Friday, February 20, 2015

Royal Profile: Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland

Princess Leonore Lilian Maria of Sweden, The Duchess of Gotland was born 20 February 2014 as the first child of Princess Madeleine of Sweden & Mr. Christopher O'Neil {Source}.

She was born in the United States, but they celebrated her birth in Sweden anyway! Her birth was celebrated with a 21-gun salute, and a Te Deum Thanksgiving service attended by her maternal grandparents, The Crown Princess Couple, and  Prince Carl Philip{Source}. From her birth she was eligible to be part of the Swedish succession, however, to remain in line, she must:

  • Be commune with the Church of Sweden (Lutheran)
  • Reside in Sweden at some point during her upbringing
  • Not marry without the consent of the Government (Article 5) orascends the throne of another state by election, inheritance or marriage without the consent of the monarch and the Riksdag.

It has been claimed that she is named:
  • Leonore: a name her parents liked after weighing several options. It could also be a nod to previous Swedish Queens (who were named Elenora,and reigned or was consort from 1718-1720,1620-1632,1654-1660,1720-1741).
  • Lilian: for her maternal great aunt, Princess Lilian, The Duchess of Halland who died almost a year to the day before her birth.
  • Maria: for her paternal grandmother

By technicality, she has no "official" surname, but on her Swedish passport and likely her US birth certificate, her surname is considered Bernadotte O'Neill {Source}.

Her christening took place on her parents' first wedding anniversary, and the following were her godparents {Source}:
  • Crown Princess Victoria (maternal aunt)
  • Tatjana d'Abo (her paternal half-aunt)
  • Count Ernst Abensperg und Traun (her paternal half-uncle by marriage)
  • Mr. Patrick Sommerlath (her maternal first cousin once removed)
  • Mrs. Alice Bamford (childhood friend of her father)
  • Ms. Louise Gottlieb(best childhood friend of her mother) 
Although just celebrating her first year, she has already undertaken several royal events. At her christening, her grandfather made her a member of the Royal Order of the Seraphim {Source}. She attended Sweden's National Day Open Palace event with her parents in 2014 {Source}.

In December 2014, it was announced that her parents were expecting to make her a big sister in 2015 {Source}. In early 2015, she and her parents moved from the United States to Sweden, and she and her mother were registered as Swedish nationals {Source}.

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