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Royal Profile: Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein

Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein was born 14 February 1945, as the eldest son of Prince Franz Joseph II and Princess Gina {Source}. He grew up with three brothers and a sister, as well as several nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews  {Source}{Source}:
  • Prince Philipp (1946-)
    • Prince Alexander  of Liechtenstein (1972) 
      • Princess Theodora  of Liechtenstein (2004)
    • Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein (1974)
    • Prince Rudolf Ferdinand of Liechtenstein(1975)
  • Prince Nikolaus (1947-)
    • Prince Leopold  of Liechtenstein (1984-1984)
    • Princess Maria-Anunciata  of Liechtenstein (1985)
    • Princess Marie-Astrid of Liechtenstein (1987)
    • Prince Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie of Liechtenstein (1989)
  • Princess Norbera (Nora) (1950-)
    • Doña María Teresa Sartorius y de Liechtenstein (1992)
  • Prince Franz Joesph (1962-1991)

He attended primary school in Liechtenstein, and was a member of a boy scout troop in his youth {Source}. At the age of 11 in 1956, he entered Schottengymnasium in Austria, as his father had before him{Source}. In 1960, he transfered schools to the Grammar School at Zuoz, which he completed in 1965 with the Swiss advanced-level diploma and the German Abitur certificate{Source} . Prince Hans-Adam II then worked at a bank in London as a trainee{Source}. He speaks several languages fluently including German (the official language of Liechtenstein), English and French{Source}. After a few years of work experience, the young prince decided to return to school for a degree in Mangagement and Economics in Switzerland, where he earned a degree of Licentiate in 1969{Source}.

He married Countess Marie von Wchinitz unt Tettau on 30 July 1967{Source}. Together, they have four children and 15 grandchildren {Source}{Source}:

  1. Hereditary Prince Alois (1968)
    1. Princess Sophie in Bravia (married 1993)
      1. Prince Joesph Wenzel of Liechtenstein (1995)
      2. Princess Marie-Caroline of Liechtenstein (1996)
      3. Prince Georg-Antonius of Liechtenstein (1999)
      4. Prince Nikolaus Sebastian (2000)
  2. Prince Maximillian (1969)
    1. Princess Angela (Married 2000)
      1. Prince Alfons (2001)
  3. Prince Constantin (1972)
    1. Princess Maria (married 1999)
      1. Prince Moritz (2003)
      2. Princess Georgina (2005)
      3. Prince Benedikte (2008)
  4. Princess Tatjana of Liechtenstein (1973)
    1. Philipp Baron von Lattorff  (married in 1999)
      1. Lukas Maria von Lattorff (2000)
      2. Elisabeth Maria Angela Tatjana von Lattorff (2002)
      3. Marie Teresa von Lattorff (2004)
      4. Camilla Maria Katharina von Lattorff (2005)
      5. Anna Pia Theresia Maria von Lattorff (2007)
      6. Sophie Katharina Maria von Lattorff (2009)
      7. Maximilian Maria von Lattorff (2011)
In 1970, his father entrusted him with the reorganization of the mangagement and adminstration of all the assets belonging to the Princely House {Source}. In 1984, his father appointed him as his permanent deputy under Article 13 of the Constitution, which intrusted Prince Hans-Adam with the discharge of State Business {Source}. In November 1989, when his father died, he assumed regency where he was a notable advocate of independence in Liechtenstein's foreign policy {Source}.Under his leadership, Liechtenstein successfully acceded to the UNO in 1990 and to the EEA in 1995 {Source}. In 2004, he did a similar thing that his father had done before him, and appointed his Hereditary Prince his permanent deputy {Source}.

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