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Royal Profile:37 Facts about Prince Hubertus Gustaf of Hohenzollern

  1. Prince Hubertus Gustav Adolf Veit Georg Meinrad Maria Alexander of Hohenzollern was born 10 June 1966{Source}. 
  2. He was born in Munich, Germany.
  3. He is the third child of Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern & Princess Brigitta of Sweden {Source}. 
  4. He has the following a brother{Source}:
    1. Prince Carl Christian of Hohenzollern (1962)
  5. He also has an older sister {Source}:
    1. Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern (1963)
  6. He is the brother in law of{Source}:
    1. Princess Nicole of Hohenzollern (1968, m. 1999)
    2. Count Heinrich von Ortenburg (m. 1990-2002, div)
    3. Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach (m. 2004)
  7. His niece is {Source}:
    1. Countess Carolina Maria Franziska Christina Stephanie of Ortenburg (1997,Désirée)
  8. His nephews are{Source}:
    1. Hereditary Count Carl-Theodor Georg Philipp Maria of Ortenburg (1992, Désirée)
    2. Count Frederik Hubertus Ferdinand Maria of Ortenburg (1995,Désirée )
    3. Prince Nicolas Johann Georg Maria of Hohenzollern (1999, Carl Christian)
  9. He married Uta Maria König (1964) on 23 September 2000 {Source}.
  10. Together, they have two children{Source}:
    1. Prince Lennart Carl Christian of Hohenzollern (2001-2001)
    2. Vivianne von Hohenzollern (2009, adopted)
  11. Through his mother, he is the nephew of{Source}:
    1. Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler
      1. Mr. John Patrick Ambler
    2. Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld
      1. Baron Nils-August Otto Carl Niclas Silfverschiöld (m. 1964)
    3. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
      1. Queen Siliva of Sweden
  12. Through his mother, he is first cousins with{Source}:
    1. Baron Carl Otto Edmund Silfverschiöld (1965)
    2. Sibylla Louise Ambler (1965)
    3. Charles Edward Ambler (1966)
    4. Baroness Kristina-Louisa Ewa Madeleine Silfverschiöld (1966)
    5. Baroness Hélène Ingeborg Sibylla Silfverschiöld (1968)
    6. James Patrick Ambler (1969-one of his two cousins he shares a birthday with!)
    7. Carl Gustaf Victor Magnusson (1975)
    8. Tord Oscar Fredrik Magnusson (1977)
    9. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (1977)
    10. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (1979)
    11. Victor Edmund Lennart Magnusson (1980)
    12. Princess Madeleine of Sweden (1982, another birthday twin)
  13. Through his mother, he is a cousin-in-law to:
    1. Baron Hand de Geer af Finspang (1963, Hélène)
    2. Urusla Mary Shipley (1965, James)
    3. Baroness Maria Silfverschiöld (1965, m. 2005, Carl Otto)
    4. Helen Jane Ross (1969, Charles)
    5. Baron Henning von Dincklage (1971, Sibylla)
    6. Prince Daniel of Sweden (1973, Victoria)
    7. Christopher Paul O'Neill (1974, Madeleine)
    8. Frida Louise Bergström (1980, technically not married, Victor)
    9. Emma Emelie Charlotta Ledent (1981, m. 2011, Oscar)
    10. Vicky Elisabeth Andrén (1983, m. 2013, Gustaf)
    11. Princess Sofia of Sweden (1984, Carl Philip)
  14. Through his mother, he is a first cousin 1x removed of{Source}:
    1. Freiin Madeleine Charlotte Margarethe von Dincklage (1999)
    2. Sebastian Eric Henning Freiherr von Dincklage(2000)
    3. Sienna Rose Ambler(2000)
    4. Estelle Louise Désirée Gerard, Friherinna de Greer af Finspäng (2000)
    5. Ian Carl Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng (2002)
    6. Lily Elektra Ambler (2003)
    7. India Tani Ambler(2003)
    8. Oscar Rufus Ambler(2004)
    9. Fred Louis Gerard, Friherre de Greer af Finspäng (2004)
    10. Anna Margareta Sybilla Desiree Silfverschiold (2006)
    11. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden (2012)
    12. Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden (2014)
    13. Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf of Sweden (2015)
    14. Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil of Sweden (2016)
    15. Prince Oscar Carl Olof of Sweden (2016)
  15. Through his father, he is a nephew of{Source}:
    1. Princess Benedikta Maria Antonia Mathilde Anna of Hohenzollern (1921-2011)
    2. Princess Maria Adelgunde  of Hohenzollern (1921-2006)
    3. Princess Maria Theresia of Hohenzollern (1922-2004)
    4. Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern (1924-2010)
    5. Prince Franz Joseph of Hohenzollern (1926-1996)
    6. Prince Ferfried Maximilian of Hohenzollern (1943)
  16. His paternal first cousins are:
    1. Prince Leopold of Bavaria (1943)
    2. Prince Adalbert of Bavaria (1944)
    3. Prince Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern (1952)
    4. Monika Elisabeth Hess (1953)
    5. Prince Albrect Johannes of Hohenzollern (1954)
    6. Angelika Diana Hess (1954)
    7. Prince Ferdinand Maria of Hohenzollern (1960)
    8. Princess Valerie Alexandra of Hohenzollern (1969)
    9. Princess Stephanie Michaela  of Hohenzollern (1971)
    10. Princess Henriette Annabelle  of Hohenzollern (1978)
    11. Prince Moritz Hohannes of Hohenzollern (1980)
  17. His paternal cousins-in-law are:
    1. Ursula (Uschi) Möhlenkamp (m. 1977, Prince Leopold)
  18. His paternal 1st cousins 1x removed are:
    1. Prince Manuel Maria Alexander Leopold Jörg of Bavaria (1972)
    2. Princess Maria del Pilar of Bavaria (1978)
    3. Princess Maria  of Bavaria (1981)
    4. Prince Konstantin of Bavaria (1986)
  19. His paternal cousins-in-law by marriage are:
    1. Princess Anna of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1978, m. 2005, Prince Manuel)
    2. Christian Alexander Dienst (1978, m. 2012, Princess Maria of Bravia)
  20. His paternal 1st cousins 1x removed are:
    1. Prince Leopold Maria Bengt Karl Manuel of Bavaria (2007)
    2. Princess Alva Manuelle Maria Petra Yvonne of Bavaria (2010)
    3. August Maria Jürgen Leopold Dienst (2013)
    4. Ferdinand Maria Konstantin Joachim Dienst (2014)
    5. Prince Gabriel of Bavaria (2015)
  21. He shares a birthday with James Patrick Ambler, who is his maternal cousin and one year younger than him.
  22. He also shares a birthday with his other paternal cousin, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who is 16 years his junior.
  23. He also shares a birthday with Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, who is 45 years his senior..
  24. As a German prince with Swedish blood, he probably speaks German and Swedish.
  25. As titles are not recognized, his style in Germany is: Hubertus Gustav Adolf Veit Georg Meinrad Maria Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern.
  26. He was likely named:
    1. Hubertus: a nod to his uncle, who's fourth name is Hubertus.
    2. Gustav: for his maternal grandfather,  Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten
    3. Adolf: for his maternal grandfather,  Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten
    4. Veit: means South
    5. Georg: for his paternal great x4 grandfather, George, King of Saxony
    6. Meinrad: German for Strong, also one of his father's names
    7. Maria: seems to be tradition among the Hohenzollerns, also one of his father's names
    8. Alexander: no idea, possibly the same as Prince Alexander of Sweden.
  27. He holds honors from The House of Hohenzollern: Knight Grand Cross with Chain of the Princely House Order of Hohenzollern
  28. In Sweden, he was a recipient of the Wedding medal of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling.
  29. He and his wife, after the sudden death of their son at only a few days old chose to adopt a daughter, naming her Vivianne von Hohenzollern.
  30. He is currently 9th in the line of succession to the headship of the House of Hohenzollern.
  31. He has no official role in Sweden or Germany, however he does attend royal events such as weddings and funerals.
  32. His astrological sign is Gemini.
  33. His life path number  is 11.
  34. He shares a birthday with Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, who is 10 years his junior.
  35. He shares a birthday with Prince Hashim of Jordan, who is 15 years his junior
  36. Additionally, he shares a birthday with Lord Hugh Alexander Carnegie, who is 27 years his junior.

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