Monday, July 25, 2011

Prince Albert's Paternity Suit 2011 Part Deux

Marcia Tracy responds to Ashley Michael’s Much Ado About Something: The Game is Afoot in Monaco.

There are several misconceptions about TSH Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attacking these "rumors" of his infidelity, and the "runaway bride" rumors as well as the lack of reaction from the Palace Administration. First, I believe due to protocol reasons none of the agencies are allowed to comment on the Prince's private matters such as his lovers, wife, or illegitimate children, and his relationships with the aforementioned. In making this one of the "rules" when working for the principality (that all staff members unless authorized may not comment on the princely families private affairs), it is not only logic, but also a standard public relations tactic. If everyone were allowed to comment to the press on the issues, then many more rumors could likely be spread across the global atmosphere, damaging the world's image of the Princely family, of which as many royal watchers are well aware, has been damaged many times over. It is as if it were a game of telephone-one person says something, someone else interprets it entirely differently, the story keeps getting twisted by different sources, and in the end no one but the story originator truly knows what the actual truth is. The reason for their stepping out and being so aggressive in attacking these rumors is because how viral the situation has gone and the exact timing of the situation. It is any public relations manager's nightmare. I cannot imagine what the Palace's press director, Laëtitia Pierrat is thinking now.
Ashley Michael's [quoting of] allegations that “‘practical reasons' -- and I can hear my friend Marcia giggle and say those ‘practical reasons’ were to do with Charlene's morning sickness", I react with this: Of course TSH Prince Albert and Princess Charlene had "practical reasons" for their stay apart during the International Olympic Committee meeting. But it’s not why you think, my friend. The Prince at the Hilton (where the meeting had been held) and she at the Presidential Suite at the Oysterbox Hotel, but Princess Charlene's morning sickness was not the case nor were problems within their new marriage. It was out of pure practicality and consideration of his Princess that Prince Albert chose to stay away from his princess during the meeting for a night or two. She had just traveled to Cape Town for charity work, of which is about a 16 hour drive (but I have high doubts that she was driven but that she flew from a Durban airport into Cape Town for the day) and was likely exhausted, and he did not want to disturb her when he had to be across town for a meeting at 7am the next morning.

[Ashley Michael begs leave to assert that her comments regarding Princess Charlene's morning sickness were humorously intended, and #notintendedtobeafactualstatement!]

The newlywed couple was busy with work related activities-him with the IOC, her with various charity activities. Besides, neither party considered themselves to be on their honeymoon until after the IOC meeting ended on July 9. If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can delay their honeymoon for work related activities, why can’t The Princely couple of Monaco? It seems really illogical and unfair of today’s media to pin that on them and not the Duke and Duchess for delaying their honeymoon.
There is a difference as to why the Palace has commented on this issue and has not commented on other certain situations. First, it depends on who exactly is involved (i.e. the palace is more likely to protect the senior members--in this case T.S.H. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene than the “lesser” members of the House of Grimaldi). Second, depends on how viral and untrue the situation at hand is-for example:

The alleged demise of the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Hanover has gone untouched because of the lack of interest in the situation. It is a three-year-old obvious rumor at this point, thus old news. Plus the fact that Princess Caroline is not considered the Head of State of Monaco, and Prince Ernest of Hanover…is well, Ernest of Hanover, technically, only a royal by courtesy. Why should the palace “protect” them? There is no real reason for it. Princess Caroline has proven she can protect herself from the media’s lashings, while her younger brother has clearly not.

Now, these new allegations of HSH Prince Albert’s love child, new, exciting gossip and something that media sources thrive upon in today’s internet media world. When the truth is finally revealed it will be that, the only one pregnant with Prince Albert’s child is Princess Charlene. The facts are there, and it was definitely a happening prior to the princely wedding and not during the honeymoon.

[Ashley Michael begs leaves to wonder why the timing of Princess Charlene's pregnancy, in fact or theory, is at all relevant. Whether the child of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene was conceived before or after their marriage, in Monaco or on the PACHA III or on Mozambique, does not pose any relevance to the principal question behind this op-ed debate: Prince Albert's alleged infidelity. At any rate, the "morning sickness" comment was truly intended to be a humorous, rather than factual statement.]

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