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Royal Profile:50 Facts about King Mohammed VI

  1. King Mohammed VI  was born 21 August 1963 {Source}
  2. He is the eldest son of King Hassan II and his wife Lalla Latifa Hammou{Source}
  3. He has three sisters and a brother{Source}
  4. He was educated primarily in Morocco {Source}
  5. When he was 4 years old, he began attending the Koranic School at the Royal Palace {Source}
  6. He attended to the rest of his primary education at Royal College  {Source}
  7. He earned the bacclaurate in 1981 {Source}
  8. He obtained a Bachelor's degree in law at the Mohammed V University at Agdal in 1985{Source}
  9. His B.A. Thesis was entitled The Arabo-African Union and the Kingdom’s strategy in the international relations {Source}.
  10. He earned a First Certificate of High Studies in Political Sciences and a Second Certificate in Public Law in July 1988  {Source}
  11. He interned at the  Commission of the European Economic Communities  {Source}.
  12. In 1993, he received a doctor in law with distinction from University of Nice-Antipolis  {Source}
  13. He was a recipient of a Honoris Causa Doctorate  (honorary doctorate) from the George Washington University  in 2000 {Source}
  14. He is fluent in{Source}:
    1.  Arabic
    2. French
    3. Spanish
    4. English
  15. He is an avid sportsman{Source}
  16. From a young age, he was included in affairs of the State {Source}
  17. When he was 4 years old, he accompanied his father to an official visit to the USA {Source}
  18. At the age of 11, he went on his first official mission on his father's behalf to represent his father during the religious prayer celebrated at the Cathedral “Notre Dame de Paris”, in the memory of the French President, Georges Pompidou{Source}.
  19. In 1989, he again represented his father at the funeral of Emperor Hiro Hito of Japan {Source}.
  20. He has attended numerous summits over the years {Source}
  21. Over the years, he has presided over numerous events, meetings and commissions in Morocco, The USA, and France{Source}
  22. While he was Crown Prince, his father appointed him to the following positions and committees{Source}:
    1. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of IXth Mediterranean Games in Casablanca (March 18th, 1982).
    2. Chairman of the Commission charged of the Organization of Pan-Arab games VI (April 11th, 1985).
    3. Coordinator of offices and services of General Military Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (November 26th, 1985).
    4. He has also been promoted by His Majesty King Hassan II, to the rank of Divisional General, July 12th, 1994.
  23. He became King of Morocco on 23 July 1999, after the death of his father {Source}.
  24. He is president of numerous organizations including {Source}:
    1. Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity
    2. Mohammed VI Foundation for the rehabilitation of prisoners and inmates of the rescue centers for children
  25. King Mohammed VI presents his support for the work of civil society organizations. It is, indeed, the Honorary President of a large number of active associations in various areas of socio-economic development {Source}.
  26. Over the years, he has "collected" numerous national honors from several countries including {Source}:
    1. France
    2. Spain
    3. Italy
    4. Belgium
    5. Tunisia
    6. Mauritania
    7. Libya
    8. Egypt
    9. Jordan
    10. Kuwait
    11. Qatar
    12. Bahrain
    13. Syria
    14. Lebanon
    15. Senegal
    16. Cameroon
    17. Mali
    18. Gabon
    19. Niger
    20. Burkina Faso
    21. Brazil
    22. Peru
    23. Chile
    24. Argentina
    25. Mexico
    26. Dominican Republic
  27. He has also been a recipient of  {Source}:
    1. Trophy of the International Association against Violence in Sport (IAAVS)
    2. Gold medals awarded by the sports magazine (French-English) "African champion" for the years 1988-1989.
    3. Prices for "Grenada 1999" Medal of Honor by the group of radio stations of the chain "SER"...
    4. Medal of high merit of South-American football Confederation.
    5. U.S. Foundation Award "Helen Keller" who works in the social field, particularly in the fight against blindness.
    6. Medals of the Spanish Senate and Congress.
    7. Abderrahmane first prize, awarded by the Spanish city Almunecar to the personalities contributing significantly to strengthening the relations between the Arab world and Europe.
    8. Logo of ISESCO.
    9. High cordon of Abu Bakr Seddik, the highest distinction of the organization of the red crescent and red cross Arab associations.
  28. He married Salma Bennani in March 2002{Source}
  29. Together, they have two children:
    1. Crown Prince Moulay Hassan (2003)
    2. Princess Lalla Khadija (2007)
  30. Like his father did for him, King Mohammed VI's son often accompanies him on royal duties, including during state visits from France & Spain.
  31. When child and wife-less King Mohammed VI took over the throne in 1999, he named his brother as Crown Prince.
  32. However, with his marriage and subsequent birth of his own son, he has since relinquished his brother of the title Crown Prince in his son's favor.
  33. He named his son Crown Prince officially on 8 May 2003 {Source}
  34. He named his son after his father{Source}
  35. For his daughter's birth, he released prisioners with a pardon {Source}
  36. As of October 2012, he is one of the richest heads of state {Source}
  37. He is said to be worth $2.5 BILLION (20,918,625 MAD) {Source}
  38. Recently, he regretted pardoning a Spanish Pedeophile, so he un-did the pardon {Source}
  39. He is Morocco’s third king since the country won independence from France in 1956 {Source}
  40. When Mohammed VI became king in 1999, there was some hope that he would distance himself from his father’s more showy megalomania. He hasn’t.{Source}
  41. He recently celebrated the 14th year of his enthronement {Source}
  42. He also recently lost 16 Royal Guards in a bus crash {Source}.
  43. He announced soon after the above accident that he would cover all medical and funeral costs of his former guards {Source}.
  44. On the occasion of the Revolution of the King and People recently, he pardoned 357 {Source}
  45. Royal pardon is customary in the North African Kingdom to mark national and religious holidays  {Source}
  46. He is a High Patron of  Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance {Source}
  47. Recently met The Rev. Jesse Jackson {Source}
  48. Recently met with King Juan Carlos of Spain {Source}
  49. Recently been invited for a US State Visit by President Obama {Source}
  50. A bunch of Moroccan Youths recently rebeled against one of his customs on Facebook {Source}

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