Monday, September 28, 2015

Royal Profile: Alexandra, Duchess of Croÿ

Alexandra, Duchess of Croy was born 7 July 1960 {Source}

She married Rudolf Carl Rupprecht, Duke von Croÿ  civilly on  23 Oct 1987  and in a religious ceremony on 24 Oct 1987 {Source}. Together, they had the following children {Source}:
  1. Prince Carl Philipp Emmanuel Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria von Croÿ (1989)
  2. Princess Xenia Maria Alexandra Antonia Agnes Gabrielle Camilla von Croÿ (1990)
  3. Prince Marc Emanuel Carl Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria von Croÿ (1992)
  4. Prince Heinrich Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria von Croÿ (1993)
  5. Prince Alexander Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria von Croÿ (1995)
  6. Princess Anastasia Maria Irina Adelgunde Gabrielle Agnes Sophie von Croÿ (1998)

Duchess Alexandra was a very charitable person, often taking part with several charities. She was active as a Maltese lady and member of the board of Bishop Heinrich Tenhumberg Foundation {Source}. She was also patroness of the Dülmener multi-generational house {Source}. With Myrim Baroness von Korff and fashion designer Siggi Spiegelburg, she initated a first-classKleiderbörse {Source}.

Alexandra died after a long illness on 23 September 2015 {Source}. She is survived by her husband and six children, ranging in age from 17-26 years. Her funeral will take place on 3 October  2015 at 11AM in the St.-Jakobus- Church Karthaus{Source}.

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