Friday, July 15, 2011

Prince Albert, Paternity Suit 2011

There are many facts surrounding Prince Albert's latest paternity allegations that make this Royal Fanzine editor believe that it is all a sham and just god-awful Public Relations tactics. Here are the facts as to why it is not true:

1. The story was originally brought to the public's attention by a TABLOID, L'Express. Really? Since when is a TABLOID creditable, folks? After all, after the palace released a statement denying the story, L'Express added the following to the article:

“EDIT from 28/06/2010 at 16h10: The Palace of Monaco formally denied the affair, which he described as ‘false allegations’.”

I for one, only heard about this because of Robert Eringer, Prince Albert’s former spymaster, who is known to *love* (note 100% sarcasm here) Prince Albert and Monaco, had posted a blog with a link to the L'Express article.

2. Sure, they may have stayed in different hotels while in South Africa during the IOC meeting. Before their honeymoon actually started. Their honeymoon started after the IOC meeting ended on July 10th. Just as William-Catherine waited to go on their honeymoon-only, everyone knew where they were going! Did anyone say anything when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delayed their honeymoon for the Duke’s work schedule? No. Then why is it a big deal if Prince Albert and Princess Charlene chose to delay theirs due to the IOC meeting? Duh. Logic. Prince Albert likely stayed at the Hilton for a night or two to let his bride sleep as she had just spent time traveling to and from Capetown while accepting a patronage to several organizations, do charity work there, and was likely exhausted after all of that so soon after the wedding. The Presidential Suite at the Oysterbox Hotel was booked until July 16th (trust me, I checked this out via the Oysterbox Hotel’s website), I’ll bet by HSH Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

3. This whole “run-away bride” theory-where would she go? All of her family and friends were in Monaco at the time of her alleged runaway. As for her passport having had been confiscated, here is my theory: she attempted to use her not-yet-valid Monaco Passport instead of continuing to use her South Africa passport, a quick fix-her security team called Albert’s top aide, and they fixed it. Somehow, the media got a hold of the idea, and because they did not say anything about the incident, the media made up their own story of the situation-that the marriage had already gone sour. She was in Paris for the day, shopping with her mother and for a last minute dress-fitting with Armani’s staff.

4. There is no third “love child”, nor was Albert ever unfaithful to Charlene. If there was any of that, the press would have happily ID’d them by now, and not just called them “some Italian woman” (recall that both Nicole and Tamara were almost immediately id’d, and were not referred to as some Togo-flight attendant and Californian real estate agent!). However, there is a child, who is being carried by HSH Princess Charlene, my guess would say due either late December-Early January or so, maybe later, and she will start to show in August or September. Think about it, and read some of HSH Prince Albert and HSH Princess Charlene’s recent quotes:

Prince Albert, via the Huffington Post:

"When you talk about a baby, you are looking at me. But I won't be carrying it." (This Royal Fanzine editor’s translation: The job is done! We’re waiting until after the honeymoon to tell you fools!)
Princess Charlene, also from the above Huffington Post article:
"Starting a family is in our plans" and "we hope to have a child soon." (This Royal Fanzine editor’s translation: We’re working on it now!)

Pre-Wedding Euronews interview, June 22, 2011:

Euronews: “You mentioned family: the sound of tiny little feet pattering around the palace is that on the cards?”

Charlene Wittstock: “Well, for me it is, definitely! I think for both of us, we definitely want to have children. How soon? Not sure. I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.”

(This Royal Fanzine editor’s translation: We’re waiting for the right time to tell you all. But I’m already baby weight bound)

In this Royal Fanzine editor’s opinion, Albert never cheated on Charlene, and there is only one person carrying a child with Prince Albert’s genes-Princess Charlene and some idiot reporter misinterpreted these above quotes into something that it was not meant to be, and it’s gone completely viral and has been ridiculously over-fantasized.

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