Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Crown Princely Couple of Norway take the US by storm!

Day 1 (May 5)

Upon their arrival in Houston, Texas, they were greeted by parishioners from the Norwegian Seamen’s Church. That evening, they attended the Annual OTC Dinner to kick-off the Offshore Technology Conference{Photos}. During the dinner, Crown Prince Haakon made a speech, in which he stressed that "...1.3 Billion people-still in 2013-do not have access to electricity, and that the world needs to develop, reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for billions {Source}.

Day 2 (May 6)

In the morning the Crown Prince & Crown Princess attended Day 2 of the Offshore Technology Conference {Photos}

The future monarch and his consort attended a buffet dinner at the  River Oaks Country Club{Photos}

Day 3 (May 7)

In the early afternoon, the future Norwegian king visited the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics factory in Fort Worth, TX before departing for San Francisco {Source}

After their arrival in San Francisco, the royal couple attended a Kvelertak concert at Slim's Music Club {Source}

Day 4 (May 8)

The Crown Prince attended a breakfast meeting on tourism before giving a presentation at a seminar on tourism {Source}. Before a break in the afternoon, the future monarch was joined by his wife to attend a seminar entitled  Advanced Technology and Innovation at Stanford University{Source}. In the afternoon, they took a trip to Palo Alto to visit the Innovation House {Photos}  Before dinner at the Fairmont Hotel, they attended a reception at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art{Source}.

Day 5 (May 9)

 On the final day of their visit, they kept busy. In the morning, they paid a visit to the San Francisco based, Norweigan software company, ForgeRock {Source}. Afterward, it was off to a luncheon with represetnatives from Norway start-up companies and their American counterparts{Source}. Before boarding their flight back to Norway, they paid a visit to Crown Prince Haakon's old stomping grounds when they visited  the Peder Sæther Centre at the University of California, Berkeley{Source}

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