Saturday, January 21, 2012

Op-Ed: Royals and Social Networking

Between royal duties, events, official visits and all of the other things royals do, they hardly have time to breathe or for themselves, so who would think that they personally have time to respond to the literally thousands of fan mail, e-mails, or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? That's right-they don't.

They employ personal assistants, secretaries, and palace staff to do it for them. 

Same as any other celebrity does, however some celebrities manage to occasionally tweet or post on themselves, but not on a regular basis.

It's beyond obsudably ridiculous to believe that twitter sites such as @palaismonaco@ClarenceHouse,@QueenNoor, @QueenRania@HHShkMohd@CrownPrincessMM and @Kronprinsparet are personally maintained by the royals themselves. As stated previously- they do not have the time for such trivial things,  any royal or even celebrity watcher would know that for a fact as they are always in the media's eye. It's just not possible between trying to live "normal" lives in the public eye nor is is SAFE for them to publicly do such things-"Terrorist threat", much?

That's what I thought. It doesn't make sense for a royal to have a wide open twitter personal account for all to see. First, it's not safe-who knows what kind of weirdo fans are out there that could be tracking their every move, a potential controversey if they say something "wrong", or worse the Paparazzi!

Second, they really don't have time for it between royal funtions and trying to live normal lives-if they do have one, it is likely maintained by their personal secretary or someone on their palace staff and only used for announcing royal events and is verified by twitter. If for some reason they DO have a private account, it is more than likely blocked from view by the public for their personal safety by request of their security team, because, like I said before, you never know what kind of weirdos are out there.

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