sweden {Source}. It is likely since the move, that she attends school in Miami now.

Royal Profile: Archduchess Maria-Stella of Austria

Archduchess Maria-Stella Elizabeth Christiana Yolande Alberta of Austria was born 11 November 2013 as the first child of Archduke Imre of Au...