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Baptism of Princess Estelle of Sweden


Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée of Sweden
Prince Daniel of Sweden

Place in line: 2nd after her mother

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I predicted the following will be godparents:
  1. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (“Mary” has to come from somewhere + CP V is also her son Christian’s godmother)
  2. Anna Westling
  3. Willem-Alexander, Prince of Oranje (his eldest is her godchild) It was CONFIRMED the night before!
  4. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway (his oldest is CP Victoria’s godchild…so why not?+ his father is CP Victoria’s godfather. He is the future king of Norway…so yeah)
  5. Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium (his youngest is CP Victoria’s godchild…so why not?)
  6. And either Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy or The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg or one of Queen Silvia’s or Daniel’s family since a TON of them were invited
I ended up with 4/5 right on this one. See the indicated below.


GOD PARENTS are indicated by a **


King Carl XVI Gustaf
Queen Silvia
Crown Princess Victoria
Prince Daniel
Prince Carl Philip**
Princess Madeleine
Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler
 Princess Birgitta,
Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern
Sir Eckbert von Bohlen und Halbach
Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld
Baron Carl Silfverschiöld 
Baroness Maria Silfverschiöld
Baron Hans De Geer 
Baroness Christina Louise De Geer,
Baron Ian de Geer
Hélène Silfverschiöld 
Mr. Frederick Diterle
Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson 
Generals Tord Magnuson
Gustaf Magnuson 
Ms. Vicky Andren
Oscar Magnuson 
Mrs. Emma Magnuson
Mr. Victor Magnuson 
Ms. Frida Bergström
Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg
Countess Gunnila Bernadotte af Wisborg
Count Bertil Bernadotte af Wisborg 
Countess Jill Bernadotte af Wisborg
Mrs. Dagmar von Arbin 
(and of course, Princess Estelle ;)) 

HM The Queen's family

Mr.. Ralf de Toledo Sommerlath
Mrs.. Charlotte de Toledo Sommerlath
Mr. Thomas de Toledo Sommerlath 
Ms.. Bettina Aussems
Mrs. Carmita Sommerlath Baudinet 
Monsieur Pierre Baudinet
Mr. Walther L. Sommerlath
Mr. Patrick Sommerlath 
Mrs. Maline Sommerlath
Mr. Leopold Lundén Sommerlath

Prince Daniel's family

Mr. Olle Westling
Mrs Ewa Westling
Mrs. Anna Westling Soderstrom**
 Michael Westling Soderstrom
Miss Hedvig Flowers
Miss Vera Floral
Mr. Casper Soderstrom
Miss Caisa Soderstrom
Mr. Olle Henriksson
Mrs. Anita Henriksson
Farmers Tommy Henriksson
Hans Henriksson 
Mrs. Marika Henriksson
Mr. Nils Westling 
Mrs. Ann-Catrin Westling
Miss Sara Westling
Mr. Benji Bessemer
Miss Frida Westling
Mr. Robert Tate
Mr. Andreas Westling
Mrs. Amanda Tegner
Mr. Hans Astrom
Mrs. Anna-Britta Åström
Hans Astrom
 Helena Olsson
Mr. Anders Åström\
Mrs. Kety Lund 
Ms. Anna -Karin Åström 
Wigren Christer
Mr. Eric Westling 
Mrs Birgitta Westling
Mr. Ove Westling 
Mrs Yvonne Westling
Mr. Bo Westling
Mrs Carina Westling


Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant
Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant


Queen Margarethe
Henrik, Prince Consort
Crown Prince Fredrik
Crown Princess Mary**


HE President Niinistö
Mrs. Haukio


Mrs. Dorrit Moussaieff


Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke
Comtess Stéphanie de Lannoy


Willem-Alexander, Prince of Oranje**
Princess Máxima


Crown Prince Haakon**
Princess Martha Louise
Mr Ari Behn


The Speaker Per Westerberg and Psychiatrists Ylwa Westerberg
Second Vice President Ulf Holm (mp)
Third Vice President Liselott Hagberg, (fp), and Police Inspector George Hagberg
Parliamentary Director Kathrin Flossing

Party Leader of Sweden

Party Leader Stefan Löfven, (s), and the assistant Ulla Löfven
Gustav Fridolin Spokesman, (mp), and Mrs. Jennie Fridolin
Party Leader Åkesson, (sd), and Miss Louise Erixon


Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, (m)
The Council of State Jan Björklund (Liberal) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education, and Communications Anette Brifalk Bjorklund
Government Beatrice Ask, (m) Justice
Government Maria Larsson (Christian Democrat) Children and the Elderly Minister, and Mr. Gunnar Larsson
Government Eskil Erlandsson, (c) Rural Affairs, and Attorney Susan Adlercreutz
Government Gunilla Carlsson, (m) Cooperation and Veterinarian David Weckner
Government Anders Borg, (m), Finance, and Teacher Susanna Borg
Government Ms Sabuni, (fp) Equality
Government Tobias Billström ( m), Migration, and Environmental consultant Sofia Billström
Government Lena Adelsohn Roth, (m), Culture, and Ex. Governor Ulf Adelsohn
Government Birgitta Ohlsson (Liberal Party), Minister for European Affairs
Government Stefan Attefall, (kd) Civil and Housing Minister, and Officer Cecilia Attefall
Government Ulf Kristersson, (m), Minister for Social Security, and PR consultant Bridget Ed Kristersson
Government Catharina Elmsäter-Sword , (m) Infrastructure Minister, and Mr. Vidar Sword
Government Erik Ullenhag, (Lib) Minister for Integration
Government Anna-Karin Hatt, (c) ICT and Energy
Government Ek, (C) Minister of the Environment
Government Annie Loof, (c) Economic Development and Regional Affairs
Government Karin Enström, (m) of Defence and Col. As Anders Enström

State Secretary Gunnar Wieslander, Prime Minister and State Secretary Bettina Kashefi
Secretary Catherine Areskoug Mascarenhas, Prime Minister's Office, and Sales Manager Michael Mascarenhas
Secretary Minna Ljunggren, Department of Justice
State Secretary Susanne Ackum, Ministry of Finance, and Mr. Gunnar Wetterberg

Fv. Speaker Thage G. Peterson and Librarian Marion Peterson
Fv. Madam Speaker Birgitta Dahl and Editor in Chief Enn Kokk
Fv. The Speaker Björn von Sydow (s), and Chief Madeleine von Sydow

Fv. Prime Minister Ola Ullsten
Fv. Prime Minister Goran Persson and Director Anitra Steen


Archbishop Anders Wejryd and Head of Training Kajsa Wejryd
Court of Appeal President Frederick Wersäll, Svea Court of Appeal, and Director Anna Wersäll
supreme commander General Sverker Goranson, and Leg. Midwife Ann Goranson
General Thomas Norell, National Property Board, and Mrs. Lena Forssén
Chairman Marianne Lundius, the Supreme Court, and lawyer Johan Gernandt
City Council President Margaret Birch, City of Stockholm, and the Scientific Council Hans Björk
Mayor Sten Nordin, Stockholm, and File. Laws. Hannah Hesser Nordin,
Mayor Irene Svenonius, City of Stockholm, and Procurement Manager Jan Svenonius
Bishop Eva Brunne, the Diocese of Stockholm, and Pastor Ms Lindén
court chaplain Dean, Åke Bonnier, Stockholm Domkyrkoförsamling., and social worker Kristina Gustafsson Bonnier
Rikspolischef Bengt Svenson, the National Police, and Mrs. Elisabeth Hallqvist
Over Commandant Lieutenant General in January Sale Strand, Central Office, and Lieutenant Commander Rose-Marie Jernbäcker
Protocol Chief Ambassador Caroline Vicini
Chair Mats Melin, the Supreme Administrative Court,
the National Prosecutor Anders Perklev, Prosecution, and Court of Appeals Council Ingela Perklev
Prime Herald Henry Klackenberg and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Cecilia Klackenberg

Governors of Sweden

Governor Chris Heister, Stockholm County
Governor Peter Egardt, Uppsala County, and Teacher Lena Egardt
Governor Bo Konberg, Södermanland County, and Mrs. Anita Konberg
Governor Elisabeth Nilsson, Missouri, and Mr. Arne Andersson,
County Governor Minoo Akhtarzand, Jönköping County, and Master Khosro Mirnezami
Governor Kristina Alsér, Kronoberg and Engineering January Alsér
Governor Stefan Carlsson, Kalmar, and Skin Care Therapist Eva Carlsson
Governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, Gotland County
Governor Berit Andnor Bylund, Blekinge, and Fd. General Bo Bylund
Governor George Tunhammar, Skåne County, and Jur. Laws.Johanna Tunhammar
Governor Lars-Erik Lövdén, Halland, and Lecturer Christina Lövdén
Governor Lars Bäckström, Stockholm County, and Pre-school teacher Ann-Christin Bäckström
Governor Eva Eriksson, Värmland County, and Entrepreneurs Leif Tengroth
Governor Rose-Marie Frebran, Örebro County., and architect Hans Gunnar Frebran
Governor Ingemar Skogö, Västmanland, and File. Laws. Ingrid Forest
Governor Mary Norrfalk, Dalarna County.
County Governor Barbro Holmberg, the county
Governor Bo Källstrand, Västernorrland County, and District Nurse Eva Källstrand
Governor Britt Bohlin, Jämtland
County Governor Birgitta Heijer, Västerbotten
County Governor Per-Ola Eriksson, Norrbotten County, and Mrs. Lena Eriksson,

President Kenneth Bengtsson, Swedish Enterprise
Mrs. Ann-Kristin Bengtsson


Chairman Göran Arrius, SACO, and Superintendent Magnus Hagberg
Chairman Eva Nordmark, TCO
Ph.D. hc Marcus Storch, Chairman of the Nobel Foundation, and Mrs. Gunilla Storch
Chairman Karin Mattsson Weijber, Riksidrottsförbundet


Opera Chief Bridget Svendén, Kungl. Opera, and Director Thomas Svendén
Museum Director Berndt Arell, National Museum
Cabinet Chamberlain Concert Stefan Forsberg and Mrs. Els-Marie Forsberg
Tf. Museum Director Ann Green Hammer, Armoury
Director Eva Hamilton, SVT, and Economics, Karl-Johan von Heland
Editor Jonas Eriksson, TT, and Mrs. Cecilia Eriksson
Press Ombudsman Ola Sigvardsson and Editor Kerstin Weyler
Journalist Goran Åhgren, SVT
Journalist Taneli Männikkö, Correspondent STT / FNB
Journalist Mette B. Estep, NTB
Journalist Henry Huldschiner, Dagens Industri
Journalist Snezana Bozinovska, Göteborgs-Posten
Journalist Ritva Rönnberg TV4 News
Journalist Kai-Ove Kessler, ARD German TV
journalist Bengt Hansell, Swedish Radio
Journalist Anna Lena Wallström, TT
Journalist Alistair Scrutton, Thomson Reuters
Journalist Ywonne Sahlberg, Norrköping Newspapers
Journalist Sofia Wike, Arbetarbladet
Journalist Ms Lindell, magazine S
Journalist Johanna Leo, Swedish Women's Weekly
Journalist Mattias Sandberg, Aftonbladet
journalist Daniel Ryden, Sydsvenskan
Journalist Mrs Sandberg, Metro
Journalist Johan T. Lindwall, Expressen
journalist Mats Hedstrom, Gefle Dagblad
Journalist Louise Nordstrom, Associated Press
Journalist Karin Thunberg, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet
journalist Anna-Liina Kauhanen, Helsingin Sanomat
Journalist Evakarin Gyllenberg, Daily News

ROYAL. Academies, M.FL. of Sweden

The Permanent Secretary Professor Staffan Normark and Professor Birgitta Henriques Normark Preses Kerstin Niblaeus, Kungl.Agriculture and Forestry Academy, and General Ulf Dahlsten
Preses Ulla Fries, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and Dr.. Tor-Goran Henriksson
Ruler Vice Admiral Frank Rosenius, rulers, Kungl. War Sciences, and Mrs. Lisskulla Rosenius
Preses Leif Johansson, IVA, and Teacher Eva Johansson

OTHER of Sweden

Associate Professor Lennart Nordström, Karolinska Hospital, and Mrs. Ruth Lothe-Nordstrom
Midwife Cecilia Lind, Karolinska Hospital
Nurse Marianne Hazel Almén, Karolinska Hospital
Hovorganisten Professor Gustaf Sjokvist and Mrs. Ulla-Britt Sjökvist
Court of Appeal President Carl Axel Petri and Over Dentist Brita Petri
Dr. Hans Blix, the Fv. Foreign, and Fd. Ambassador Eva Kettis
University Chancellor Carl-Gustaf Andren and Mrs. Karin Andrén
Echoes. dr. Peter Wallenberg
social worker Anna Örjebo
Kammarrättsassessor Margaret Palmstierna
Mrs. Siv Ekberg


Bishop Anders Arborelius, Catholic diocese in Sweden
Secretary Karin Wiborn, ODF. Christian Council of Sweden, and the Reverend Bengt Ekelund
Imam Abd al Haqq Kielan, the Islamic Society.
Over Rabbi Emeritus Morton H. Narrowe, Jewish Community, and Mrs. Judith Narrowe

CORPS Diplomatique of Sweden

HE the Ambassador Martin Rivera Gómez, El Salvador
Mrs..Patricia Guirola de Rivera
H.E. the Ambassador Jan Edward Craanen, the Netherlands
Mrs. Electrical Annick Georg
H.E. Ambassador Anne K. Lund, Norway
Mr. Erling Magnusson
HE the Ambassador Kirsten Malling Biering, Denmark
Mr..Peter Hänschell Biering
H.E. the Ambassador Aliki Hadji, Greece
H.E. the Ambassador Harry Helenius, Finland
Mrs.. Helenius Barbara
H.E. the Ambassador Gunnar Gunnarsson, Iceland
H.E. the Ambassador Johan Feliciaan Joris Van Dessel, Belgium
Mrs.. Hendrina Petronella Van Deventer 
Ministers Miriam Alvarez de la Rosa, Charge d'Affaires, Spain

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