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Royal Profile: Princess Margarita of Baden

Princess Margarita Alice Thyra Viktoria Marie Louise Scholastica of Baden was born 14 July 1932, the eldest of three children of Princess Theodora of Greece & Denmark & Berthold, Margrave of Baden. She was the elder sister of the present Margrave of Baden, Maximilian {Source}.

She was named for:
  • Margarita: For her mother's elder sister
  • Alice: For her paternal grandmother, Alice of Baden
  • Thyra: For Princess Thyra of Denmark, who was her 2nd cousin 1x removed via Christian IX
  • Viktoria: For Vktoria Louise of Prussia, who was her cousin
  • Marie Louise: For her paternal grandmother, Princess Marie Louise of Hanover
  • Scholastica: no idea. Likely a name her parents liked.

She primarily grew up at the family's home in Germany, Schloss Salem. Upon graduation from school and reaching the age of majority in the 1950s, she made the move to London to work as a Nurse, where she was known as Nurse von Baden {Source}.

While she was in London, she met the man who would later become her husband,  Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia {Source}. Prince Tomislav was the 2nd son of King Alexander I & Queen Marie. They announced their engagement in January 1956, and were married in June 1957 in Germany {Source}. She chose not to have any bridesmaids (likely for a similar reason Princess Anne did, that she ), but her train was carried by her two maternal cousins, 9-year-old Prince Welf and 7-year-old Prince Georg of Hanover, who were the children of her aunt Princess Sophie, from her second marriage. Guest included royalty from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, and Russia, just to name a few {Source}

The next few years proved to be busy ones for the new Princess of Yugoslavia. She gave birth to the couple's 1st child, Prince Nikola in March 1958 {Source}, and their second, Princess Katarina approximately 21 months later in November 1959{Source}. After 24 years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce in 1981{Source}. Prince Tomislav died in July 2000{Source}.

She had several close family relationships, both from her own bloodline and from her former husband's line, even after the divorce took place. She was close with her uncle, The Duke of Edinburgh, and her nephew by marriage, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia {Source}.

Even after the divorce, Princess Margarita continued to appear with the Royal Family of Yugoslavia, most recently at the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton (aka The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge) in 2011{Source}. Previous events she has attended with them including the silver wedding anniversary celebrations of her nephew by marriage in 2010 {Source}

She was residing at her home in Farnham, Surrey, when she died after a long illness at the age of 80. Her survivors include her two children, two granddaughters, Princess Marie (daughter of her son, born 1993 {Source}) & Victoria da Silva (her granddaughter via her own daughter Katarina,born 1991) {Source}, and a great-grandson, and her two brothers, as well as numerous nieces and nephews and cousins to varying degrees.

The funeral is set to take place in London, with a burial in Germany, at the family's estate, Salem Palace (Schloss Salem){Source} at a later date. It is likely that members of the royal houses of Great Britain, and Yugosalvia, to the very least, will attend the services.

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