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Royal Profile:Princess Maria Carolina Chantal Edoarda Beatrice Januaria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

Princess Maria Carolina Chantal Edoarda Beatrice Januaria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Palermo is the elder of two daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Castro and was born on 23 June 2003 {Source}. She has one younger sister, Princess Maria Chiara {Source}. She was the first Italian Royal to be born in Italy in 150 years.

She was baptized in Italy, with the following as her godparents:

  • Prince Laurent of Belgium (friend of her parents)
  • Prince Pierre d'Arenberg (friend of her parents)
  • Anna Maria Pisanu (wife of the Italian Home Secretary Pisanu)
  • Ines Sastre (an actress)
She was named for:
  • Maria Carolina: for her ancestress Queen Maria Carolina of Naples and Sicily
  • Chantal: for her paternal grandmother
  • Edoarda: for her maternal grandmother
  • Beatrice: for her paternal aunt
  • Januaria: for San Gennaro, the Patron Saint of Naples

Her parents own homes in Monaco, Italy and Paris, but their primary residence is Monaco. I imagine she and her sister attend one of Monaco's private schools there. I also imagine with Italian parents she speaks Italian, and living in a francophone country, she speaks French. She may speak or be learning English as well.

Even though her family is deposed royals, she occasionally attends official events. When her father was named as a godparent for Princess Josephine of Denmark, she and her family attended the baptism. In May 2012, she and her family attended a Planet Solar Ship Return Ceremony{Photos}. For her 9th birthday in June 2012, the family returned to Italy-first to Capri, then to visit the former Bourbon palace. In January 2014, she and her sister joined their parents for the beatification ceremony of Queen Maria Christina, which took place at Basilica of Santa Chiara in Naples, Italy. Most recently, in May 2014, she and her family attended the first Holy Communion of Belgium's Prince Nicolas and Prince Aymeric-sons of her godfather{Source}.

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