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Royal Profile: 50 Facts about The Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto

  1. The Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Armstrong-Jones was born 1 May 1964{Source}.
  2. She is the daughter of the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and Antony Armstong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon {Source}.
  3. Like her elder brother, she was born via C-Section, at her mother's request {Source}
  4. She was born at 8:20 AM GMT {Source}
  5. Her star sign in Taurus {Source}.
  6. Her birth number is 8{Source}.
  7. Her Chinese Astrology sign is the Wood Dragon {Source}.
  8. She was born in London, at Kensington Palace {Source}.
  9. She has one full brother, The Viscount Linely{Source}.
  10. She has two half-siblings, one of whom is illegitimate {Source}:
    1. The Lady Frances Armstong-Jones (1979, from her father's second marriage)
    2. Master Jasper William Oliver Cable-Alexander (1998, illegitmate son of her father)
  11. She has a niece and nephew from her brother, and two nieces and a newphew from her half-sister {Source}{Source}:
    1. The Hon.Charles Patrick Indigo Armstrong-Jones (1998)
    2. The Hon. Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (2002)
    3. Master Rex Antony Octavian Hofmannsthal (2008)
    4. Miss Maud Dolores Diamond Hofmannsthal (2009)
    5. Miss Sybil Sabrina Ernestine von Hofmannsthal (2013)
  12. She is the only biological niece of Queen Elizabeth II {Source}.
  13. She is the youngest grandchild of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth {Source}.
  14. She is a greatx3 grandchild of Queen Victoria{Source}{Source}.
  15. At her birth, she was 7th in line for the British Throne {Source}.
  16. Presently, she is 20th in line for the throne {Source}.
  17. She attended the Camberwell School of Art Middlesex Polytechnic (Middlesex University since 1992) {Source}.
  18. She attended the Royal Academy School {Source}
  19. She is a professional painter{Source}. 
  20. She is represented by the Redfern Gallery {Source}. 
  21. She won the Winsor & Newton Prize in 1988 {Source}.
  22. She won the Creswick Landscape Prize in 1990 {Source}.
  23. She has been a regular exhibitor at the Redfern Gallery since 1995 {Source}.
  24. She paints still life and landscapes, working from drawings and gouaches made on the spot {Source}.
  25. She is Vice President of The Royal Ballet, an appointment she accepted in 2004{Source}.
  26. She shares a birth year with several other royal cousins:
    1. James Ogilvy (29 February, her 2nd cousin)
    2. The Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex (10 March, their mothers were sisters)
    3. The Lady Helen Taylor (28 April, her 2nd cousin)
  27. She married Daniel Chatto on 14 July 1994{Source}.
  28. She met her husband while working on the film Heat and Dust in India {Source}.
  29. Her wedding gown was designed by Jasper Conran {Source}.
  30. Her bridesmaids included{Source}:
    1. The Lady Frances Armstrong-Jones (her 15 year old paternal half-sister)
    2. Miss Zara Anne Elizabeth Philips (her maternal 13 year old 1st cousin 1x removed)
    3. Miss Tara Noble (one of her girlfriends)
  31. Together, she and her husband have two sons:
    1. Master Samuel David Benedict Chatto (1996)
    2. Master Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto (1999)
  32. Her younger son, Arthur, serves as a Page of Honour to his great-aunt {Source}.
  33. At birth, because she was an indirect relative of the monarch (indirect being defined as in not child or grandchild of the current monarch) and her line is the maternal line and not paternal, she was not entitled to the title Princess, however, because her father was created an Earl, she was entitled to the courtesy title Lady.
  34. Due to #18, she was titled The Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones from birth.
  35. Upon her marriage, she became The Lady Sarah Chatto.
  36. She does not perform any regular official duties or receive any money from the government
  37. Therefore is considered a private citizen.
  38. However, she has been invited to many royal and family events, such as the Opening of Parliament (where her son was performing his duty as page of honour to Queen Elizabeth II), Christmas festivites as Sandringham, royal weddings and funerals, VIP art gallery openings, the Goodwood Races, The services of the Order of the Thistle, Badminton Horse Trials, among other events.
  39. She is a godmother to her second cousin Lady Rose Windsor{Source}.
  40. She is also godmother to her 1st cousin 1x removed, Prince Harry of Wales {Source}.
  41. She is godmother to her 1st cousin 1x removed, The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor {Source}{Source}.
  42. She was a maid of honour/bridesmaid for her cousin-in-law Diana, Princess of Wales {Source}.
  43. When her mother died in 2002, she and her brother were at her bedside {Source}.
  44. As a child, she had a close relationship with her Aunt, Queen Elizabeth II {Source}.
  45. As a child, she learned to ride horses, swim in the cold waters of Scotland, and learned about gardening from her maternal aunt {Source}.
  46. Her mother-in-law died during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations {Source}.
  47. During her time on the film set Heat & Dust, she was a wardrobe assistant {Source}.
  48. She was also part of the documentary film, The New Royals,  in 2001, as part of the archive footage{Source}.
  49. She is part of 7 portraits that are among the collection of the National Portrait Gallery {Photos}
  50. Many of #49's portraits were taken by Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield or Norman Parkinson  {Photos}.

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