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75 Facts about Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands

  1. Princess Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard was born 31 January 1938 {Source}
  2. She was born at Soestdijk Palace {Source}.
  3. She is the eldest of Queen Julianna & Prince Berhard's daughters{Source}
  4. At her birth, she held the titles: Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau and Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld{Source}
  5. She was named:
    1. Beatrix:?
    2. Wilhelmina: For her grandmother, Queen Wilhelmina
    3. Armgard: ?
  6. She has three younger full sisters, Princess Margriet, Princess Irene & Princess Christina{Source}
  7. Through her father, she also has two half-sisters who are illegitimate and were not acknowledged until after his death{Source}: 
    1. Alicia von Bielefeld (1952)
    2. Alexia Grinda (1967)
  8. During WWII, the family took refuge in the United Kingdom and Canada {Source}
  9. She was only two years old when her family fled from The Netherlands in 1940, just ahead of the Nazi occupation during World War II {Source}. 
  10.  She spent the war in Canada, and her family returned home, victorious, in 1945, the year Beatrix turned 7 {Source}. 
  11. While in Canada, she attended to her early education {Source}.
  12. Upon the family's return to The Netherlands, she continued her education at The Workshop, Kees Boeke's progressive School{Source}.
  13. In 1950, she entered the Incrementum, part of the Baarns Lyceum, where she took her school-leaving exams in arts and classics in 1956{Source}.
  14. Upon graduation, she began attending Leiden University {Source}.
  15. During her time at Lieden, she was a member of Women Students Association {Source}.
  16. While studying at Liden, she studied sociology, jurisprudence, economics, parliamentary history, constitutional law, the cultures of Suriname & Netherlands Antilles, the Charter of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, international affiars, international law, history & European Law {Source}.
  17. In 1959, she earned a preliminary degree in Law{Source}.
  18. While there, she paid numerous visits abroad to organizations in Switzerland, France, and Belgium {Source}.
  19. In 1961, she obtained a combined degree in law and other subjects {Source}.
  20. She received an honorary doctorate from her alma mater, recognizing the way she raises the issue of importance of individual freedoms & the responsibilities that go with it in 2005 {Source}.
  21. She married a German diplomat, Claus van Amsberg on 10 March 1966 {Source}
  22. Together, they have three sons:
    1. Prince Williem-Alexander of Oranje (1967){Source}
    2. Prince Fiso (1968){Source}
    3. Prince Constantijn (1969){Source}
  23. She has 8 grandchildren:
    1. Countess Eloise (June 2002, Prince Constantijn){Source}
    2. Princess Catharina-Amalia (December 2003, Prince Williem-Alexander){Source}
    3. Count Claus-Casimir (March 2004, Prince Constantijn){Source}
    4. Countess Luana (March 2005, Prince Friso){Source}
    5. Princess Alexia (June 2005, Prince Williem-Alexander){Source}
    6. Countess Leonore (June 2006, Prince Constanijn){Source}
    7. Countess Zaria (June 2006, Prince Friso){Source}
    8. Princess Ariane (April 2007, Prince Williem-Alexander){Source}
  24. At her wedding, the following were in the wedding party{Source}:
    1. Princess Christina of The Netherlands (senior bridesmaid, sister of the bride, then 19 years old)
    2. Princess Christina of Sweden (senior bridesmaid, then 23 years old)
    3. Lady Elizabeth Anson (senior bridesmaid)
    4. Joanna Roëll (senior bridesmaid)
    5. Eugénie Loudon(senior bridesmaid)
    6. Christina von Amsberg (sister of the groom, senior bridesmaid)
    7. Daphne Stewart Clark (Junior bridesmaid)
    8. Carolijn Alting von Geusau (Junior bridesmaid)
    9. Joachim Jencquel(page boy)
    10.  Markus von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff (page boy)
  25. She became a widower in October 2002{Source}
  26. Prince Claus died in 2002; he suffered from depression for many years {Source}
  27. Her second son, Prince Friso, was caught in an avalanche in Austria in 2012 and has been in a coma since{Source
  28. She makes frequent visits to London to visit her daughter-in-law and granddaughters and get updated on her son Friso's condition {Source}
  29. She was only 10 years old when she became heiress presumptive {Source}
  30. She succeed her mother as Queen in 1980 {Source}.
  31. She was 42 years old when she succeeded her mother {Source
  32. Coincidentally, her son will only be 4 years older than she was when she took up the crown {Source}
  33. Even though the role of the Monarchy is scaled back compared to other monarchies, Queen Beatrix has meetings with the Prime Minister, Parliment and Cabinet frequently {Source}
  34. She acts as a representative of The Netherlands both in Netherlands and at functions abroad {Source}
  35. She holds orders from The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, & 46 other nations {Source}
  36. The Queen of the Netherlands truly cares about her people {Source}.
  37. On 16 May 1996, the Queen was awarded the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen for her contribution to European unification {Source}.
  38. She is 3rd cousins with King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden,  through George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont & Princess Helena of Nassau.
  39. She has at least 2 goddaughters {Source}
    1. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
    2. Katherine Abel-Smith
  40. She has 5 godparents {Source}:
    1. King Leopold III of Belgium  (??)
    2. Duke Adolf of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (her great half-uncle)
    3. Princess Alice of Teck, Countess of Athlone (her 1st cousin 1x removed)
    4. Countess Allene de Kotzebue(??)
    5. Princess Elisabeth zu Erbach-Schönberg (her great-aunt)
  41. In 2009, Forbes estimated her wealth at US$300 million but gave no details to substantiate this figure.{Source}
  42. On 30 April 2009, the queen and many senior members of the Royal Family were targeted in a car attack by a man called Karst Tates {Source}
  43. In November 2011, she became the oldest reigning Dutch monarch {Source}
  44. In April 2013, she will abdicate in favor of her son, Prince Williem-Alexander {Source}.
  45. Upon her abdication, she will be known as  Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands{Source}.
  46. Her son will be the first King of The Netherlands since 1890 {Source}
  47. Her Granddaughter, Princess Catharina-Amalia will be the 1st Princess of Oranje in her own right {Source}
  48. During her abdication announcement, she explained that she was not abdicating because
    1. She was "tired" or "thought she could no longer handle the position"{Source}
  49. She stated that she believed that {Source}:
    1. She believes the time is right for her to abdicate
    2. This year is the 200th year of the anniversary of The Netherlands becoming a monarchy.
    3. She believes it's time for a new generation to lead and that Williem-Alexander & Maxmia will be good for the monarchy.
  50. Princess Beatrix will take up residence at Drakensteyn Castle in Lage Vuursche after her abdication {Source}
  51. She and  her husband Prince Claus raised their children and resided until 1980 at Drakensteyn Castle {Source}
    At present, she is the oldest reigning Dutch monarch {Source}
  52. On her personal time, she enjoys skiing and horsebackridding {Source}
  53. Her favorite sailing boat is De Groene Draeck, her 18th birthday gift from the nation {Source}.
  54. Shrewd investments in both the stock market and real estate market allowed Queen Beatrix to become one of the most wealthy women in the world {Source}
  55. In 2009, she was among the world's Richest Royals according to Forbes {Source}
  56. Queen Beatrix paid an official visit to the former Dutch colony of Indonesia in 1995 as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their independence from the Netherlands {Source}
  57. Queen Beatrix had 240 official engagements in 2012, compared to 425 for Queen Elizabeth II{Source
  58. She appeared in the 2007 Dutch TV miniseries Waar was u toen? (Where were you then?) {Source}
  59. She speaks English, Dutch, German, French, Italian & some Danish {Source}
  60. She and Prince Claus had a border terrier namdd Miss Pepper in the early 1990s{Photo}
  61. Around 2007, she had a dog named Chip {Photo}
  62. She once gave a horse to Queen Elizabeth.
  63. She is known for her array of hats {Source}
  64. Queen Beatrix is now seen as a "surrogate grandmother" in the Netherlands, according to the BBC, which adds that "under Dutch law it is still illegal to insult the queen." {Source}
  65. Queen Beatrix is nicknamed "Trix" {Source}
  66. Forbes magazine called her the world's 14th richest royal in 2007; the magazine estimated her wealth then at $300 million{Source}.
  67. Both her mother and grandmother also abdicated the throne voluntarily: Queen Juliana in 1980, and Queen Wilhelmina in 1948 {Source}.
  68. Her last official state occasion (so far anyway) was a joint trip to Singapore with her eldest son and daughter-in-law, where she attended a state dinner and gave a speech {Source}
  69. Also in early 2013, they visited Brunei, where again, she gave a speech {Source}
  70. Other recent (2012) state visits include (both her going to and these countries dignitaries coming to her): Slovakia, Italy, and Turkey
  71. Like her British Counterpart, she gives an opening speech on Parliment's Opening Day to open the sesssion {Source}
  72. She is said to be good friends with her British counterpart, Queen Elizabeth II {Photo
  73. Queen Beatrix has some of the highest approval ratings in Europe, her reign has not been without its bumps along the road {Source}. 
  74. When she does abdicate, she and her son will be getting a joint stamp from the Postal Service of the Netherlands{Source}
  75. Queen Beatrix has given her name to a number of facilities in the Netherlands and beyond. These include:
    1. Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix, regional hospital in Beatrixpark, Winterswijk.{Source}
    2. Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba.
    3. Reina Beatrix School in Aruba.{Source
    4. Queen Beatrix Hospital Medical Center, Sint Eustatius.{Source
    5. Queen Beatrix Chair in Dutch Studies at UC Berkeley {Source
    6. Queen Beatrix Nursing Home, Albion Park Rail, NSW, Australia.{Source
    7. The ferry MS Koningin Beatrix.

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Royal Profile:Felipe, Prince of Asturias

Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos (aka Felipe, Prince of Asturias) is the only son of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain on 30 January 1968, in Madrid, Spain, as the only son and middle child. He was named for:
  • Felipe: No idea?
  • Juan: His paternal grandfather
  • Pablo (aka Paul): His maternal grandfather
  • Alfonso: His paternal great-grandfather
  • Todos los Santos: a traditional Bourbon name

 At his birth, since his father was not yet King nor he heir apparent, he was titled Infante of Spain. Upon his father's succession when he was seven years old, he became His Royal Highness The Prince of Austrias. He swore allegiance to the Constitution and to the King in the Spanish Parliament, fully accepting his institutional role as successor to the Crown on his 18th birthday on 30 January 1986.

Felipe started school at Santa Maria de los Rosales (the same institution now attended by his daughter, Leonor). For his high school, he attended Lakefield College School in Ontario, Canada, and studied in the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he earned a degree in Law. He also took several courses in economics, and earned Master of Science in Foreign Service degree from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. During his days at the Georgetown, his maternal cousin, Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece was his roommate.

The future King of Spain is an avid sportstman. He participated in the Summer Olympics in 1992, when they were held is Barcelona where he participated in the Sailing event and served as the Spanish team's flag bearer.

After several years of being in the european tabloids being linked with numerous women, he settled down and married at the age of 36 to divorced former CNN Jornalist Letizia Ortiz on 22 May 2004. She gave birth to the couple first child, Infanta Leonor on 31 October 2005 at 2.35 am. Another daughter, Infanta Sofia (named for her paternal grandmother), came along on 29 April 2007 at 16.50 pm.

Prince Felipe has numerous godchildren. These children include:
  • Prince Ernst August of Hanover, son of prince Ernst August of Hanover (1983)
  • Prince Konstantinos-Alexios of Greece, son of Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece (1998)
  • Princess Sofia of Bulgaria, daughter of Prince Konstantin of Bulgaria (1999)
  • Don Miguel Urdangarín y de Borbón, son of his sister infanta Cristina (2002)
  • Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, daughter of Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway (2004)'
  • Luis Felipe Gómez-Acebo y Ponte, the son of his cousin, Beltrán (son of Infanta Pilar) (2005)
  • Prince Vincent of Denmark, second son of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark (2011)

After the 11 March 2004, Madrid bombings, Felipe, along with his sisters Elena and Cristina, became the first members of the Spanish royal family ever to take part in a public protest.

In addition to his official activities, Felipe is Honorary President of several associations and foundations including: The Imperial Munitions Board, and the Spanish branch of the Association of European Journalists. Most noteworthy is the Príncipe de Asturias Foundation, where he presides annually the Awards ceremony of these highly prestigious Awards, at the international level, that carry his name.

Royal Profile: Prince Hashem bin Al Abdullah

Prince Hashem bin Al Abdullah of Jordan was born 30 January 2005, the youngest child and second son of King Abdullah & Queen Rania of Jordan. He has an older brother and two older sisters.

At the present time, he is second in line for the Jordian throne after his older brother. 

Because he is so young, he is not regularly seen attending to public duties, like most young royals. However, during a 2009 working visit to the US, he was spotted out and about with his mother and siblings {Photos}.

Also in 2009, he attended an air show which was organized by the military in cooperation with the British Embassy to celebrate his father's 10th anniversary of his succession to the throne {Source}. In June 2009, he along with his parents, attended the awards ceremony for the 2009 King Abdullah II Award for Physical Fitness awards in which his sister won 4th place {Source}.

Royal Profile: King Abullah II of Jordan

Prince Abdullah bin Al-Hussein (now King Abdullah II of Jordanwas born 30 January 1962 the eldest son of King Hussein and his 1st wife, Princess Muna al-Hussein. He has one older half sister from his father's 1st marriage, two younger full brothers, and two younger full sisters, as well as 4 younger half sisters, and 3 younger half brothers.

Under the 1952 Constitution, he was considered heir to his father, but due to the unstable times in the 1960s,  his father named his brother, King Abdullah's uncle the heir.

The future king attended to his education at various institutions around the world. He attended St. Edmund's School in Hindhead, Surrey, England from 1964-1975. After that, he moved on to Eaglebrook School and then to Derrfield Academy in the United States. Upon graduation, he went back to England to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he graduated in 1980, and was subsequently commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and served as a troop commander in the 13th/18th Royal Hussars. After two years in the military  he returned to school, to study Middle Eastern Affairs in a Special one-year studies course at Pembrooke College, Oxford University. In 1987, he moved to the United States to attend the  Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Upon his return to Jordan, he would serve in the Jordanian forces and would be promoted to Major-General in 1998.

Unsure of his eldest son's capabilities as King, his father consider arranging for the throne to pass to his brother then to his son in the 1980s, however, in 1992, something changed his mind. On his deathbead, on 25 January 1999, he made it clear he wanted his eldest son to inherit the throne. Therefore, that is what happened. Upon the death of his father on 7 February 1999, Prince Abullah became King Abullah II.
Throughout the King's reign there have been many improvements to Jordan. Since his ascendance to the throne, Jordan's economy has grown, and quality of Life of the people of Jordan over all has improved. In 2008, King Abdullah began his Decent Housing for Decent Living campaign in which all Jordanian citizens, and even Palestinian refugees, will be guaranteed high quality residential housing with easy access to community needs such as health, education, and community activities. The King announced on 2 March 2007 municipal elections in Jordan and in 25 November 2006 in his parliament address, told the parliament to work on reforms of the press and publication law. King Abdullah II has worked for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, attending the Arab Summit in 2002, OIC conferences and having several summits with US, Israeli and Palestinian delegations to find a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
For his personal life, he married Rania al Yassin on 10 June 1993. They have two sons and two daughters:
  • Crown Prince Hussein (born 28 June 1994)
  • Princess Iman (born 27 September 1996)
  • Princess Salma (born 26 September 2000)
  • Prince Hashem (born 30 January 2005)
On his personal time, he enjoys sky diving, rally racing, scuba diving and science fiction

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BREAKING: Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands to abdicate in favor of Prince Williem-Alexander & Princess Maxima

On 28 January 2013, it was announced that Queen Beatrix was speaking to the nation for undisclosed reasons at approximately 1900 Dutch time. Speculations began at that point if she were planning on abdicating in favor of her eldest son. Sure enough, that was her announcement.

In her announcement, she made it clear that:

  • She believes the time is right for her to abdicate
  • This year is the 200th year of the anniversary of The Netherlands becoming a monarchy.
  • She's not abdicating because she no longer thinks she can handle the position or is tired.
  • She believes it's time for a new generation to lead and that Williem-Alexander & Maxmia will be good for the monarchy.

Titles & Line of Succession:

Per the websites of the Dutch Royal Court:

  • Prince Williem-Alexander of Oranje will become King Willem-Alexander.
  • Princess Maxima will be come Queen Maxima
  • Princess Catharina-Amalia will become Princess Catharina-Amalia of Oranje (her father's present title, and she will be the 1st female to bear the title in her own right)
  • Queen Beatrix will become Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, just as her mother and grandmother were "downgraded" from Queen regent to Princess upon their own abdications.

Per the Royal House Succession laws, upon the succession of King Williem-Alexander, his cousins and their children will lose their succession rights. Therefore, the succession will be as follows:

  1. Princess Catharina-Amalia of Oranje, eldest daughter of the King
  2. Princess Alexia of The Netherlands, daughter #2 of The King
  3. Princess Ariane of The Netherlands, daughter #3 of The King
  4. Prince Constanijn of The Netherlands, brother of The King
  5. Countess Eloise of Orange-Nassau, niece of The King
  6. Count Claus-Casimir of Orange-Nassau, nephew of The King
  7. Countess Leonore of Orange-Nassau, niece of The King
  8. Princess Margriet of The Netherlands, aunt of The King
Queen Beatrix's son Prince Friso, and sisters Princess Christina & Princess Irene did not seek parliamentary approval before their marriages, therefore, they nor their descendants are part of the The Royal House or in line for the throne.

The Time & Place of the Abdication & Investiture

On 30 April 2013, Queen Beatrix will officially signing the instrument of Abdication at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Afterward, the investiture of King Williem-Alexander will take place at The New Chuch in Amsterdam.

Kings's Day, April 27, 2014

From 2014 onwards, King's Day (formally Queen's Day) will move from Queen Juliana's birthday, 30 April to  King Williem-Alexander's birthday, 27 April. 

Official Residences

 For the time being, the families will remain at their present residences. After the investure, the new Royal Family (The King, The Queen, The Princess of Oranje, and the younger Princess) will continue to reside at Eikenhorst in Wassenaar. At an appropriateness time the family will move to Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague (My guess would be after school lets out not to disrupt the girls more than they already will be having become more public faces than they already are).

Noordeinde Palace will continued to be used as the monarch's place of work.

Princess Beatrix will take up residence at Drakensteyn Castle in Lage Vuursche (where she and her husband Prince Claus raised their children and she resided until 1980).

Prince Constantijn and his family will continue to reside in Brussels, and Princess Mabel and her daughters in London.

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The Recap of the Royals You Love: Jan 21-27


-King Albert II & Queen Paola attended a reception for representatives of the European Commission on Wednesday {Photos}

-Prince Philippe & Princess Mathilde attebded the "Crystal Awards Ceremony-Exploring Arts in Society" on Tuesday{Photos}


-King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck & Queen Jetsun began a 7 day tour of India on Wednesday {Source} Check back for a full recap soon.


-Crown Prince Fredrik participated in the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy yacht race on Saturday {Photo}

-Crown Princess Mary attended day 1 of the World Economic Forum (WEF)  on Wednesday {Photo}

-Prince Joachim presided over the 2013 Dansk Industris Initiativpris on Wednesday {Source}

-Princess Marie attended the 2013 Prix Littéraire des Ambassadeurs (PLA) on Monday {Photos}

-Princess Athena celebrated her 1st birthday on Thursday.


-Prince Georg Fredrich & Princess Sophie announced the birth of their twins on Monday. The twin
boys were born on Sunday 20 January and the boys were named Carl Friedrich & Louis Ferdinand (for the Prince of Prussia's late father){Source}

Great Britain

-Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh attended the funeral of Princess Margarita of Baden on Thursday {Photos} Princess Margarita of Baden was his niece via his sister Princess Theodora.

-The Prince Charles of Wales visited the Surrey County Cricket Club on Thursday {Photos}

-The Prince Charles of Wales & Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall  visited the City & Guilds of London Art School {Photos} & St Anselm's Church Thursday.

-Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall visited St Mary's R. C. Primary School, in Battersea to promote their literacy program on Wednesday {Photos} On Thursday, she attended a reception for High Comissioners at the Clarence House {Photos}

-Sophie, the Countess of Wessex attended the Bincentenial Luncheon of Scottish Borders and North Northumberland on Tuesday {Source}

-Prince Harry gave an interview to reporters on his time in Afghanistan and other issues prior to returning to the UK on Monday {Source}


-King Abdullah gave a speech during the 2013 World Economic Forum on Friday {Video}

-Queen Rania met with beneficiaries of scholarships on Monday {Source}. On Tuesday, she was in attendance at the World Economic Forum, where she participated in  the panel discussion entitled 'The Global Development Outlook'{Photo}.


-Grand Duchess Maria Teresa participated in a roundtable discussion with students from the Ècole Sainte-Anne in Ettelbrück on Wednesday {Source}


-Prince Albert II attended a screening of the film Okeanos  on Monday {Photos}. On Tuesday, he attened the traditional annual announcement of last year's crime figures {Photo}. On Wednesday, he arrived in Davros, Switzerland to attend the 2013 World Economic Forum, which ran through Sunday {Photo}. On Saturday, he was back in Monaco to attended the Saint Devote Ceremony {Photo}. On Sunday, he made a solo balcony appearance for the St. Devote Service {Photos}

-Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, Princess Stephanie & Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet attended the Gala performance on Tuesday {Photos}

-Prince Albert, Princess Stephanie & Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet attended the presentation of the Golden Clown on  Monday {Video}{Photo}

-Princess Charlene attended the Dior fashion show on Monday {Photos}. She celebrated her 35th birthday on Friday.

-Princess Caroline of Hanover celebrated her 55th birthday on Wednesday.

-Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi raced with friend Jean-Thierry Besins in the Rallye de Monte Carlo Historique on Sunday {Source}

-Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi posed for another session of Gucci Forever Now, and the photos were released on Tuesday {Photos}

The Netherlands

-Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje & Princess Maxima attended a State Banquet at  the Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei on Monday {Source}. The trio was on an official 2-day visit to Brunei. Check back soon for a full recap.

-Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje & Princess Maxima attended a State Banquet at  the XXXYYY on Monday {Source}. The trio was on an official 2-day visit to Singapore. Check back soon for a full recap.

-Princess Laurentien visited the Krullevaar school to attend the 10th Nationale Voorleesdagen (10th National Reading Day) on Wednesday. It is part of the Read For Breakfast Campaign{Photos}.


-King Harald attended the 2013 NM Ski event on Saturday {Photos}{Source} {Photos}

-Princess Ingrid Alexandra celebrated her 9th birthday on Monday.


-King Juan Carlos I met with the President of the Basque Government on Monday {Source}. On Tuesday he held a meeting with Consejo de Administración de Enagás (CAE){Source}

-King Juan Carlos I, Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe of Austrias, Princess Letizia of Austrias  attended the annual Diplomatic Corps Reception on Wednesday {Photos}

-Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia of Austrias attended the inauguration of the retirement home, Complejo Residencial de Mayores La Minería {Source},  and attended a luncheon commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Oftalmológico Fernández-Vega {Source} on Thursday.

-Prince Felipe of Austrias met with the Governor of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerias on Tuesday {Source}

-King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, & Crown Princess Victoria attended a seminar called “Good ideas for a better world: a dialogue on the royal foundations” on Monday {Source}

-Princess Madeleine met with the founder of the Global Poverty Project on Tuesday {Photo}


-Crown Prince Alexander attended the funeral of his late aunt, Princess Margarita of Baden on Thursday {Photos}.

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Royal Profile: 35 Facts of Princess Charlene of Monaco

  1. Charlene Lynette Wittstock was born on 25th January 1978 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa {Source}
  2. She is the eldest child and only daughter of Michael Kenneth & Lynette Wittstock {Source}
  3. She has two younger brothers, Gareth (1980) & Sean Wittstock (1983) {Source}
  4. She learned to swim by the time she was 3 years old, because a dog had pushed her into the pool accidentally.
  5. She began to swim competitively by the time she was 8 years old.
  6. When she was just six years old, she told her mother that she was going to one day win an Olympic Medal for swimming (She came close! See point #10!)
  7. In 1989, her family moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa {Source}
  8. She developed a passion for swimming at a very early age {Source}
  9. When she was 18 years old, she became South Africa's Swimming Champion {Source}
  10. She competed in the 2000 Sydney Olyfmpic Games, where South Africa came in 5th in her event.{Source}
  11. In 2000, she won the gold medal for the 200m backstroke event at the "Marenostrum" international swimming meeting in Monaco{Source}
  12. She won three gold medals at the swimming World Cup (50m and 100m crawl, 4x100m relay) {Source}
  13. During the Manchester Commonwealth Games in 2002, she won  the silver medal during the (4x100m medley relay) Source}
  14. She is of German, South African, English and Rhodesian descent{Source}. 
  15. Her father is German-South African {Source}. 
  16.  Her mother is English-Rhodesian {Source}.
  17. She began dating Prince Albert in 2006 {Source}
  18. They were first spotted publicly at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy {Photos}
  19. They became engaged in 2010, and married in 2011{Source}
  20. Upon her marriage, she became Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco{Source}.
  21. Also upon her marriage, she became stepmother to Albert's two illegitimate children, his 20 year old daughter with American Tamra Rotolo,  Jazmin Grace Grimaldi & his 9 year old son with French-Togolese Nicole Coste, Alexandre Eric Stephane Coste {Source}.
  22. While living in South Africa, she gave swimming lessons to underprivileged children {Source}.
  23. She holds honors from Poland {Source} and Monaco{Source}.
  24. Her Astrological sign is Aquarius {Source}
  25. She is said to be 5 Feet, 10 Inches Tall {Source}
  26. She holds many honorary presidencies and patronages, including:
    1. Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo (since 2009, Honorary President){Source}
    2. The Nelson Mandela Foundation{Source}
    3. Born Free Foundation (since 2010, patron){Source}
    4. Special Olympics (Global Ambassador, 2011; Patroness Monaco & South Africa, 2010){Source}
    5. The Giving Organization Trust (Co-Patron, 2011){Source}
    6. AS Rugby Monaco (Patron, 2012){Source}
    7. MONA Association (Honorary President, 2012){Source}
    8. The Princess Charlene Foundation (President, 2012) {Source}
  27. In her free time, she likes to hike in the mountains,  and go swimming {Source}
  28. She also read poetry & biographies by South African authors, and view contemporary art{Source}
  29. She speaks English and Afrikaans fluently, and can say a few things in French (Before you get critical on me about her saying only a few things in french, remember this: Learning a new language takes time. Grace wasn't fluent in French until her children could talk! And even then she had issues!){video source (at 1:08)}
  30. She is a recipient of the 2011 Golden Heart Award {Source}
  31. During a visit to Poland in October 2012, she was awarded the (1st class) Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland {Source}
  32. In November 2012, she was awarded the Grand Cross Order of St. Charles {Source}
  33. From 2007-2009 at least she had a dog that was reportedly a gift from Albert that she named Monac {Photo}. However, this dog has yet to be seen since 2009-I have an odd feeling that her mother inherited the dog....but that's another story. ;-)
  34. As of last St. Devote day celebrations of 2012, it was revealed that she had a new dog, named Mila {Photo of Mila with her parents on the balcony during the celebrations of St. Devote} However, Mila has less of a public life than Lupo Cambridge! We have yet to see Mila since her 2012 balcony appearance.
  35. She was a recipient of the 2012 YOU Spectacular Great South African of the Year Award, which was accepted on her behalf by her brother, Sean {Source}.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Royal Profile: Princess Athena of Denmark

Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat was born 24 January 2012, the 2nd child and only daughter of Prince Joachim & Princess Marie. She has three older brothers, Prince Felix & Prince Nikolai from her father's 1st marriage, and a full brother, Prince Henrik.

The young princess was born at Copenhagen University Hospital, weighing 3032 grams (6 pounds, 11oz).

Per family tradition, her name was whithled until her christening. Her godparents consisted of:
  • Mr.Gregory Grandet  (her mother's materal half-brother, her uncle)
  • Mr. Edouard Cavallier (her mother's paternal half-brother, her uncle)
  • Miss Carina Axelsson (her father's cousin's long-time girlfriend)
  • Mrs. Julie Mirabaud (her mother's best friend)
  • Mr.  Diego de Lavandeyra (friend of her parents)
  •  Henriette Steenstrup (friend of her parents)
She was named for her mother and grandmothers. Marguerite is the French form of Margarethe.

She is presently 10th in line for the throne and will likely lead a fairly normal life with limited public duties, such as formal family events and occasions.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Royal Profile: 56 Facts about Princess Caroline of Hanover

  1. Princess Caroline's full title and style at birth was Her Serene Highness Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite, Hereditary Princess of Monaco {Source}
  2. Her present full title and style is: Her Royal Highness The Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite of Hanover, , Hereditary Princess of Monaco {Source}
  3. She has held the title Hereditary Princess of Monaco twice in her lifetime: the time in between  her birth and her brother's from January 1957-March 1958, and from the death of her father in April 2005 to present day.
  4. If her brother fails to give an legitimate child or legislation changes to allow Prince Albert’s present offspring to inherit, Princess Caroline will be the 1st reigning Sovereign Princess in 250+ years, and the 1st without a male regent. The last was in 1731, Princess Louise-Hippolyte (who's regent was her husband and cousin, Prince Jean, who also reigned after her death). Princess Louise-Hippolyte was Caroline's 7x great grandmother.
  5. She was born on 23 January 1957, at the Palais Princier in Monaco {Source}
  6. Her parents are Prince Rainier & Princess Grace.{Source}
  7. She has two younger siblings, Prince Albert & Princess Stephanie.{Source}
  8. As a child, she would bite her brother when her mother wasn't looking until one day Princess Grace noticed random bites on her son's arms, and realized it was her daughter doing it-and Princess Grace gave her daughter the same treatment when she wasn't paying attention one day {Source:
    The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour…Gallat, John. P. 48}.
  9. She once ripped a picture book simply because her brother touched it {Source:
    The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour…Gallat, John. P. 70}
  10. When she was 8 years old, she tried to drown her sister in a toilet after (as her defense was) when caught in the act: "She was annoying us!"{Source:
    The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour…Gallat, John. P. 70}
  11. Her godparents were her 1st cousin, Margaret Davis & Seine Durchlaucht Georg 3. Fürst Festetics de Tolna.
  12. Her astrological sign is Aquarius.
  13. She attended local schools in Monaco, before boarding at St. Mary's, Ascot, where she earned her A-Levels in 1974 {Source}.
  14. She had an active childhood, she was enrolled in ballet, piano and flute lessons{Source}.
  15. During her summer holidays, the family would visit the Kellys, and she and her siblings would attend Pennsylvania summer camps {Source}
  16. During these visits, Caroline would translate English commercials to French {Source}
  17. She attended The University of Paris-Sorbonne, earning a degree in Philosophy and minors in Psychology and Biology{Source}
  18. Before attending Sorbonne, she briefly attended Universite Dauphine as a political science major {Source}
  19. She was also granted admissions to Princeton and Sorbonne {Source}
  20. Her free time is spent doing a variety of sporting activities, including riding horses, swimming, water skiing or snow skiing {Source}
  21. When she turned 22 years old, she was appointed President of Monégasque Committee for the International Year of Children  {Source}
  22. In 1981, she founded the organization  Jeune J'Ecoute, who's goal it is to help troubled youngsters discuss their problems via a hotline  {Source}.
  23. In April 1983, she became honorary president of the Guides de Monaco aka  l'Association des Guides et Scouts de Monaco since 1992  {Source}
  24. Internationally, she has given high patronage to the Peter Le Marchant Trust {Source}
  25. She was also appointed by her father as
    1.  president of the Garden Club of Monaco
    2. the Organizing Committee of the Festival of Monte-Carlo Arts and later renamed the Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo (Springtime Arts of Monte-Carlo)
    3. The Prince Pierre Foundation 
    4. The Princess Grace Foundation {Source}.
  26. In 1993, she became President of  l'AMADE Mondiale (Association Mondiale des Amis de l'Enfance) or (Worldwide Association of Children's Friends){Source}.
  27. She is president  and founder of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo{Source}.
  28. She became a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2003 {Source}.
  29. She speaks French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian {Source}.
  30. She has been married three times and has four children. 
  31. Her first marriage was to 17 year her senior Philippe Junot in 1979, they would divorce two years later{Source}. The marriage was annulled by the Vatican in 1992.
  32. Her second marriage was to Stefano Casiraghi, in December 1983. Stefano Casiraghi. Stefano died in a boating accident in 1990{Source}.
  33. Her marriage to Stefano produced three children:
    1. Andrea Albert Pierre (1984)
    2. Charlotte Marie Pomeline (1986)
    3. Pierre Rainier Stefano (1987)
  34. Her third marriage was to Prince Ernest-August of Hanover in 1999. It is assumed that they separated in 2009 as they have not been seen together publicly since{Source}.
  35. She was married to Prince Ernest-August on her 42nd birthday, 23 January{Source}.
  36. This union with The Prince of Hanover produced one daughter Princess Alexandra of Hanover on 20 July 1999{Source
  37. She is godmother to her niece and nephew:
    1.  Louis Ducruet (1992)
    2. Pauline Ducruet (John Glatt, The Royal House of Monaco: Dynasty of Glamour, Tragedy and Scandal ).
  38. She is a major donor to the Virlanie Foundation {Source}
  39. In the 1960s, her mother told a story how she took a young Caroline to meet The former Queen of Spain, but before leaving, Grace taught Caroline how to curtsy and say "How do you do?" when meeting the Queen. After being taught how to curtsy, she couldn't stop. When she met the Queen, she refused to curtsy, stating that "No, Caroline does not want". A little while later, the young princess gave the former Queen the flowers at the palace {Source: La Véritable Grace de Monaco  by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley (page 228-229)}. 
  40. At the age of 6, she wrote her own biography {Source: La Véritable Grace de Monaco by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley (page 223)}
  41. When she was a young child, she had a dog that she called Lindy, and also had a parrot and rabbit {Source: La Véritable Grace de Monaco by Bertrand Meyer-Stabley (page 223)}
  42. She received the UNICEF Children’s Champion Award in 2006 {Source}
  43. She served as the ceremonial first lady of Monaco after her mother's untimely death in 1982 until the marriage of her brother in 2011 {Source}
  44. She obtained a judgment from the European Court of Human Rights condemning Germany for not respecting her right to a private life, following publications of photographs depicting the Princess in her daily life (24 June 2004) {Source}.
  45. In 1983, she was engaged to Roberto "Robertino" Rossellini, who is the son of Ingrid Bergman {Source}.
  46. She is a recipient of the 2011 MIE Award {Video}
  47. Her former father-in-law and grandfather to her elder children, Giancarlo Casiraghi, died on her birthday in 1998.
  48. Her golf cap is 29{Source}
  49. In school, she was called "Grimmy" (for Grimaldi) {Source}
  50. When she was young, on a visit to California, she went with one of her mother's friends to a shopping mall, where she threw a Royal Tantrum and the saleswoman commented to Grace's friend that  "This cannot be your daughter. I can see that your own daughter is well-behaved. Where did you pick up this child?", and Caroline boldly replied: "I'm Caroline, Princess Caroline. And don't you dare speak to me like that." {Source}
  51. Princess Caroline took some flying lessons in the late 1970s {Source}
  52. Princess Caroline was offered to play the leading role of Luchino Visconti film "L'innocente" by Visconti himself in the mid 70's, but Prince Rainier denied his permission, so actress Laura Antonelli was casted for that part{Source}.
  53. She uses the perfume, Fracas by  Robert Piguet {Source}
  54. She was called Max by her classmates as well {Source}
  55. Her mother called her Caro Caline {Source}
  56. She expressed desire to live with her grandmother in Paris while she studied at University {Source}
  57. Happy 56th birthday, Princess Caroline!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Royal Profile:Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was born 21 January 2004 at 9:13am in Rikshospitalet University Hospital in Oslo, Norway, the only daughter and oldest child of Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit. She has one older half-brother from her mother, Marius Borg Høiby and one full brother, Prince Sverre Magnus.

She is presently 2nd in line for the throne of Norway (thus it's future Queen. When her father takes the role as King of Norway, she will become Crown Princess of Norway). She is also distantly in line for the British throne as a descendant of Edward VII of the United Kingdom (his youngest daughter Princess Maud was her great-great grandmother).

She was christened on 14 April 2004, where he godparents were:
  •  King Harald V of Norway (her grandfather)
  • Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
  • Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (CP V's greatx4 grandmother was also Ingrid Alexandra's greatx4 grandmother)
  • Felipe, Prince of Asturias (his great-great grandmother was  her great-great-great grandaunt, making them 3rd cousins 2x removed)
  • Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (her paternal aunt)
  • Marit Tjessem (her maternal grandmother)

In her young life, she has performed limited public duties.  She served as a bridesmaid for her godmother Crown Princess Victoria at her June 2010 wedding. She's joined the Royal Family for the National Day celebrations and attended the traditional ski jumping tournament at Holmenkollen in Oslo. She also appeared on a Norweigan Television Program with her father in December 2012 {Video}

She began attending school in August 2010, where she began attending classes at a local state school, the same neighborhood school attended by her older half brother Marius Borg Høiby. Her parents wanted to give her a normal childhood as much as they could. Presently, she should be in her 3rd year at the school, or in Year 3 of Barneskole. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Royal Profile: Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant

Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant was born 20 January 1973, the daughter of Count Patrick d'Udekem d"Acoz & his wife Countess Anna Maria d'Udekem d'Acoz.

She attended primary schools in Bastogne, Belgium before attending Institut de la Vierge Fidèle. She also attended Institut Libre Marie Haps in the early 1990s to become a speech therapist. She began to practice speech therapy in the mid 1990s after graduating while studying for a master's degree in psychology, a degree in which she received in 2002.

The future Belgian consort has had a special interest in working with vulnerable people, especially children. In December 2000, she created the Princess Mathilde Fund, which funds projects with the aim at making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people. She also serves as patron to several organizations which deal with the issues and concerns of vulnerable people. She also is an advocate for education, women's rights and projects that fight illiteracy. In May 2002, she was a member of the Belgian delegation at the UN Conference on Children in New York. Since 2009, Princess Mathilde has been the Honorary President of Unicef Belgium. She has headed humanitary missions to Niger, and Mali. The future Belgian consort serves as a UNICEF and UNAIDS special representative for their world campaign for orphans and other vulnerable children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. In this capacity, Princess Mathilde visited projects in Tanzania China and Senegal.Princess Mathilde accepted to become a UN emissary for the International Year of Microcredit 2005 and visited in that capacity projects in China, Mali, India and Washington/USA. In 2007, the Princess became a member of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. She has accompanied her husband on missions abroad to promote Belgian interests.

As for the future Queen's leisure activities, she enjoys music, playing the piano, playing tennis, swimming, and reading. She speaks several languages, including the official languages of Belgium, Dutch and French, as well as English, Italian and some Spanish.

She married the future monarch of Belgium on 4 December 1999, in which she became HRH Princess of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant. Together they have four children:

Royal Profile: Sophie, The Countess of Wessex

Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones was born on 20 January 1964 the daughter of Christopher Bournes Rhys-Jones and his wife, Mary (née O'Sullivan; 1934–2005). She was the second of their children and first daughter. Sophie has an older brother, David. Sophie was named after her father's sister, Helen, who died in a riding accident more than a decade before Sophie was born. Her godfather is actor Thane Bettany who is her father's stepbrother.

In her early life, her family moved to Brenchley, Kent, where she began to attend school at the Dulwich Preparatory School, before moving on to Kent College, Pembury where she was friends with Sarah Sienesi. She then trained as a secretary at West Kent College, Tonbridge.

Sophie started working in the field of Public Relations for a variety of firms, including four years at Capital Radio. She also worked as a ski representative in Switzerland and spent a year travelling and working in Australia. In 1996, with enough experience behind her,she then launched her public relations agency, RJH Public Relations, which she ran with her business partner, Murray Harkin.

She began dating Prince Edward, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth, after meeting him at a tennis match in 1993. After a six year courtship, their engagement was announced by Buckingham Palace on 6 January 1999. They were wed on 19 June 1999 at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Royal guests at the wedding included the Prince's parents, two older brothers, older sister, aunt, three nephews, three nieces, The Sultan of Brunei, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, The King of Jordan, The Prince of Austrias, Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Other notable guests included people from the performing arts world in the United Kingdom. It was on this day that Prince Edward was granted the title The Earl of Wessex and Viscount Severn, making his wife The Countess of Wessex and Viscountess Severn. Queen Elizabeth also declared that he would be heir to the Dukedom of Edinburgh after his brother becomes king and his father dies.

In 2001, Sophie was rushed to King Edward VII Hospital after feeling unwell, where it was discovered she was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy. Nearly two years later, she gave birth to her first child, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor on 8 November 2003 after undergoing an emergency C-Section. Her second child, James, Viscount Severn, was born on 17 December 2007 by cesarean section at the same hospital his older sister was born at four years earlier. The children, per prior agreement between the Queen and their parents, will either not use or not have (depending on interpretation) the titles of Prince and Princess, nor the style Royal Highness. However, legally, per Letters patent issued in 1917 (and still remaining in force today) assign a princely status and the style of Royal Highness to all male-line grandchildren of a monarch, therefore, Louise is technically legally HRH Princess Louise of Wessex and James is HRH Prince James of Wessex.

The Recap of the Royals You Love: Jan 14-20


-King Albert II, Queen Paola, Prince Phillippe & Princess Mathilde hosted a New Year reception on Tuesday {Photo}

-Princess Mathilde, Duchesfs of Brabant celebrated her 40th birthday on Sunday.

-Princess Claire celebrated her 39th birthday on Friday.


-Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck attended a presentation of the book entitled Jewel in the Crown on Saturday {Photo}


-Crown Princess Mary attended the Danish Twin Register’s 60th anniversary symposium at the University of Southern Denmark on Tuesday {Source}. On Tuesday evening, she attended the Hjemmeværnets (Home Guards) New Year concert {Source}


-Prince Ernest-August of Hanover attended the opening of the rebuilt castle Herrenhausen on Thursday.

-Princess Margarita of Baden died  after a brief illness on Wednesday.

Great Britain

-Prince Charles of Wales opened the recently restored Florence Institute for Boys, visited Jaguar Land Rover plant, Harrison Advanced Rods and ATG Access on Tuesday {Source}

-Sophie, The Countess of Wessex celebrated her 47th birthday on Sunday.

-Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge congratulated FA on their 150th Anniversary {Video}

-Princess Beatrice of York & Princess Eugenie of York visited Germany on behalf of Prime Minister Cameron's office on Thursday and Friday {Source} See a full recap of their German adventure here.

-Prince Edward, The Duke of Kent  attended the Isabelle Bond Gold Medal Concert on Monday as a patron of Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance {Source}. On Tuesday, he visited Audley End Railway Station, Illumina, Little Chesterford; the British Antarctic Survey at the Madingley Site, and Base4Innovations, Madingley {Source}.

-Princess Michael of Kent celebrated her 68th birthday on Tuesday.


-King Abdullah held an audience with ambassadors of the European Union on Wednesday {Source}

-Queen Rania gave a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the 6th Annual World Future Energy Summit during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week on Tuesday {Source}


-Prince Albert II gave an opening address at the S.P.E.E.D. Unit Event on Wednesday {Source}

-Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline of Hanover & Princess Stephanie released a statement in regards to the film Grace of Monaco stating that the film ".... unnecessarily glamorizes, rewritten, History of the Principality of Monaco and their family with both major historical inaccuracies and a series of scenes purely fictional." on Tuesday {Source}

-Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Princess Stephanie & Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet attended the opening of the 37th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo on Thursday {Photos}{Photos}.

-Prince Albert, Princess Stephanie,  Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet & Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb attended Day 4 of the 2013 International Circus Festival on Sunday  {Photos}

For a picture of Prince Albert at the festival on Sunday, go to and search for Prince Albert of Monaco. Since he didn't officially arrive with his sister and nieces, I presume he arrived after as they were already in their section and it looked like he was rushing to his spot to sit down.

-Princess Charlene gave a special interview to Radio Monaco on Friday {Source}{Sound Clip}. She also attended the Versace Spring 2013 Fashion show in Paris on Sunday {Photo}

-Princess Stephanie attended the announcement of the artists for the 2013 International Circus Festival on Tuesday {Source}

-Princess Stephanie, Louis Robert Paul Ducruet, Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet & Camille Marie Kelly attended Day 2 of the 37th International Circus Festival on Friday {Photos}

-Princess Stephanie, Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet & Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb attended Day 3 of the 37th International Circus Festival on Saturday {Photos}

-Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi & Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi were in Brazil to meet with architect Isay Weinfeld on Tuesday {Source}

-Christian Louis de Massy celebrated his 64th birthday on Thursday.

-Antoine de Massy celebrated his 16th birthday on Tuesday.

-Mélanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy celebrated her 28th birthday on Friday.

The Netherlands

-Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje, Princess Maxima & Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven attended a reception for the participants of the Ambassadors Conference on Monday. {Video}
Prof. Pieter is the brother-in-law of Queen Beatrix.

-Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje, Princess Maxima, Princess Margritet & Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven attended a reception for foreign diplomats on Thursday {Photos}


-King Harald V held audiences with the Inspector General of the Norwegian Air Force and the Foreign Minister on Monday {Source}

-Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit hosted Vismennenes Dag 2013 on Monday {Photos}


-King Juan Carlos I met with the e President of the Xunta of Galicia on Friday {Source}

-Queen Sofia was awarded  the XXI Premio de Convivencia de la Fundación Manuel Broseta (Coexistence Award) for her "... commitment to various social projects, recent history of Spain, and outstanding work in promoting harmony, coexistence and momentum of democratic values" on Monday {Source}

-Prince Felipe of Asturias held audiences with representatives from Pleno de la Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Ciudad Real, participants as well as organizers from the primer Congreso Internacional de Derecho Digital and members from the Comisión Ejecutiva de la Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de Melilla on Wednesday {Source}.

-Don Iñaki Urdangarín y Liebaert, Duke of Palma de Mallorca  celebrated his 45th birthday on Tuesday.


-King Carl XVI Gustav visited the Institutet för Frbetsmarknads oh Utbildningspolitisk Utvärdering (Institute of Labor and Education Policy Evaluation) on Wednesday {Source}

-King Carl XVI Gustav & Queen Silvia held an audience with the National Police on Wednesday {Source}. On Thursday they visited the Employment Service Office {Source}

-Prince Daniel  launched the Prince Daniel Fellowship and Entrepreneurial Programs at the Carlsforsskas Ekonomi and Handelsskola in Västerås on Monday {Source}

-Prince Carl Philip attended 2013 Svenska Idrottsgalan (Swedish Sports Gala) on Monday {Photos}


-Crown Prince Alexander attened the Swimming for Holy Cross Event on Saturday {Photos}

-Princess Margarita of Baden died at the age of 80 on Wednesday {Source}

-Prince Alexander & Prince Philip celebrated their 31st birthday on Tuesday {Source

Royal Profile: Theodor Rosanes af Rosenborg

Theodor Christian Emanuel Rosanes af Rosenborg was born 19 June 2008, the youngest of four children of Countess Camilla  af Rosenborg and M...