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Royal Profile: Doña Irene Urdangarín y Bórbon

Doña Irene Urdangarín y Bórbon was born 5 June 2005 as the youngest child and only daughter of Infanta Cristina of Spain and Iñaki Urdangarín {Source}. She has three older brothers{Source}:

  1. Don Juan Urdangarín y Bórbon (1999)
  2. Don Pablo Urdangarín y Bórbon (2000)
  3. Don Miguel Urdangarín y Bórbon (2002)
She is the granddaughter of King Juan Carlos I& Queen Sofia of Spain, thus is a member of the Spanish Royal Family and is presently 10th in line for the throne. She is a niece of King Felipe VI of Spain

In July 2005, she was baptized. Her godparents were:
  1. Princess Rosario of Bulgaria
  2. Pedro López-Quesada
She was named for:

  1. Irene: For her great-Aunt, her grandmother's sister, Princess Irene of Greece & Denmark
  2. de Todos los Santos: meaning Of All Saints, a tradition among the Bourbon royals. Her cousins and siblings also have the same in their name.
She began her education as the Carles Riba preschool in 2006 {Source}, before the family moved to Washington, DC in 2009. In 2011, the family returned to Spain. It is rumored that they will move to Qatar, where her father recently became the Handball coach at the end of the school year {Source}. However, it was later announced that Infanta Cristina of Spain and the four children would be moving to Switzerland {Source}. It's likely she attends school there now.

Although distantly in line for the throne, she occasionally makes appearances with the Spanish Royal Family. As a toddler, she took part in the Royal Family's Summer Photo Call in 2007 {Photos}At the age of 2 year and 9 months of in 2008, she attended the Easter Church Service with the Royal Family{Photos}. In 2009, she was a guest at the christening of Prince Aristide Stavros of Greece & Denmark, along with the rest of her family {Source}. In 2011, Irene attended the 30th Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre Sailing Cup {Photos}. In 2012, she and her mother were spotted frequently during school runs in Washington DC {Photos} and playing outside with her brother {Photos}, attending her paternal grandfather's funeral {Photos}, and attending a performance of The Sound of Music with her grandmother, mother, brothers, aunts Elena and Letizia, and cousins Infanta Leonor, Infanta Sofia, and Doña Victoria {Photos}. In 2013, she was spotted rather frequently, she was spotted vacationing in Baqueira with her family {February, March} and attending the Men's Handball Championships in Barcelona {Photos}. Since her family's move to Switzerland, she has kept a low profile due to her parents currption scandal. In 2015, she celebrated her First Holy Communion in Switzerland {Source}.

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