Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Royal Profile: The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones

The Hon. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones is the son of David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linely, and The Lady Serena Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley and he was born on 1 July 1999{Source}. He is also the grandson of Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, and  Queen Elizabeth's great-nephew{Source}. He also has one younger sister, The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones{Source}.

He was baptized on 2 December 1999 {Source}, and the following where his godparents{Source}:
  • Lady Bruce Dundas (nee Sophie Caroline Lascelles, who is a distant relative via the Earldom of Harewood {Source})
  • Nigel Harvey
  • Nick Powell
  • Orlando Rock
  • Lucinda Cecil
  • Rita Konig

He is named for various relatives and historical figures:
  • Charles: For his father's cousin, The Prince of Wales and it also is one of his paternal grandfather's names
  • Patrick: For the Patron St. of Ireland, his mother's birthplace
  • Inigo: For 17th Century achietecht and designer Inigo Jones

He is presently in second position for the Earldom of Snowdon, a title presently held by his grandfather. He is also 15th in line for the British Throne as of 2012. As of present day, he is styled The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones, when his grandfather dies, and his father takes the Earldom, he will be known as Viscount Linley, like his father is today.

Charles has primarily been educated in England. I cannot really say exactly where in England, but I have read that he currently attends Eton, as Prince William and Prince Harry did before him.

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