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Royal Profile: The Lady Mariana-Charlotte Windsor

The Lady Marina Charlotte Alexandra Katharine Helen Windsor was born on 30 September 1992 as the daughter of George Philip Nicholas Windsor, The Earl of St. Andrews and Sylvana Palma Windsor, The Countess of St. Andrews{Source}. Mariana-Charlotte is one of three children{Source}:
  1. Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor, Baron Downpatrick (1988)
  2. The Lady Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret Windsor (1995)

She is a granddaughter of The Duke and Duchess of Kent.

At her birth in September 1992, she was in a distant 20th place in line for succession to the British throne, however, with the rule changes and births of several babies and with her confirmed having converted to Catholicism during her teen years, she is no longer in succession. If she were in succession, she would be no higher than 37th place as of 2015.

She shares a birthday with 
  • Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium (1956)
  • Mr Ari Behn (1972)

Royal Profile: Ari Behn

Ari Behn was born 30 September 1972 as the first child of Waldorf teachers Olav Bjørshol and Marianne Rafaela Solberg {Source}.

Behn's original surname was Bjørshol. In 1996, he changed his name to Ari Behn when he took his maternal grandmother's maiden name {Source}.

He was educated in Norway. He attended the Waldorf School in Moss. He later attended the University of Olso. Upon graduation, he became a writer. With his first collection of short stories titled Trist som faen ("Sad as hell"), he gained a little literary success with several good reviews and selling more than 100,000 copies. After his success with his first book, he wrote two more books that weren't as successful. His first book is sort-of available onAmazon. In 2002, with his wife, he co-wrote a book on their wedding {Source}. He has also dabbled in other creative projects such as the design of china for Magnor Glassverk, and has been a model for a clothing chain {Source}.

On 24 May 2002, he married Princess Märtha Louise of Norway {Source}. Together, they have three daughters {Source}:
  1. Maud Angelica Behn (2003)
  2. Leah Isadora Behn (2005)
  3. Emma Taullah Behn (2008)
In August 2016, Behn and Princess Märtha Louise filed for divorce and they will share joint custody of their daughters {Source}

Royal Profile: Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium, Lady Moncada

Princess Marie-Esméralda Adelaide Lilian Anna Léopoldine of Belgium, Lady Moncada was born 30 September 1956, as the second daughter and youngest child of King Leopold III of Belgium and his second wife, Lilian, Princess of Réthy {Source}. She has five older siblings, three of whom are from her father's 1st marriage, and many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews{Source}:
  1. Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg, Princess of Belgium (1927-2005, half-sister)
    1. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (1921)
      1. Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria, Princess of Luxembourg (1954)
        1. Archduke Carl Christian  of Austria (1954, m. 1982)
          1. Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria, The Countess of Limburg-Stirum (1983)
            1. Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum (1979, m. 2008)
              1. Count Léopold of Limburg-Stirum (2011)
              2. Count Constantin of Limburg-Stirum (2013)
          2. Archduke Imre of Austria (1985) 
            1. Archduchess Kathleen of Austria (1986, m. 2012)
              1. Archduchess Maria-Stella of Austria (2013)
              2. Archduchess Magdalena  of Austria (2016)
          3. Archduke Christoph of Austria (1988)
            1. Archduchess Adélaïde of Austria (1988, m. 2012) 
              1. Archduchess Katarina of Austria (2014)
          4. Archduke Alexander of Austria (1990)
          5. Archduchess Gabriella of Austria ( 1994)
      2. Grand Duke Henri of  Luxembourg (1955)
        1. Grand Duchess María Teresa of Luxembourg (1956, m. 1981) 
          1. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (1981)
            1. Princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg, Countess de Lannoy (1984, m. 2012)
          2. Prince Félix of Luxembourg (1984)
            1. Princess Claire Margareta of Luxembourg (1984, m. 2013)
              1. Princess Amalia de Nassau (2014)
          3. Prince Louis of Luxembourg (1986)
            1. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg (m. 2006)
              1. Prince Gabriel de Nassau (2006)
              2. Prince Noah de  Nassau (2007)
          4. Princess Alexandra  of Luxembourg (1991)
          5. Prince Sébastien  of Luxembourg (1992)
      3. Prince Jean of Luxembourg (1957)
        1. Hélène Vestur (1958, m. 1987-2008?) 
          1. Princess Marie-Gabrielle de Nassau (1986)
          2. Prince Constantin de Nassau (1988)
          3. Prince Wenceslas de Nassau (1990)
          4. Prince Carl-Johan  de Nassau (1992)
        2. Diane De Guerre (2009)
      4. Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, Princess of Liechtenstein (1957)
        1. Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein (1947)
          1. Prince Leopold of Liechtenstein (1984-1984)
          2. Princess Maria-Anunciata of Liechtenstein (1985)
          3. Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein (1987)
          4. Prince Josef-Emanuel of Liechtenstein (1989)
      5. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (1963)
        1. Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg (1968, m. 1994)
          1. Prince Paul Louis de Nassau (1998)
          2. Prince Léopold de Nassau (2000)
          3. Princess Charlotte de Nassau (2000)
          4. Prince Jean de Nassau (2004)
      6. King Baudin I of Belgium (1930-1993, half brother)
        1. Queen Fabiola of Belgium (2013)
      7. King Albert II of Belgium (1932-, half brother)
        1. Queen Paola of Belgium (1937, m. 1959)
          1. King Philippe of Belgium (1960) 
            1. Queen Mathilde of Belgium
              1. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium,The Duchess of Brabant (2001)
              2. Prince Gabriel  of Belgium  (2003)
              3. Prince Emmanuel  of Belgium (2005)
              4. Princess Eléonore of Belgium (2008)
          2. Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1962)
            1. Prince Laurent of Belgium, Archduke of Asutria-Este (1963)
              1. Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este (1986)
                1. Archduchess Elisabetta "Lili" of Austria-Este (1987)
                  1. Archduchess Anna-Astrid of Austria-Este (2016)
                2. Princess Maria-Laura of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1988)
                3. Prince Joachim of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este (1991)
                4. Princess Luisa-Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1995)
                5. Princess Laetia Maria of Belgium , Archduchess of Austria-Este(2003)
          3. Prince Laurent of Belgium (1963)
            1. Princess Claire of Belgium (1972)
              1. Princess Louise of Belgium (2004)
              2. Prince Nicolas (2005)
              3. Prince Aymeric (2005)
          4. Prince Alexander of Belgium (1942-2009, full brother)
            1. Princess Lea of Belgium (1951, m. 1991)
          5. Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium (1951-, full sister)

Her family ties also make her (in addition to being the aunt of members of the Belgian Royal Family) an aunt to members of the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg.

She grew up with her parents and siblings in Belgium and her brother, King Albert II is one of her godparents. Due to her father having an out of order marriage ceremony for his second marriage, Princess Marie-Esméralda and her siblings are not in line for the Belgian Throne. If they were, Princess Marie-Esméralda and her siblings would be no higher than 14th place (currently occupied by her great-nephew Prince Aymeric).

She married Salvador Moncada on 4 April 1998 in London {Source}. Together, they have two children {Source}:

While she has primarily stayed from the limelight, Princess Marie-Esméralda has made it her mission the last decade or so to keep the memories of her parents alive, mostly through documentary films. She has published two books dedicated to her father, Léopold III, mon père and Léopold III photographe{Source}. She is the president of the Fonds Léopold III pour l'Exploration et la Conservation de la Nature{Source}.

In March 2014, Princess Marie-Esméralda took part in a trip to Egypt to document her grandparents' visit to Egypt {Source}. This documentary is slated for release on Belgium television sometime in October {Source}.

Princess Marie-Esméralda trained as a journalist and writes under the name Esméralda de Réthy. In 2001, the Princess teamed up with Jean-Louis Peareau to write Christian Dior: The Early Years:1947-1957 {Source}.

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Royal Profile: Emma Behn

Emma Tallulah Behn was born 29 September 2008, the third daughter and youngest child of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and husband Ari Behn{Source}. She has two older sisters{Source}:
  1. Maud Angelica Behn (2003)
  2. Leah Isadora Behn (2005)
Her godparents were:
  • Marianne Solberg Behn (paternal grandmother)
  • The Crown Princess of Norway (maternal aunt)
  • Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark (likely a friend of her mother's)
  • Christian Udnæss (paternal uncle)
  • Carl Christian Christensen (friend of her parents)
  • Anbjørg Sætre Håtun (friend of her parents)
  • Sigvart Dagsland (friend of her parents)
She was named after American actress Tallulah Bankhead.

She is the 5th grandchild of Queen Sojna and King Harald{Source}. She is 7th in line for the Norwegian Throne after her uncle, two cousins, mother and sisters.

Royal Profile: Don Juan Urdangarín y Bórbon

Don Juan Valentín de Todos los Santos Urdangarin y de Borbón was born 30 September 1999, the eldest son of Infanta Cristina of Spain and Iñaki Urdangarín{Source}. He has two younger brothers and a younger sister{Source}:
  1. Don Pablo Nicholas Urdangarin y de Bourbon (2000)
  2. Don Miguel Urdangarín y de Bórbon (2002)
  3. Doña Irene Urdangarín y Bórbon (2005)

His godparents are his maternal aunt Infanta Elena and paternal uncle Mikel Urdangarín{Source}.

He grew up in Spain, until his family moved to Washington, DC for his dad's job in 2009{Source}. He and his family moved to Switzerland in 2012{Source}. Just like any other 14 year old, Juan enjoys riding his bike, going to handball games and to Palma de Mallorca for the much-celebrated Spanish Regatta season. He and his brothers are avid fans of FC Barcelona.

Because he and his siblings are so far down the line for the throne and the family lives in the Switzerland, he is primarily kept from the limelight, unlike his cousins. He is 7th in line for the Spanish throne after his 4 cousins, aunt, and mother.

20 Facts about Baroness Kristina Silfverschiöld

  1. Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine Silfverschiöld was born 29 September 1966 {Source}
  2. She is the middle child and elder daughter of Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld & Baron Nils-August Otto Carl Niclas Silfverschiöld {Source}
  3. She has two siblings:
    1. Carl Otto Edmund Silfverschiold, Baron Silfverschiold (1965)
    2. Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiold, Baroness Silfverschiold (1968)
  4. Through her siblings, she is the sister-in-law of:
    1. Maria Fredriksson (1965, m. 2005)
  5. She is the aunt of:
    1. Anna Margareta Sybilla Désirée Silfverschiöld (2006)
  6. She married Baron Hans de Geer af Finspång (1963) on 11 September 1999{Source}
  7. Together, they have two sons{Source}:
    1. Ian Carl GerardFriherre de Greer af Finspäng (2002)
    2. Fred Louis GerardFriherre de Greer af Finspäng (2004)
  8. They also have a daughter{Source}:
    1. Estelle Louise Désirée GerardFriherinna de Greer af Finspäng (2000)
  9. Through her husband, she is the daughter-in-law of  Louis Bengt Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng and Catharina Skjöldebrand{Source}.
  10. She is likely named for:
    1. Kristina-Louisa: no idea. Possibly just a name her parents liked.
    2.  Ewa: not really sure here....
    3. Madeleine: her paternal grandmother, Madeleine Bennich
  11. She shares a birthday with
    1. Don Juan Urdangarín y Bórbon (1999)
    2. Miss Emma Tallulah Behn (2008)
  12. She is not in succession for the Swedish throne due to it being restricted to the descendants of King Carl XVI Gustaf.
  13. However, she is in distant succession for the British throne.
  14. Her title at birth, by courtesy was Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine Silfverschiöld.
  15. Her current title through her marriage, is Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine de Geer af Finspång.
  16. She is a descendant of German Emperor Wilhelm I.
  17. She is the maternal niece of:
    1. Princess Christina of Sweden, Mrs. Magnusson
    2. Princess Margaretha of Sweden, Mrs. Ambler (1934)
      1. Mr. John Ambler (1924-2008, m. 1964, sep 1996)
    3. Princess Birgitta of Sweden, Princess of Hohenzollern (1937)
      1. Prince Johann of Hohenzollern (m. 1961)
    4.   King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (1946)
      1. Queen Silvia of Sweden (1943, m. 1976)
  18. She is the maternal cousin of:
    1. Prince Carl Christian of Hohenzollern (1962)
    2. Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern (1963)
    3. Sibylla Louise Ambler, Baroness von Dincklage (1965)
    4. Charles Edward Ambler (1966)
    5. Prince Hubertus of Hohenzollern (1966)
    6. James Patrick Ambler (1969)
    7. Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland (1977)
    8. Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden (1979)
    9. Princess Madeline of Sweden (1982)
      1. Her maternal cousins-in-law are:
        1. Baron Henning von Dincklage (1971, m. 1998)
        2. Helen Jane Ross (1969, m. 1999)
        3. Ursula Mary Shipley (m. 2001)
        4. Princess Nicole of Hohenzollern (1968, m.1999)
        5. Heinrich Graf von Ortonburg (1956, m. 1990, d. 2002/2003?)
        6.  Eckbert Bohlen und Halbach (1956, m. 2004)
        7. Uta Maria König (1964, m. 2000)
        8. Prince Daniel of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland (1973) 
        9. Princess Sofia of Sweden (1984)
        10. Mr. Christopher O'Neill
        11. Her maternal 1st cousins 1x removed are:
          1. Freiin Madeleine Charlotte Margarethe von Dincklage(1999)
          2. Prince Nikolas of Hohenzollern (1999)
          3. Sebastian Eric Henning Freiherr von Dincklage (2000)
          4. Sienna Rose Ambler (2000)
          5. India Tani Ambler (2003)
          6. Lily Elektra Ambler (2003)
          7. Oscar Rufus Ambler (2004)
          8. Carl Theodor Graf von Ortonburg (1992)
          9. Friedrich-Hubertus Graf von Ortonburg (1995)
          10. Carolina Gräfin von Ortonburg (1997)
          11. Prince Lennart Carl Christian of Hohenzollern ( 2001-2001)
          12. Princess Vivianne of Hohenzollern (2009)
          13. Princess Estelle of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland (2012)
          14. Princess Leonore of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland (2014)
          15. Prince Nicolas of Sweden,The Duke of Angermanland (2015)
          16. Prince Oscar of Sweden, The Duke of Skåne (2016)
          17. Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil of Sweden, The Duke of Södermanland (2016)

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          Royal Profile: Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan

          Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan was born 27 September 1996, the second child and elder daughter of King Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania of Jordan {Source}. She has an older brother and a younger brother and sister {Source}:

          Little is known about her, but it is possible she attended International Academy Amman with her sister, Princess Salma who is 4 years and a day younger. Princess Iman was known to be a keen athlete at the school. Like her brother, she is attending Georgetown University{Source}.

          She has accompanied her parents on several official events. On 19 June 2010, Princess Iman accompanied her parents to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to Daniel Westling. The princess has also accompanied her parents to visits to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, China and Japan.

          Monday, September 26, 2016

          Royal Profile: Princess Salma of Jordan

          Princess Salma bint Abdullah was born 26 September 2000, the third child and second daughter  of King Abdullah II of Jordan and Queen Rania of Jordan {Source}. She has an older brother and sister as well as a  younger brother {Source}:
          She attends  International Academy, Amman  as a ninth grader.

          Royal Profile: Archduke Alexander of Austria

          Archduke Alexander Hector Marie Karl Leopold Marcus d'Aviano of Austria was born 26 September 1990 as the youngest son and second youngest child of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria and Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria, Princess of Luxembourg{Source}. He has the following brothers, sisters, siblings in law, and nieces and nephews{Source}:

          1. Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria, Countess de Limburg-Stirum (1983)
            1. Count Rodolphe de Limburg-Stirum (1979)
              1. Count Léopold Menno Philippe Gabriel François-Xavier Marie Joseph Ghislain de Limburg-Stirum (2011)
              2. Count Constantin de Limburg-Stirum (2013)
          2. Archduke Imre of Austria (1985)
            1. Archduchess Kathleen Elizabeth of Austria (1986)
              1. Archduchess Maria-Stella Elizabeth Christiana Yolande Alberta of Austria (2013)
              2. Archduchess Magdalena Maria Alexandra Zita Charlotte of Austria (2016)
          3. Archduke Christoph of Austria (1988)
            1. Archduchess Adélaïde of Austria (1989)
              1. Archduchess Katarina Marie-Christine Fabiola of Austria (2014)
          4. Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (1994)
          He is related to the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg. Other than this, not much is known about him.

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          The Recap of the Royals You Love: September 19-25, 2016


          -King Philippe visited the European Central Bank (ECB) to address topical financial issues on Tuesday {Photos}. On Thursday, he attended an exercise of the rescue plan at Antwerp Airport {Photos}

          -Queen Mathilde visited L'institute De Mot-Couvreur on Wednesday {Photos}

          -Princess Astrid, The Archduchess of Austria-Este & Prince Lorenz, The Archduke of Austria-Este celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary on Thursday.

          Great Britain
          -Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh & The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex
          saw The Countess of Wessex off on her The Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge on Monday {Photos}.

          -The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex, The Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor & James Arthur Philip Theo Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Sevrn greeted The Countess of Wessex as she neared the end of her The Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge at Buckingham Palace on Sunday {Photos}.
          Also amongst the crowd was The Countess of Wessex's father, Christopher Rhys-Jones.

          -Sophie, The Countess of Wessex undertook her The Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge by bicycling 450 miles from the Holyrood Palace in Scotland to Buckingham Palace in London this week {See her day-to-day blog here}

          -Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge & Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
          embarked on their official tour of Canada on Saturday {Photos}.

          -Prince Harry of Wales participated in the Streetsport Initiative during his visit to Robert Gordon University on Tuesday {Photos}

          -Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor celebrated his 9th birthday on Thursday.


          -Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Parma celebrated her 82nd birthday on Saturday.


          -Grand Duke Jean held an audience with a delegation of the Board of the National Museum of Military History on Tuesday {Photos}

          -Prince Felix & Princess Claire
          celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

          -Prince Guillaume & Princess Sibilla
          celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary on Saturday.

          -Prince Noah de Nassau
          celebrated his 9th birthday on Wednesday.


          -Prince Albert II inaugurated the atrium at Lycée technique et hôtelier de Monaco on Monday {Photos}. On Wednesday, Monaco's ruler visited the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) site in Cadarache for a presentation and a tour of the worksite {Photos}. On Thursday, he attended a cocktail party to celebrate Monaco's Washington DC embassy's 10th Anniversary {Photos}

          -Prince Albert II & Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet attended the inauguration of the Princess Grace Salon Cartier boutique and viewed the Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco exhibit on display there on Friday {Photos}
          Miss Ducruet is currently studying at The New School's Parsons School of Design and living in New York City, and Prince Albert II is currently in the US for the UN General Assembly meeting.

          -Alexia Knecht de Massy celebrated her 15th birthday on Wednesday.

          The Netherlands

          -King Willem-Alexander I, Queen Maxima, Princess Catharina-Amalia of Oranje, Princess Alexia, Princess Ariane, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Annemarie of Bourbon-Parma, Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Count of Bardi &Princess Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme attended the christening of Carlos, Hereditary Prince of Bourbon-Parma on Sunday {Photos}

            His godparents are:
          • King Willem-Alexande I of the Netherlands (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
          •  Princess Marie des Neiges of Bourbon-Parma (paternal great-aunt)
          • Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza
          • Lodewijk Gualtherie van Weezel 
          • Javier Lubelza Roca

          -King Williem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Prince Constanijn & Princess Laurentien attended Prinsjesdag 2016 on Tuesday {Photos} {Photos}.

          -King Willem Alexander attended the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on Monday {Photos}


          -King Harald V, Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Märtha Louise & Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner attended a screening of King No on Thursday {Source}.

          -King Harald V & Queen Sonja
          finished the end of their royal boat tour on the Royal Yacht Norway on Friday {Source}.

          -Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit
          attended VIBROdebatt 2016 on Thursday {Source}

          -Queen Sonja
          attended the opening of the exhibitation "Texture" on Friday {Source}

          -Crown Prince Haakon attended the Ny-Ålesund Symposium this week {Source}

          -Princess Märtha Louise celebrated her 45th birthday on Thursday


          -King Felipe VI & Queen Letizia visited the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes on Tuesday {Video}

          -King Felipe VI participated in the opening of the 71st UN General Assembly on Monday and Tuesday {Source}.

          -Queen Letizia met with the head of the UN committee on Food and Agriculture Organization on Monday and Tuesday {Source}.

          -Luis Juan Fernández-Sastrón y Gómez-Acebo celebrated his 25th birthday on Friday.


          -Crown Princess Victoria visited one of NYC’s leading fashion trade shows Capsuleshow and met with Swedish brands and exhibitors on Monday {Source}.

          -Prince Daniel attended temadag om hälsa med fokus på barn och unga 2016 on Tuesday {Source}.

          -Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiold, Baroness Silfverschiold
          celebrated her 48th birthday on Tuesday.

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          Royal Profile: Princess Maria Pia of Bourbon-Parma

          Princess Maria Pia Elena Elisabetta Margherita Milena Mafalda Ludovica Tecla Gennara of Bourbon-Parma was born Princess Maria Pia Elena Elisabetta Margherita Milena Mafalda Ludovica Tecla Gennara of Savoy on 24 September 1934 as the first child of Umberto II of Italy and Marie-José of Belgium{Source}.She was the eldest of four children {Source}:

          1. Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples (1937)
            1. Marina, Princess of Naples (1935, m. 1971)
              1. Emanuele Filiberto, Prince of Venice (1972)
                1.  Clotilde, Princess of Venice (1972)
                  1. Princess Vittoria of Savoy (2003)
                  2. Princess Luisa of Savoy (2006)
                  3. two adopted sons
          2. Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy (1940)
            1. Robert Zellinger de Balkany (1931-2015, m. 1969, div 1990)
              1. Marie Elizabeth Zellinger de Balkany (1972)
                1. Olivier Janssens (1964, m. 2002)
                  1. Gabriella Luise Maria Janssens (2004)
                  2. Tommaso Janssens (2005)
                  3. Louis Janssens (2009)
          3. Princess Maria Beatrice Caroline of Savoy (1943)
            1. Luis Rafael Reyna-Corvalán y Dillon(1939-1999, m. 1970)
              1. Rafael Humberto Lupo Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1970-1994)
                1. Margaret Beatty Tyler (1966, engaged, never married) 
                  1. Uriel Tyler (1994)
              2. Patrizio Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1971–1971)
              3. Azaea Beatrice Corvalán-Reyna y de Saboya (1973)
                1. Arturo Pando y Mundet (1973, m. 1996, div)
                  1. Marie José Pando y Corvalán-Reyna (1996)

          She married Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia on 12 February 1955{Source}.Together, they have four children, two sets of twins{Source}:

          1. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia (1958)
          2. Prince Michael of Yugoslavia (1958)
          3. Prince Sergius Wladimir Emanuel Marie of Yugoslavia (1963)
          4. Princess Helene Olga Lydia Tamara Maria of Yugoslavia (1963)
            1. Thierry Gaubert (m. 1988)
              1. Milena Maria-Pia Angelique Armaule Gaubert (1988)
              2. Nastasia Marie-José Tania Vanessa Isabelle Gaubert (1991)
              3. Leopold Umberto Armand Michel Gaubert (1997)

          She and Prince Alexander divorced in 1967 {Source}. Princess Maria-Pia would remarry Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma in 2003{Source}.Upon her re-marriage, she became stepmother to{Source}:

          1. Princess Inès Marie Josephe Marguerite Yolande Tatiana of Bourbon-Parma (1952-1981)
            1. Miss Marie Mélodie de Bourbon (1977, adopted 1982, by her grandfather Prince Michael of Bourbon-Parma)
          2. Prince Erik Marie Joseph René Michael Pierre of Bourbon-Parma (1953)
            1. Countess Lydia af Holstein-Ledreborg (d. 1999)
              1. Princess Antonia Monique Charlotte Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1981)
              2. Princess Marie Gabrielle Yolande Camilla Philippine of Bourbon-Parma (1982)
              3. Princess Alexia Thérèse Sybille Eric Charles Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1985)
              4. Prince Michel Knud John Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1989)
              5. Prince Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1991)
          3. Princess Sybil Marie Josephine Anne Victorie of Bourbon-Parma (1954)
            1. Craig Richards (m. 1997)
          4. Princess Victoire Maria Pia Josephe Philippe Isaure of Bourbon-Parma (1957-2001)
            1. Baron Ernst von Gecmen-Waldek (1974-1988, div)
            2. Baroness Tatiana von Gecmen-Waldek (1974)
              1. Michael Berger-Sandhofer (m. 1995)
            3. Baron Vincent Nicholas von Gecmen-Waldek (1981)
          5. Prince Charles-Emmanuel Marie Joseph Jacques Hely of Bourbon-Parma (1961)
            1. Constance de Ravinel (m.1991)
              1. Prince Amaury Yves Michel Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1991)
              2. Princess Charlotte Alexe Yolande Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1993)
              3. Princess Elizabeth Flore Angélique Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1996)
              4. Princess Zita Angélique Inès Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parme (1999)
          6. Ms. Amélie de Bourbon de Parme (1977)
            1. Igor Bogdanoff (m. 2009)
            2. Master Alexandre Bogdanoff (2011)
          She is a cousin of King Albert II of Belgium-King Albert's father (Leopold III) was the elder brother of Princess Maria Pia's mother, Princess Marie-José of Belgium. Upon the abolishment of the Italian monarchy, she and her family first fled to Portugal, then to Switzerland.

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          Royal Profile: Luis Juan Fernández-Sastrón y Gómez-Acebo

          Luis Juan Fernández-Sastrón y Gómez-Acebo was born 23 September 1991, as the eldest grandchild of Infanta Pilar, Duchess of Badajoz, Dowager Viscountess of la Torre{Source}. His parents are Doña Simoneta Gómez-Acebo y de Borbón and José Miguel Fernández y Sastrón {Source}. He has two siblings{Source}:
          As he is not technically or is technically a minor member of the Spanish Royal Family (pending on if you see his grandmother's abdication prior to the adaption of the constitution and define "descendants of King Juan Carlos I" as his sisters and their descendants as well), little is known about him nor does he perform public duties, one can assume he lives a fairly normal life of a 25 year old.

          Thursday, September 22, 2016

          Royal Profile: Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor

          Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor was born 22 September 2007 as the first son of Lord Nicholas Windsor and Lady Nicolas (Paola) Windsor {Source}

          He has the following brothers:
          He is the 8th grandchild of The Duke and Duchess of Kent.

          He is named:

          1. Albert:He is the first child to carry the name Albert since King George VI, but his parents say he is named for St. Albert the Great. 
          2. Louis: for his maternal grandfather
          3. Edward: For his paternal grandfather
          4. Philip:  in honor of St. Philip Neri

          An Early Day Motion in the House of Commons welcomed the Baptism of Albert as the first Royal child to be Baptised a Catholic since 1688 {Source}.

          Due to becoming Catholic, he is not in succession for the British throne. He shares a birthday with Princess Märtha Louise of Norway.

          Royal Profile: Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

          Princess Märtha Louise of Norway was born 22 September 1971 at Rikshospitalet University Hospital and is the elder of two children of the present King and Queen of Norway{Source}. She has one brother, a sister-in-law, a step-nephew and a niece and nephew{Source}:
          1.  Crown Prince Haakon (1973)
            1. Crown Princess Mette-Marit (1973, m. 2001)
              1. Marius Borg Høiby (stepson, 1997)
              2. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway (2004)
              3. Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway (2005)
          She was named for her grandmother, Crown Princess Märtha and her great-grandmother, Queen Louise {Source}. Prior to 1990, the young princess could not inherit the throne due to there being a rule for males only, however, in 1990 a constitutional amendment was adopted establishing female rights to the throne as well as rights to the first born child{Source}.. However, these new rules took place only for those born after the amendment was established (thus why her brother remains heir apparent, and her niece is his heir-apparent, and not she and her eldest daughter being the heir apparent and heir's heir){Source}.

          She grew up along side her younger brother at their parent's Skaugum Estate, with fairly normal childhoods{Source}. The young princess took part in several after-school activities, such as singing in the choir, playing the flute, taking part in a folk dancing troupe, and horse-riding {Source}. As a youngster, she attended local schools in Norway until 1990{Source}. In the autumn of 1990, the 19 year old Princess moved to England to train at Waterstock House Training Centre and to study literature at the University of Oxford{Source}. She later moved to Area UK to perfect her skills as a show jumper {Source}. Two years later, she returned to Norway to study at Bjørknes Privatskole before attending Oslo University College, and earning a degree in physiotherapy education{Source}. After completing her degree, she moved to The Netherlands to complete her final years of practical training, which she completed in December 1997{Source}. She qualified as a Rosen practitioner in 2000{Source}. During this time, she also persued a career as a equestrian show jumper, often competeing with Norway's National Team{Source}. She retired from show jumping completely in 2000{Source}.

          On 13 December 2001, her father announced her engagement to author Ari Behn {Source}. On 24 May 2002, they were married {Source}. Together, they have three daughters{Source}:
          1. Maud Angelica Behn (2003)
          2. Leah Isadora Behn (2005)
          3. Emma Taullah Behn (2008)
          In August 2016, She and Behn filed for divorce and they will share joint custody of their daughters {Source}

          In September 2012, after several years of living in Norway, the family moved to London {Source}.
          Princess Märtha Louise undertakes numerous royal duties on behalf of the Royal Family throughout the year {Source}. Many of her official engagements focus on people with disabilities {Source} and representing Norway in London. The Princess is an active patron of several organizations, including{Source}{Source}:

          • Princess Märtha Louise's Fund (Chair)
          • The Norwegian Sports Organisation for the Disabled
          • The Norwegian Association of the Deaf
          • Norway Muscular Dystrophy Association
          • The Norwegian Epilepsy Association
          • The Norwegian Rheumatism Association
          • The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

          Princess Märtha Louise is also an avid business woman, often engaging in cultural work and spreading the traditions of Norwegian fairy tails to a wider audience{Source}. She has taken part of a storytelling series on Norwegian television, authored several books and audiobooks, and participated in other television programs for children {Source}. She also has acted as an independent Rosen therapist since 2002, and due to that, is subject to Norweigan tax laws {Source}. In 2007, she partnered with Elisabeth Nordeng to establish Astarte Education {Source}.

          Wednesday, September 21, 2016

          Royal Profile: Alexia Knecht de Massy

          Alexia Knecht de Massy was born 21 September 2001, the second of four daughters of Donatella Knecht de Massy and K. Sébastien Knecht de Massy {Source}.

          She has three sisters, one older and two younger{Source}:
          She is a great-granddaughter of Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Baroness of Massy, but is not a member of the Princely Family.

          She attended the private catholic school, L'Institut François d’Assise Nicolas Barré, along with her sisters and second cousins once removed (I think. Alexia's grandmother was a cousin of Camille and Alexandra's mothers) Princess Alexandra of Hanover and Camille Gottlieb until 2010 or 2011 when the family moved to South Africa. She should be in the Seconde year (equal to 10th grade in the US system) at Ecole Francaise du Cap Francois le Vaillant in South Africa.

          As she is so young and not technically in line for the throne anymore with the death of her great uncle (Prince Rainier III) in 2005, her parents keep her and her sisters primarily out of the limelight. However, in the last few years, they have been seen out and about at family functions. Most recently, she has been spotted attending Princess Alexandra of Hanover's uncle's 2011 Wedding (behind Lynette Wittstock in beige){Source}, and attending the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo {2008, being held by her father}. In 2015, she was spotted at Prince Albert II's 10 year celebrations with her parents and sisters (seen hereto Charlotte Casiraghi's right, wearing pink. Her sisters Christine and Andrea are on Charlotte's other side).

          Alexia, her father and sisters remain part of the "pool" of Grimaldi descendants to inherit the throne if the current line should fail. If she were actually in line for the throne, she would be no higher than 21st place.

          Like most pre-teens and teens, she is active on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram (do not ask me for the links.).

          Royal Profile: Prince Noah de Nassau

          Prince Noah de Nassau was born 21 September 2007 as the younger son of Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg{Source}. He has an older brother{Source}:

          His godparents are:
          1. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg (his paternal uncle)
          2. Patty Antony (his maternal aunt)

          Prior to his parents marriage, his father renounced his title for himself and his descendants, so Prince Noah is not in line for the Luxembourg throne {Source}. However, on Luxembourg's National Day on 23 June 2009, Grand Duke Henri issued a Grand-Ducal decree granting his mother the title of Princess of Luxembourg with the style Her Royal Highness{Source}. . The same proclamation gave the title Prince of Nassau and style Royal Highness to him and his elder brother and possible future children{Source}. .

          He resided in London with his parents and elder brother, where he likely began school in 2010{Source}. He is not in line for the Luxembourg throne, therefore he only makes rare appearances on Luxembourg's behalf with his parents{Source}.

          Tuesday, September 20, 2016

          Royal Profile: Baroness Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiold

          Baroness Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiöld, Baroness Silfverschiöld was born on 20 September 1968 as the daughter of Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld and Niels-August Silfverschiöld, Baron Silfverschiold {Source}. She has the following siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces and nephews {Source}:
          1. Baron Carl Otto Edmund Silfverschiöld (1965)
            1. Maria Fredriksson (1965, m. 2005)
              1. Anna Margareta Sybilla Desiree Silfverschiöld (2006)
          2. Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine Silfverschiöld (1966)
            1.  Baron Hans de Geer af Finspång (1963, m. 1999)
              1. Estelle Louise Désirée GerardFriherinna de Greer af Finspäng (2000)
              2. Ian Carl Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng (2002)
              3. Fred Louis GerardFriherre de Greer af Finspäng (2004)
          Baroness Hélène is likely named for:

          • Hélène: greek, for "shining light"
          • Ingeborg:  is a Scandinavian feminine given name, derived from Old Norse Ingiborg, Ingibjǫrg, combining the theonym Ing with the element borg "stronghold, protection".
          • Sibylla: her maternal grandmother, Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
          Not much is known about her. She occasionally attends family events like funerals and weddings. She is currently distantly in succession for the British throne as a descendant of Queen Victoria.

          Sunday, September 18, 2016

          The Royal Recap of the Royals You Love: September 12-18, 2016


          -Archduchess Michaela celebrated her 62nd birthday on Tuesday.

          -Archduchess Monika, The Duchess of Santangelo celebrated her 62nd birthday on Tuesday.


          -King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel & Princess Eléonore participated in "Car-Free and open monument Sunday" on Sunday {Source}

          -King Philippe & Queen Mathilde  toured the Auberge du Vivier intergenerational Center, visited the Galaxia, and attended a reception in their honor on Tuesday {Photos}. On Thursday the Royal pair attended the 10ième Soirée de Gala du Comité de Soutien Flandre Occidentale de la Fondation Roi Baudouin {Photos}.

          -Queen Mathilde attended the 50th anniversary celebrations of The Horizons Neufs on Thursday {Photos}


          -Crown Princess Mary attended opening of the 66th Session of World Health Organization Regional Committee for Europe on Monday {Photos}. On Tuesday, the future Danish Consort attended the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Dagcentret (Day Center) Strødammens om{Video}. On Wednesday, she officially opened the new Aabybro Skole (school) {Source}.

          -Count Friedrich Richard Oscar Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth celebrated his 17th birthday on Wednesday.


          -Prince Hubertus Michael of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, Duke of Saxony celebrated his 41st birthday on Friday.

          Great Britain

          -Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge & Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Stewards Academy School on Friday {Photos}

          -The Prince Charles of Wales attended the New Zealand Somme Centenary Commemorations on Thursday {Source}

          -The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex undertook an official visit to Chilie, where he met with the 14th Compañía de Bomberos de Santiago on Wednesday {Source}{Video}

          -Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge held an audience with the Chairman, the Royal Foundation Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying on Tuesday {Source}. On Wednesday, he visited Caius House Youth Centre {Video}

          -Prince Harry of Wales celebrated his 32nd birthday on Thursday.

          -The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal. Peter Mark Andrew Philips, Autumn Patricia Kelly Philips, Zara Anne Elizabeth Philips Tindall, Michael James Tindall, Savannah Anne Kathleen Philips, Isla Elizabeth Phillips &Mia Grace Tindall attended the Whatley Manor Gatcombe Horse Trials on Sunday {Photos}

          -Lord Frederick Windsor & Lady Fredrick Windsor celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on Monday.


          -King Constantine II of The Hellenes & Queen Anne-Marie celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on Sunday.

          -Crown Princess Marie-Chantal celebrated her 48th birthday on Saturday.

          -Prince Odysseas-Kimon celebrated his 12th birthday on Saturday.


          -Talal Al-Saleh celebrated his 27th birthday on Monday


          -Prince Albert II attended the opening of the 41st International Congress of the Mediterranean Commission on Monday {Photos}. On Wednesday, Monaco's sovreign Prince inaugurated the descending tunnel that connects the Boulevard du Jardin Exotique to boulevard Rainier III called Prince Albert II Tunnel {Photos}.

          -Princess Caroline of Hanover inaugurated a new exhibition by Mr. Karl Stengel on Thursday {Video}.

          -Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi attended the opening of the exhibition Echos  on Friday {Photos}.

          -Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb attended “Chicken Dance Show”’s “Back to the 80s”Night in honor of Fight Aids Monaco, where she accepted a check for 10 Million Euros on behalf of Fight Aids Monaco on Saturday {Photos}

          The Netherlands

          -Queen Maxima  visited the Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie and took part in European Money Week by visiting two Money/Ways classes on Tuesday{Photos}{Photos}. On Wednesday, the Dutch Queen attended the finals of the 10th Edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge {Photos}


          -Crown Prince Haakon officially opened the Children's book Festival 2016 on Thursday {Source}


          -Queen Letizia  inaugurated the school year by visiting the Centro Educativo de Infantil y Primaria Ginés Morataon Wednesday {Source}. On Thursday, the Spanish consort celebrated her 44th birthday.

          -Don Fernando Humberto Gómez-Acebo y de Borbón celebrated his 42nd birthday on Tuesday.

          -Doña María Sofía Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbón celebrated her 41st birthday on Friday.

          -Fernando Fitz-James Stuart de Solís, 15th Duke of Huéscar  celebrated his 26th birthday on Wednesday.


          -King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Siliva, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia & Princess Madeleine attended the opening of the Riksdag on Tuesday {Source}.

          -King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia attended the 2016 Sverigemiddag on Friday {Photos}.

          -Queen Silvia & Princess Madeleine held an audience with Enna and her parents who's Min Stora Dag (My Big Day) wish was to meet them on Monday {Source}.Enna is seven years old and Min Stora Dag is the Swedish equivalent to Make-A-Wish in the US, and Princess Madeleine is patron of the Swedish organization.

          -Prince Daniel visited the Hummelstaskolen on Monday {Photos}. On Thursday, the future Swedish Prince Consort celebrated his 43rd birthday.

          -Prince Carl Philip opened the exhibition, Vinnare och förlorare i svensk natur on Monday {Source}.

          -Princess Madeleine attended a ‘Thank you Gala’ of the World Childhood Foundation on Friday {Photos}.

          -Countess Gunnila Märtha Louise Wachtmeister af Johannishus Bernadotte died at the age of 93 on Monday {Source}. In a statement, King Carl XVI Gustaf said:

          "Gunnila Bernadotte was married to my uncle Count Carl Johan. She was very much appreciated, close and faithful friend of our family and leave us in great loss."

          UPDATE: there will be a private funeral held for Countess Gunnila Bernadotte on 29 September with King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia in attendance.

          Saturday, September 17, 2016

          Royal Profile: Prince Odysseas-Kimon of Greece & Denmark

          Prince Odysseas-Kimon of Greece & Denmark was born 17 September 2004 in London as the 2nd son ofCrown Prince Pavlos & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece {Source}. He has an older sister, two older brothers and a younger brother, all of who carry the title and style HRH Prince/ss of Greece. They are:

          Like his siblings, he's grown up mostly in the US and Europe. As of right now, the family is based in London, where he and his youngest brother attend school. He shares a birthday with his mother.

          His christening took place in Greece the following summer after his birth {Source}. His godparents consisted of{Source}:

          1. Prince Philippos of Greece (paternal uncle)
          2. Princess Olga of Greece (paternal 2nd cousin 1x removed)
          3. Princess Alexandra of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
          4. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
          5. Nassos Thanopolous (Greek businessman based in England, likely a friend of his parents)
          6. Arki Busson
          7. Chris Thomsen

          Royal Profile: Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess of Denmark

          Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess of Denmark was born as Marie-Chantal Claire Miller on 17 September 1968 as the daughter of Ecuadorian born María Clara "Chantal" (née Pesantes Becerra) and Robert Warren Miller{Source}. She has two sisters{Source}:
          1.  Pia-Christina Getty (1966)
            1. Christopher Getty (m. 1992-2005)
              1. Isabelle Getty(1993)
              2. Robert Maximilian Getty (1996)
              3. Conrad Getty (1998)
              4. Maximus Getty (2002)
          2. Alexandra-Natasha von Fürstenberg (1972)
            1. Alexandre Egon  von Fürstenberg (m. 1995-2002)
              1. Talita Natasha  von Fürstenberg (1999)
              2. Tassillo Egon Maximilian von Fürstenberg (2001)
          She grew up as an American citizen, but spent much of her younger years globe trotting{Source}. She was born in England, and spent her early childhood years in Hong Kong, Switzerland and France{Source}. She graduated from high school and attended University in the US (in NYC){Source}.

          She began dating Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in the early 1990s, he proposed during a skiing holiday in 1993{Source}. They wed in 1994. Together, they have a daughter and four sons, all of who bear the title HRH Prince(ss) of Greece{Source}:

          Marie-Chantal designs her own range of luxury children's clothing and accessories for the self-titled company she founded in 2000{Source}.She has also written and illustrated "The Frog Prince", the first in a planned series of fairy-tales{Source}.

          Marie-Chantal serves on the board of the School of American Ballet and the Animal Medical Centre. She is also a co-founder of Venetian Heritage and the co-chair of World in Harmony{Source}.

          Friday, September 16, 2016

          Royal Profile: Prince Hubertus Michael of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, Duke of Saxony

          Prince Hubertus Michael, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, Duke of Saxony was born 16 September 1975 as the first son of Andreas, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and of his wife, Carin Dabelstein{Source}{Source}. He has two siblings{Source}:

          1. Princess Stephanie of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha (1972)
          2. Prince Alexander of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha (1977)
          He was educated in Germany, and England. He studied Law at the University of Würzburg from 1997-1999{Source}. He attended the London School of Economics from 1999-2000 and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from 2000-2003{Source}.Upon his University graduation, he worked as a lawyer for a bank in NYC, specializing in wealth management {Source}. Prince Hubertus worked as a lawyer for a bank in New York specialising in wealth management{Source}.

          At the beginning of 2012 he moved back from New York to Coburg where he is on the board of the family Foundation - the Stiftung der Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha'schen Familie {Source}.He married Kelly Jeanne Rondestvedt on 21 May 2009 (Civil) and 23 May 2009 (religious) {Source}.
          Together, they have the following children{Source}:
          Although, he holds no official role, he does attend certain royal family events, such as the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

          Through his greatx2 grandfather, he is a descendant of Queen Victoria. (Allow me to save you some googling: His greatx2 grandfather was Queen Victoria's son Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany via his father and grandfather)
          Yes, this means he is in line for the British throne-distantly.
          He was also related to Queen Victoria via her mother, Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. He was Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld's greatx3 grandchild (I *think*).

          Royal Profile: Doña María Sofía Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbón

          Doña María Sofía Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbón was born on 16 September 1975 as the daughter of Infanta Margarita of Spain, The Duchess of Sorina, The 2nd Duchess of Hernani {Source}. She has one older brother {Source}:
          • Don Alfonso Juan Carlos Zurita y de Borbón (1973)
          She is presumably named for:
          • Maria: for her maternal grandmother, Princess Maria Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and paternal grandmother, María del Carmen Delgado y Fernández de Santaella
          • Sofia: her maternal aunt Queen Sofia of Spain 
          • Emilia: no idea, but it is a Spanish form of Emily or Amelia
          • Carmen: for her paternal grandmother, María del Carmen Delgado y Fernández de Santaella

          Not much is known about her. Her cousin, King Felipe VI of Spain, is the king of Spain. 

          Thursday, September 15, 2016

          Royal Profile: Prince Harry of Wales

          Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales was born as the younger of two sons of The Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales on 15 September 1984{Source}. He has one older brother, a sister-in-law and a niece and nephew :
          1. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge (1982)
            1. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge (1982)
              1. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (2013)
              2. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge (2015)

          Through his father's second marriage to The Duchess of Cornwall, he has two stepsiblings, two stepsiblings-in-law, two step-nieces, and four step-nephews:
          1. Mr. Thomas Parker-Bowels (1974)
            1. Mrs. Sara (Buys) Parker-Bowels
              1. Miss Lola Parker-Bowels (2007)
              2. Master Freddy Parker-Bowels (2010)
          2. Mrs. Laura (Parker-Bowels) Lopes (1978)
            1. Mr. Harry Lopes
              1. Miss Eliza Lopes (2008)
              2. Master Gus Lopes (2009)
              3. Master Louis Lopes (2009)
          At his birth, he was 3rd in line for the throne after his father and brother, but with the births of his niece and nephew, he is presently 5th in succession.

          On 21st December 1984, Prince Henry Charles Albert David was christened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. His godparents were {Source}:

          He was educated mostly in England. For two years, from 1986-1989, he attended Mrs. Mynors School{Source}. From 1989-1992, he attended Wetherby School {Source}. In September 1992, he joined Prince William at Ludgrove School {Source}. In September 1998, he began attending Eton College, where he undertook both his GCSE's and A-Levels {Source}.

          After completing his A Levels, Prince Harry took a gap year during which he visited Australia, Argentina and Africa, where he made a documentary about the plight of orphans in Lesotho{Source}. In May 2005, he returned to the UK, where he began a course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst{Source} .

          He successfully completed a 44-week training course as an Officer Cadet, before being commissioned in April 2006 as a Second Lieutenant in the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals){Source}.During this period, Prince Harry co-founded the charity Sentebale with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in memory of their mothers (Sentebale means ‘Forget me not’) to support orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho{Source}.
          In February 2008, Prince Harry completed more than two months service with the British Army in Helmand province, Afghanistan, as a ‘Forward Air Controller’ for NATO forces{Source} .On 13th April 2008, Prince Harry was promoted from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant.In January 2009, he began a two-and-a-half year training course to become a fully operational, full-time Army Air Corps helicopter pilot. He remains an officer in the Household Cavalry during the training period{Source}.

          Prince Harry’s principal residences are at Clarence House in London and Highgrove in Gloucestershire.A Household Office was set up at St James’s Palace, London, for Prince Harry and for his brother, Prince William, in January 2009 to reflect their growing public lives.

          The Prince is currently Patron of a number of charities and organisations (including Sentebale) and he holds two honorary military appointments (in the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force){Source}.The Prince focuses much of his charitable activity around the Princes’ Charities Forum, a grouping of organisations with which he and his brother have close links and which assists in promoting ideas and joint initiatives to the benefit of all the members {Source}.

          He is godfather of two boys:
          • Frederick "Fred" Pettifer (2001) (son of his former nanny, Alexandra Shân "Tiggy" Legge-Bourke)
          • Jasper Dyer (2012) (son of close friend and former former royal equerry Mark Dyer)

          Royal Profile: Theodor Rosanes af Rosenborg

          Theodor Christian Emanuel Rosanes af Rosenborg was born 19 June 2008, the youngest of four children of Countess Camilla  af Rosenborg and M...