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Royal Profile: 40 Facts about Prince Daniel of Sweden

  1. He was born Olof Daniel Westling on 15 September 1973 in Sweden.{Source}
  2. His parents are Ewa Kristina Westling and Olle Gunnar Westling. {Source}
  3. He has one sister, Anna {Source}
  4. He attended Rabo Primary School and Perslunda School {Source}
  5. The future Prince Consort also attended Hammargymnasiet upper secondary school {Source}
  6. He graduated upper secondary school in 1991 {Source}
  7. During his summers, he worked as at a home for the elderly {Source}
  8. He was also part of  the Swedish military group I14 in Gävle {Source}
  9. After completing his military service, he worked at a centre for children with special needs {Source}.
  10. In 1994, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden   to study at the Gymnastics Federation's Folk High School {Source}.
  11. During his time at Gymnastics Federation's Folk High School,  he studied the youth recreation leader programme {Source}.
  12. While studying there, he worked for a fitness company, and after completing his education, he continued to work for the company full time{Source}.
  13. In 1997, he created his own fitness consulting company {Source}.
  14. He opened his own fracise gim Master Training shortly thereafter {Source}
  15. The future Consort started up the company Balance in 2006 {Source}
  16. Since becoming the heir's consort, he has given up his business practices as required by law {Source}.
  17. He is an avid skier and Golfer {Source}
  18. Some of his passions and favorite activities include: social issues, health, sport and entrepreneurship, and enjoys going to the theatre {Source}.
  19. The future consort first met his future bride in 2001 {Source}.
  20. In the beginning, King Carl XVI Gustaf was entirely against their relationship {Source}
  21. He was tutored in English, French, German, Swedish history and Political Science as part of his "training" to become Crown Princess Victoria's consort {Source}
  22. It was questioned what and if he would gain a title upon his marriage to Crown Princess Victoria.
  23. In February 2009, when the Swedish Royal Court officially approved the marriage, they put the speculation to rest announcing that the future consort would be known under the title and style, His Royal Highness Prince of Sweden, Duke of Västergötland{Source}
  24. He became the first future  male consort in Swedish history when he married Crown Princess Victoria on 19 June 2010{Source}
  25. Upon marrying into the Swedish Royal Family, he was granted the honor of knight of the order of the Seraphim {Source}
  26. On 17 August 2011, his life changed once again, when he and his wife announced that they were expecting their first child {Source}
  27. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, Duchess of Östergötland was born 23 February 2012 {Source}
  28. Prince Daniel holds numerous honors, both domestically and abroad {Source}{Source}{Photo}
  29. In addition to Sweden, he holds orders from Estonia, and Finland {Source}{Photo}
  30. The Swedish National Archives published an account of Westling's ancestors, most of whom were farmers in the province of Hälsingland {Source}.
  31. In June 2010, genealogist Björn Engström published Daniel's ancestors as far back as to the 14th century, and showed that Daniel shares some ancestors in the region of Stora Kopparberget with noble families living today, among these Svinhufvud{Source}.
  32. His paternal grandfather Anders Andersson (1900–1980) adopted the surname of Westling from his mother{Source}.
  33. He is the 2nd commoner to marry into the royal family, breaking traditions of royals marrying royals. His mother-in-law was the first.
  34. He is patron of International Society of Nephrology {Source}
  35. He is a kidney transplant recipient  {Source}
  36. He was Royal Patron of World Transplant Games 2011 {Source}
  37. He was patron of UEFA Women's EURO 2013 {Source}
  38. The future Swedish Consort is patron of the initiative 'Make A Healthy Heart Your Goal' campaign partnership for UEFA Women's EURO 2013 {Source}
  39. The future Swedish consort has visited Russia, The USA on solo official capacity visits {Source}{Source}{Source}
  40. He shares a birthday with Princess Letizia of Astrurias & Prince Harry of Wales

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