Sunday, November 2, 2014

Royal Profile: Queen Sofia of Spain

Queen Sofia, who was born Princess Sophia of Greece & Denmark,  was born 2 November 1938 as the eldest child of King Paul I & Queen Fredrika of Greece {Source}. She has one younger brother and a younger sister:
  • King Constantine II (1940)
  • Princess Irene (1942)
As a child, she spent it traveling with her family. During WWII, she lived in South Africa and Egypt {Source}. After the war, she returned to Greece, and was sent to Germany for boarding school {Source}.  Upon graduation from Schloss Salem, she returned to Greece, where she specialized in childcare, music and archaeology at university {Source}. 

During the 1960 Olympics, she competed with the Greek sailing team {Source}. This was a tradition she would pass on to her two younger children, who would later go on to compete for Spain in the same sport.

On 14 May 1942, she would marry Infante Juan Carlos de Bourbon y Bouron {Source}. Together, they would have three children, and several grandchildren:

As Queen, she devoted herself both in official capacity and with social and welfare activities {Source}.  She is executive president of the Queen Sofia Foundation  {Source}. She holds honorary roles in the following organizations {Source}:
  • Foundation Against Drug Addiction (Honorary President)
  • the Royal Board on Disability (Honorary President)
  • The Queen Sofia College of Music (Honorary President)
She also has received a number of honorary degrees, including {Source}:

  • Universities of Rosario
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • Georgetown University
  • Evora University
  • New York University
  • Seisen University

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