Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Royal Profile: 10 Facts about Prince Gabriel of Belgium

  1. Prince Gabriel Baudouin Charles Marie of Belgium was born 20 August 2003{Source}
  2. He is the eldest son of King Philippe & Queen Mathilde {Source}
  3. He has one older sister and two younger siblings{Source}:
    1. The Duchess of Brabant(2001)
    2. Prince  Emmanuel (2005)
    3. Princess Eléonore (2008)
  4. His godparents are{Source}:
    1. Baroness Maria Christina von Freyberg (Second cousin of his father)
    2. Count Charles-Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz (maternal uncle)
  5. Education:
    1. Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege (2005-Present)
  6. He was named:
    1. Gabriel: Continues the tradition of El-/-el names in the family
    2. Baudouin: For his great-uncle, King Baudouin of Belgium.
    3. Charles: For his maternal uncle and godfather, Count Charles-Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz
    4. Marie: For the Virgin Mary, as per tradition with Catholic royalty.
  7. He is 2nd in line for the Belgian throne after his sister, Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant
  8. He likely speaks Dutch, French and German.
  9. He is the 7th grandchild of King Albert II  & Queen Paola.
  10. He has joined the Royal Family during official functions on several occasions including family photo shoots {2003, 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013}, National Day Celebrations {2005}, the funeral of his paternal grandfather {2008}, the official launch of the 34th Floralies of Ghent {2010}, the wedding of his maternal aunt {2011}, the abdication of his grandfather and inauguration of his father/The Belgian National Day celebrations {2013}.

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