Sunday, June 12, 2016

Royal Profile: Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg

Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg (née Sibilla Sandra Weiller (y Torlonia)) was born 12 July 1968 in France to an Italian noblewoman and Paul-Annik Weiller {Source}. Through her mother, she is the granddaughter of Infanta Beatriz of Spain (who was the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria).

She married her distant cousin, Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg on 8 September 1994. Together, they have four children{Source}:

  1. Prince Paul Louis Jean Marie Guillaume de Nassau (1998) 
  2. Prince Léopold Guillaume Marie Joseph de Nassau (2000)
  3. Princess Charlotte Wilhelmine Maria da Gloria de Nassau (2000)
  4. Prince Jean André Guillaume Marie Gabriel Marc d'Aviano de Nassau (2004)

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