Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene: World Travelers Part 2

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco are at it again: Traveling the world. This time it's to Lapland, where they will visit the upper regions of Norway and Lapland.

During the first leg of their tour, they attended the Sámi culture´s St Mary's Day in Hetta, which is an old Sámi tradition in Enontekiö, Finland {Source/Photos}.Before they witnessed a traditional reindeer race before having lunch and traveling on to the upper region of Norway where they spent Sunday night {Source}{Photos}.

They arrived in Norway late Sunday afternoon {Video}.

On Monday, they enjoyed a "romantic" reindeer sleigh ride before Prince Albert presented  “… a scholarship to young Russian and Mongolian reindeer herding students”.

Later in the day, they met with local officials of organizations such as  the University of the Arctic, the Finnish Sami Reinders’ Association, the NGO Finnish Sami Youth, the Youth Council of the Sami Parliamant of Finland, the Association of World Reindeer Herders and the Upper Secondary and National Reindeer Herding Scholl.

On Tuesday, before returning to Monaco, Prince Albert gave a speech at  the 2012 World Indigenous Television Broadcasting Conference in Norway during a seminar entitled, Arctic Change, Indigenous Youth and Future Opportunities {Video, 4th clip down}.

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