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Royal Profile: 40 Facts about Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia

  1. George Frederich Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia was born on the 10 June 1976 in Bremen,Germany{Source}.
  2. He the only son of Prince Louis Ferdinand jr. (1944-1977) and Countess Donata of Castell-Rüdenhausen{Source}. 
  3. Tragically, his father died shortly after his son's first birthday from severe injuries he had suffered in a military training exercise{Source}. 
  4. Six months after the death of his father, his mother gave birth to his younger sister, Princess Cornelie-Cécile {Source}. 
  5. Princess Cornelie-Cécile was born with developmental delays.
  6. His and Cornelie-Cecile's mother died last year after a long illness {Source}
  7. At the time of his father's death, his grandfather named George Fredrich his heir {Source}.
  8. Raising the young prince together, his mother and grandfather chose to raise him as normal as possible, giving him a care-free childhood{Source}.
  9.  He attended school mostly in Germany, but attended his last few years of his primary education at Glenalmond College in Scotland {Source}.
  10. It was during his stay in Scotland when his grandfather Prince Louis Ferdinand passed away and he succeeded as head of the House of Hohenzollern in September 1994 at the age of 18 {Source}.
  11. After receiving his A-Levels, the young prince spent two years in the military before undergoing his university studies {Source}.
  12.  He studied business economics at the University of Freiberg,Saxony {Source}. 
  13. During his university studies, he did internships in software enterprises in Germany and abroad {Source}. 
  14. During an internship in Quito, Ecuador, the Prince was very impressed and wished to enforce his love for South America, it's culture and the Spanish language {Source}.
  15.  Since 2009, he has been employed with a company specialized on marketing of academic innovation {Source}.
  16. He is very active in the preservation of the memory of the Prussian history and wishes to continue his family's traditions {Source}.
  17.  He has committed himself to a German-American friendship {Source}.
  18. He succeeded his grandfather as honorary member of the German-American Association {Source}.
  19. He is an honorary board member of the Federation of German-American Clubs {Source}
  20. He presides over the Princess Kira of Prussia-Foundation, which was founded by his grandmother in 1952 in order to offer free holidays to socially disadvantaged children at Hohenzollern Castle every year since then {Source}.
  21. He met his future bride when they were children, and they dated for several years before becoming engaged.
  22. They were married during the Prussia Royal Family 700th Year.
  23. On August 27 2011, he married Princess Sophie von Isenburg at the Friedenskirche in Potsdam {Source}. 
  24. Together. they have two  sons{Source}:
    1. Carl Friedrich , Prince of Prussia(2013, Hereditary Prince of Prussia)
    2. Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia (named for Prince Georg's father, 2013)
  25. Together, they have one daughter {Source}:
    1. Princess Emma Marie of Prussia (2015)
  26. He shares a birthday with:
    1. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (1921)
    2. Hubertus Gustaf Adolf Prinz von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1966)
    3. James Patrick Ambler (1967)
    4. Prince Hashim of Jordan (1981)
    5. Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland (1982)
    6. Lord Hugh Alexander Carnegie (1993)
  27. Through his wife, he is a son-in-law to{Source}:
    1. Prince Franz- Alexander von Isenburg
    2. Princess Christine von Isenburg 
  28. Through his wife, he is brother-in-law to:
    1. Hereditary Prince Alexander von Isenburg (1969)
    2. Archduchess Katherina of Austria-Este, Princess von Isenburg (1971)
    3. Princess Isabelle zi Wied (1973)
    4. Prince Victor von Isenburg (1979)
  29. His wife's siblings-in-law include:
    1. Prince Carl zi Wied (m. 1998, Isabelle)
    2. Archduke Martin of Austria-Este (m. 2004, Katherina)
    3. Hereditary Princess Sarah von Isenburg (m. 2015, Alexander)
  30. Through his wife, he is an uncle to:
    1. Hereditary Prince Maximilian of Wied (1999)
    2. Prince Frederick William of Wied (2001)
    3. Princess Marie Elisabeth of Wied (2003)
    4. Princess Louise of Wied (2004)
    5. Archduke Bartholomaeus Karl Robert of Austria (2006)
    6. Archduke Emmanuel Achatius Franz Alexander of Austria (2008)
    7. Archduchess Helene Cristina Margherita of Austria (2009)
    8. Archduke Luigi Amedeo Thadeus of Austria (2011)
  31. He speaks English, German and Spanish at least.
  32. He is distantly in succession for the British Throne.
  33. He is related to the following current monarchs:
    1. Queen Elizabeth II: 3rd cousins 2x removed (Queen Victoria)
    2. Queen Margrethe II: 3rd cousins 2x removed (Queen Victoria)
    3. King Carl XVI Gustaf (paternal): 3rd cousins 2x removed (Queen Victoria)
      1. King Carl XVI Gustaf (maternal):  3rd cousins 2x removed (Queen Victoria)
  34. He is related to the following consorts:
    1. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh: 2nd Cousin 2x removed (Queen Victoria)
  35. Under the laws of the German republic, his legal name is Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preussen {Source}.
  36. Through his father, he is a nephew to:
    1. Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia (1939-2015)
    2. Prince Michael of Prussia (1940-2014)
      1. Brigitte von Dallwitz (m. 1939)
    3. Princess Marie-Cécile of Prussia (1942)
      1. Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg
    4. Princess Kira of Prussia (1943-2004)
      1. Thomas Frank Liepsner (m. 1973-1984, div)
    5. Prince Christian-Sigismund of Prussia (1946)
      1. Countess Nina Helene Lydia Alexandra zu Reventlow (1954, m. 1984)
    6. Princess Xenia of Prussia (1949-1992)
      1. Per-Edvard Lithander (1945, m. 1973-1978)
  37. Through his mother, he is the stepson of Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg.
  38. Through his stepfather, he is stepbrother to:
    1. Duke Paul-Wladimir of Oldenburg (1969)
    2. Duchess Rixa  of Oldenburg (1972)
    3. Duchess Bibiane of Oldenburg(1974)
  39. He is a stepuncle to:
    1. Duke Kirill  of Oldenburg (2002)
    2. Duke Carlos  of Oldenburg (2004)
    3. Duke Paul of Oldenburg (2005)
    4. Xenia Donner (2006)
    5. Duchess Maria Assunta of Oldenburg (2007)
    6.  Rixa Donner (2008)
    7. Duke Peter of Oldenburg (2009)
    8. Alexej Donner (2011)
  40. His stepsiblings are also his paternal cousins-his stepfather was married to his aunt, Princess Marie-Cécile of Prussia

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