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Royal Recap: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince George of Cambridge visit Australia and New Zealand, April 2014

New Zealand

Day 1 (April 7)

Upon their arrival in New Zealand at the rainy Wellington International Airport, they were greeted by The Prime Minister of New Zealand  before heading to the Governor's House{Source}. Upon their arrival at the Governor's House,  they were greeted with a traditional Maori welcome before taking time to relax after a 30 hour flight {Source}.

Day 2 (April 8th)

No engagements today...time to settle into their new timezone, recover from the 30 hour flight, relax, maybe sight seeing around the local area

Day 3 (April 9th)

 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by Prince George at a baby playgroup at the Government House, where while the young babies played, The Duke and Duchess visited and chatted with local parents whom were in attendance, many of whom use the services of the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society {Source}{Video}.

Day 4 (April 10th)

During Day 4 of their tour of Australia and New Zealand, the royal couple visited the town of Blenheim, where they paid their respects to those who died fighting in all of New Zealand's conflicts during a wreath laying ceremony at the town's war memorial {Source}. After the ceremony, The Duke and Duchess did a walkabout, meeting with the people who had gathered  {Source}.

Day 5 (April 11th)

On the fifth day of their tour, they visited the Royal New Zealand Air Force and their families. During the visit, they took part in a boat race {Source}.

Day 6 (April 12th)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the day in the town of Cambridge, New Zealand doing both solo and together engagments. While there the royal couple visited a children's hospice, an aerospace company, among other organizations{Source}. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge spoke about his love for flying during a visit to the Pacific Aerospace Company, while Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge visited the Rainbow Place Children's Hospital where she spoke with children and families about the help and support they had recieved there and joined a Mad Hatter's Tea Party Event {Source}. Together, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the Avantidrome, a new state of the art cycling arena {Source}. The Royal duo also paid their respects to New Zealand's war dead at the town's elegant memorial {Source}.

Day 7(April 13th)

 To end their first week of their offiicial visit to the Oceania countires of the Commonwealth, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent time mixing it up with traditional Kiwi pastimes, including rugby, boat rides and traditional Maori welcomes {Source}.

The Duke and Duchess arrived at Dunedin Airport, where they were greeted by local officials and recieved an traditional Nagi Tahu welcome {Source}. From there, they proceeded to the Palm Sunday service at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul {Source}.  The afternoon was spent a little less formally, with a visit to Forsyth Barr Stadium, where they participated in a rugby competition with local children {Source}. After that, it was off to visit Amisfeild Winery  {Source}.

Day 8 (April 14th)

To begin their second week of The Royal Tour, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Christchurch, where they were welcomed by the Ngai Tahu iwi (tribe) {Source}. This would mark the Duke's second visit to the city, the last being after an earthquake in 2011 {Source}. 

During their visit, the future monarch and his wife visited the CTV memorial site, met with families of those who died, and laid memorial stones {Source}.  They then paid a visit to th RNZAF Memorial Wall, where they laid a single red rose in homage {Source}. There, Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge made a speech {Source}{Read The Duke's Speech}.

Later on, they participated in a  spontaneous game of cricket during a visit to the 2015 Cricket World Cup ground {Source}.

Day 9 (April 15)

Day off with the family and to travel to Australia
  1. Day 10 (April 16)
  2. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Sydney Opera House for a reception to mark their tour {Source}. Upon arriving at the reception, they took a brief walk-about to greet the thousands of well-wishers{Source}.
  3. Not avoiding controversy on this trip, Australian officials were forced out of an official greeting ceremony due to a political scandal {Source}. {Photos}
  4. Day 11 (April 17)
During a visit to the Three Sisters, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge vowed to return to the spot one day to view its breathtaking views {Source}. The royal pair spent the day touring the Australian Blue Mountains region, which was close to the region of Sydney that suffered devastating brush fires last October{Source}. During the visit, they met with families who were affected by the fires{Source}. They also met with Aborignial elders, whom were representing the indigenous landowners of Echo Point{Source}.

Their Royal Highnesses moved forward to look at the view which attracts more than three million visitors every year and were joined by senior figures from two tourist companies that run attractions in the area. Before leaving The Duke and Duchess went on a short walkabout meeting the crowds who had been patiently waiting to meet them{Source}.

Day 12 (April 18)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their day with a visit to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a show that had previously been attended by The Duke's grandfather and father (in 1971 and 1981 respectively) {Source}. During their tour, they visited several exhibits, many of which they were given gifts by the exhibitors ranging from fresh produce to toys and clothes for Prince George{Source}. The Duke and Duchess unveiled a plaque to open the new Southee and Bagery Pavilion, where the show's arts and crafts, fashion and style, and flower and garden displays were displayed{Source}. A particular interest to The Duchess of Cambridge was the photography exhibitation, as well as the crochet exhibit, while Prince William was interested in produce displays{Source}.

Later that same day, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited The Bear Cottage Children's Hospice{Source}.  During the visit, The Duchess of Cambridge gave a speech{Read that here}.

Day 13 (April 19)

Today began with a visit to RAAF Base Amberley in Brisbane, Austrialia {Source}. The Duke had previously visited the same base during a tour of Queensland's worst hit flooded areas in 2011 {Source}. During the visit, the future monarch and his wife toured the Suoer Hornet Simulator Facility and met with relatives of four servicemen whom lost their lives in recent conflicts{Source}. Afterward, they attended a reception with vetrans and their families {Source}. Also during the visit, they toured the base's memorial garden and planted a Plunkett Mallee (Eucalyptus curtisii) tree{Source}. During their tour of the base, The Duchess of Cambridge was presented with a boomerang from a set of three year old twins, who explained that it was a gift from them to Prince George {Source}.

Day 14 (April 20)

In the morning, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a Easter Mass at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney {Source}. Afterward, they returned to the Government House to collect Prince George for a royal visit to Sydney's Taronga Zoo {Source}. During the visit, Prince George met a bilby named for him  {Source} (FYI: A bilby is a rabbit-like marsupial native to Australia). 

Day 15 (April 21)

Day off

Day 16 (April 22)

The day began for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with a visit to Australia's Uluru landmark and Ayers Rock {Source}. The Royal duo also paid a visit to the National Indigenous Training Academy, where they presented recent hospitality and catering graduates with their certificates {Source}. After the ceremony, they did a brief walkabout on the academy grounds  {Source}. During the visit The Duke was presented with a spear by a husband and wife, indigenous couple Kamurin and Sherelle Young, who are students at the Academy and hope to become managers in hotels {Source}.

Day 17 (April 23)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge began their day with a visit to the Sydney suburb of Elizabeth, which is named for The Duke's grandmother {Source}. While in Elizabeth, they attended a DJ-ing lesson at a Community Music Centre called Northern Sound System  {Source}. Also during their visit to the Music Centre they watched a skateboarding display at a nearby skateboard park, and were presented with a skateboard for their son {Source}. They also made street art, and witnessed a BMX riding display {Source}. After the visit to the center, they visited the garden suburb, and unveiled a plaque  for a planned new office development center to be named Prince George Plaza after their son {Source}. 

Day 18 (April 24)

The Royal Couple spent the day doing engagements in the Australian city of Canberra {Source}. During a visit to the National Arboretum, The Duke gave a speech about the upcoming Anzac Day and he and his wife planted a tree and visited a new playground {Source}. In the afternoon, they attended a reception at the Parliament House{Source}. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also visited the National Portrait Gallery of Australia in Canberra {Source}. After the visit to the National Gallery, they attended a reception given by the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove at Government House{Source}.

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