Friday, November 30, 2012

Royal Profile:Prince Akishino of Japan

Prince Akishino of Japan is the second son the Emperor and Emperess of Japan, thus is second in line for the throne of Japan after his elder brother. He was born 30 November 1965.

He attended elementary and secondary departments of the Gakushuin (Peers School). In 1984, he began studying Law & Biolog a Gakushuin University. Upon graduation from there, he studied taxonomy of fish as St. John's College, Oxford University from 1988-1990. In 1996, he was awarded a PhD from the National University of General Research.

He is a big fan of the Beatles and an avid tennis player.

On 29 June 1990, Prince Fumihito married Kawashima Kiko. Together, they have the following children:
  • Princess Mako (23 October 1991)
  • Princess Kako ( 29 December 1994)
  • Prince Hisahito (6 September 2006)
Prior to his son's birth in 2006, there was a succession controversy as his brother's only child was a female. At present, males can only inherit the throne. Unless the laws change or The Crown Prince has a son, it is likely that Prince Hisahito will reign as Emperor.

Prince Akishino serves as the president of the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology and the Japanese Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums. He is also the honorary president of the World Wide Fund for Nature Japan, the Japan Tennis Association, and the Japan-Netherlands Association.

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