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World Travelers: Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este visits Columbia and Peru


Day 1 (18 October)

Arrival and check in to hotel {Source}

Day 2 (19 October)

Princess Astrid of Belgium, Archuduchess of Austria-Este visited the Gold Museum and Columbia's Museum of Modern Art {Video} {Source}

Day 3 (20 October)

Princess Astrid met, along with several members of her official delegation, with Columbia's Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and met with Columbia's Minister of Transport {Source}. Later on, the King's sister attended a seminar on Port Development entitled “Oceans of Opportunities” and met with Columbia's President {Source}.  After meeting with the Columbian president, the Princess met with the Mayor of the city of Bogota  {Source}. At lunchtime, Princess Astrid was joined by the entire Belgian delegation for a Power Luncheon on Energy & Power Generation, before meeting with the Columbian Vice-Minister of Mines {Source}.  Before dinner, the Princess attended the official inauguration of the Lighting Experience Center by Delta Light, and visited Ecopetrol{Source}. She ended her day with an evening cocktail reception and the signing of the official agreement between PACIFIC RUBIALES ENERGY & EXMAR {Source}.

Day 4 (21 October)

Once again, Princess Astrid began her day with official meetings, this time with Columbia's Minister of Health and GeneralDirector of Invima {Source}. After her brief meeting, she attended a presentation entitled Brain Cancer: Donation of the new Belgian cell therapy to the first Columbian Patient "Una esperanza de vida” by Epitopoietic Research Corp (ERC){Source}. Before attending a roundtable discussion, Princess Astrid met with the Director of the Office of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status, Vice-Minister of Technologies and Information Systems, and Vice- Minister of Information and Communication Technologies {Source}. Her roundtable discussion was entitled “E-Government Solutions – the Key for an Efficient Register and Management of Civil Populations"{Source}.  Afterward, she undertook a meeting with the Colombian  Minister of Foreign Affairs{Source}. For lunch, she lunched with the  President of the Republic of Colombia and the Colombian  Minister of Foreign Affairs{Source}. After lunch, the Belgian King's sister met with  the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and  the General Manager of ICA{Source}. After lunch, she was joined by them for a presentation on the “Importance of pesticide residue control for the public health, the environment and the agribusiness in Colombia” by Fytolab {Source}. After that, she and her delegation attended a seminar entitled "Enabling Trade and
Investments Between Belgium and Colombia/Peru” {Source}. In the evening, she attended a farewell reception {Source}.

Day 5 (22 October)

Departure for Peru {Source}.


Day 1 (23 October)

Her day began with a meeting with the Peruvian Minister of Transport {Source}. After their meeting, she joined the Minister of Transport for the official opening of the High Level Seminar: The Road to Your European Market --- Success through Belgian logistics and innovative production technologies  {Source}. After the seminar, she met with the Peruvian  Minister of Foreign Trade
and Tourism {Source}.  Then she bestowed the Order of the Crown upon Salomon Lerner Febres who is Peru's Executive Chairman of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights PUCP -IDEHPUCP {Source}. After that, she met with the  Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Lima, and a separate audience with the President of the Republic of Peru {Source}. Before lunch, Princess Astrid attended an Academic Agreement Signing Ceremony for ARES – Pronabec {Source}. She attended a luncheon hosted by yjr President of the Republic of Peru, before meetings with the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Peruvian Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation {Source}. After her meetings she attended a Donation ceremony of a water monitoring equipment by Applitek to Sedapal {Source}. Afterward, she attended a meeting with the Peruvian Minister of Health before joining him for a Seminar A joint effort to ensure sustainable vaccination  {Source}. After the seminar, she was joined by Peru's First Lady for a visit to  Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas (INEN) before attending a reception with Belgian representatives in Peru {Source}.

Day 2 (24 October)

Princess Astrid began her day by speaking with the memebers of the Belgian media before taking a visit to the International Potato Center (CIP) and visiting  Universidad Agraria La Molina (UNALM)  {Source}. After that, she joined in on the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Prodac plant before meeting the the Peruvian Minister of Minister of Agriculture and irrigation {Source}. Then she attended a Presentation of the 
Stevia One Project : a Belgian investment in Peru {Source}. Before boarding a flight for home, the Princess visited  the archaeological Complex of Pachacámac {Source}.

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