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Royal Profile: Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet

Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet is the younger of Princess Stephanie’s children with Daniel Ducruet, and Daniel’s only daughter and youngest child. Pauline was born 4 May 1994 in Monaco. Her godparents are her maternal aunt and uncle, Prince Albert and Princess Caroline.

As a youngster, she mostly lived a “typical” childhood of a gen Z middle child to her mother and youngest child to her father...she participated in sports (gymnastics and diving), went to events with her siblings (a carnival with her little sister and soccer matches of their beloved AS Monaco FC with her older brothers), on family trips, and oh, yeah-traveled with the circus training elephants and is 8th in line to be the ruler of the tiny principality of Monaco. Well, okay, those last ones are not “typical” Gen Z, but typical “Child of Princess Stephanie”.

She, her siblings and mother returned to Monaco in either 2003 or 2004, which brought along many changes for Pauline. She took up gymnastics, then diving (c. 2007/8), got braces (c. 2004), and began attending a “regular school” (in this case, it was likely the final years either of elementary or early on at College Charles III). 

As for schooling, , Princess Stephanie home-schooled her children while they were traveling with the circus, and Pauline and Louis briefly attended Lycee du Zurich, but after a short time, they had to pick up and runaway with the circus-quite literally! Upon their return to Monaco, Pauline skipped ahead in her schooling, making her a year behind her older brothers (who were both the class of 2010), rather than two years behind. Pauline graduated from Lycee Prince Albert Ier receiving the French L Series Baccalaureate, receiving her results just after her uncle’s wedding in July 2011.Since then, it has been reported that she is studying a fourth language at a foreign language school near Monaco and focusing on her first offiicial royal duty aspresident of the jury of the «New Generation» 1ère Compétition de Cirque pour de Jeunes Artistes with the International Circus Festival this past February. 

In the months leading up to the new Circus Festival, Pauline and her mother attended numerous circus festivals-one of their old friends, The Klines, one in Russia (that also had a Festival for Young artists) and one in northeast France, quite possibly to get ideas for «New Generation» 1ère Compétition de Cirque pour de Jeunes Artistes.

In July 2005, Pauline had a serious accident while playing on a trampoline, where she fell on her head. It turns out that she was not seriously injured; only suffering a dislocated shoulder.

Like her siblings, she is active in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When she was in Singapore for the 2010 Youth Olympics, she even tweeted from her phone! She is a fan of Michael Jackson, the movies Grease, Sex & the City 2, and A Cinderella Story, and the television show Desperate Housewives. Pauline has nearly 1000 friends on Facebook, among them are her three siblings Michael, Louis and Camille, paternal cousins William and Estelle, maternal cousin Jazmin Grace and ex-stepfather Adans Peres, several of her friends from the Youth Olympics-Hannah Thek, Pamela Ware, Liu Jiao, Fanny Bouvet, Kieu Duong, Elena Bertocchi, Teresa Vallejo, Beannelys Velasquez and fellow Moneguse atheletes Amélie Trinquier, and Christopher Déléage.

In 2010 she represented Monaco at the first ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, where she participated in diving. At that competition, Pauline made to the finals in 9Th position, and ended up 12th out of 13 divers over all (12 girls made it to the finals). In 2009, she represented Monaco at the European Junior Swimming Championships in Helsinki, Finland where she placed 19th and 22nd. At the 18th FINA Junior Diving World Championships in Tucson, Arizona, USA in 2011, she placed 21st and 29th. On 5 November 2010, Pauline was nominated as "Sportsperson of the year" for the 2009-2010 season. She did not receive the honor, however, just for being nominated, she received a gold trophy. Pauline also participated in the World Junior Diving Championships in Aachen, Germany. She participated in two diving schools in recent years-one in Strasbourg, France and another at the University of Indiana. She has also expressed interest in participating in the Olympics someday.

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