Saturday, March 22, 2014

Royal Profile: Jonkheer Thomas de Brouwer

Jonkheer Thomas de Brouwer was born on 22 March 1973, in Anvers, Belgium {Source}. He married Laetizia de Massy y Quintana on 3 September 2006 in Monaco {Source}. Laetizia is the eldest of Christian Louis de Massy's three children.

With his wife, they have four children, three daughters and a son{Source}. They are:
  • Jounkrow Rose de Brouwer (2008, fraternal twin){Source}
  • Jonkheer Sylvestre de Brouwer (2008, fraternal twin){Source}
  • Jounkrow Hermine de Brouwer (unknown, but sometime between 2006-2012){Source}
  • Jounkrow Lillah de Brouwer (unknown, but sometime between 2006-2012){Source}

Little is known about his or his family's lives, as technically, along with the rest of the de Massy family, his wife and their children lost their place in line for the throne with the death of Prince Rainier in 2005. I imagine the family lives fairly privately. It was rumored that the family resided in Belgium for some time, and it is now believed that the family is residing in Monaco. Jonkeer Thomas and Jounkrow Laetizia were invited to the 2011 wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco & Miss Charlene Wittsock {Source}, however, unlike the rest of her family (her father, stepmother, two brothers, aunt and cousins), we have no idea what she or her family looks like, therefore we have no way of confirming or denying her attendance.

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