Monday, March 19, 2012

Op-Ed: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's first major speech

I am compelled to write this op-ed after watching Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s speech this morning.

I stayed up to watch Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s speech at her patronage EACH.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge gave her speech at 11:30AM GMT, which means it was 7:30AM my time.
Of course, being a royal blogger, I knew this was going to be the big news of the day, so I stuck around my laptop to watch and then to see what articles popped up about it right away.

Here’s my opinion of how she did:

She seemed poised, but extremely nervous, and over rehearsed. WAY over rehearsed, almost too rehearsed and it seemed very unnatural for her to give the speech. She would have been better off not rehearsing as much as she reportedly did.

She apparently is unaware of her habit of touching her hair when  she’s nervous, otherwise she would’ve wore her hair up and/or back so she wouldn’t do that annoying hair flip thing. It was distracting to her speech as a whole. Having the same bad habit when I get nervous, only I’m aware of it and take steps to prevent me from doing it by wearing my hair back, I think she should have been aware of it and at least attempted to prevent it or have been more conscious of it.

Her voice was EXTEMELY soft. If it were not for the microphone, you would not be able to hear her at all.
Her speech was a very Sarah Palin-like speech-very much someone else’s views rather than her own. “If William were here…William would love this place.” Who cares what William would think? It’s YOUR patronage, not his! When Princess Charlene did her first major speech at the Grace Kelly: Style Icon opening in Bendigo, Australia, the only reason why Prince Albert was mentioned in her speech was because she was appearing on his behalf at the opening. Meanwhile, with Catherine’s speech it was for her personal patronage, and not on William’s behalf so William should never have been mentioned. I felt like mentioning him she was trying to take away her purpose and it took away from her visit as a whole.

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