Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Royal Profile: Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark

Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece & Denmark was born 12 August 2000 as the 3rd child of Crown Prince Pavlos & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece in New York, NY USA {Source}. The teenager has four siblings, an older sister, and two younger brothers. His christening took place at the Greek Cathedral of Saint Sophia in London and his godparents were:
  1. Infanta Elena of Spain (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
  2. Princess Theodora of Greece (paternal aunt)
  3. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
  4. Prince Kardem of Bulgaria
  5. Princess Rosario of Bulgaria
  6. Prince Alexandre von Furstenberg

He has resided both in the US (in Los Angels and NYC) and in London with his family. As the family is defunct, little is known about him. However, he is presently in line for the British and Greek (defunct) thrones after his father and brother.

Although a member of the defunct Greek Royal Family, he still participates in numerous appearances. In 2004, he attended the gala preview of Mary Poppins on London's West End with his paternal grandmother and family {Photos}. In 2005, he attended his new brother's christening {Photo}. In 2008 and 2009, he participated in part of the family's appearances in Vanity Fair {Photo} {Photos}. In 2010, he was in Greece to attend his uncle's wedding {Photos}. In 2011, he was spotted in London's West End for a gala performance of Shrek The Musical {Photos}.

It is really unknown where he attended/attends school. It's likely he speaks English and Greek.

He is presently related to most of Europe's monarchies and is in line for the defunct Greek and British throne. He is presently 5th in line for the Greek throne after his father and brothers.

He is related to the following monarchies:

  1. Denmark: Queen Margarethe II is his great-aunt, his grandmother is her sister.
  2. Spain: Queen Sofia is his great-aunt, his grandfather is her younger brother. King Juan Carlos is his 3rd cousin 1x removed.
  3. Sweden: King Carl XVI Gustav is his 1st cousin 2x removed.
  4. Great Britain: Queen Elizabeth II is his 3rd cousin 2x removed. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh is his 1st cousin 3x removed.
  5. Norway: King Harald V is his 3rd cousin 2x removed.

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