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Royal Profile: 45 Facts about Prince Joachim of Denmark

  1. His full name is Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian {Source}.
  2. He was born on 7 June 1969 {Source}.
  3. Prince Joachim is the second son of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark
  4.  {Source}.
  5. He has one older brother, Crown Prince Fredrik.
  6. He is included in the order of succession to the Throne and may act as Regent when The Queen and Crown Prince Frederik are abroad {Source}.
  7. Presently, he is 6th in line for the throne after his brother, two nephews and two nieces.
  8. Prince Joachim was christened in the Århus Cathedral on 15 July 1969{Source}.
  9. He was confirmed in the Chapel of Fredensborg Castle on 10 June 1982{Source}
  10. His godparents included{Source}:
    1. Count Jean Baptiste de Laborde de Monpezat
    2. Princess Benedikte of Denmark(maternal aunt)
    3. Princess Christina of Sweden (mother's cousin)
  11. He is first cousins with the following:
    1. Princess Alexia of Greece & Denmark (1965)
    2. Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece & Denmark (1967)
    3. Gustav, Hereditary Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1969)
    4. Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark (1969)
    5. Alexandra, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1970)
    6. Nathalie, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (1975)
    7. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (1983)
    8. Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark (1986)
  12. His 1st cousins 1x removed (his cousin's children) are:
    1. Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark (1996)
    2. Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece and Denmark (1998)
    3. Count Friedrich Richard Oscar Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (1999)
    4. Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark (2000)
    5. Miss Arrietta Morales y de Grecia (2002)
    6. Miss Ana María Morales y de Grecia (2003)
    7. Countess Ingrid Alexandra Irma Astrid Benedikte von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth (2003)
    8. Prince Odysseus-Kimon of Greece and Denmark (2004)
    9. Master Carlos Morales y de Grecia (2005)
    10. Miss Amelia Morales y de Grecia (2007)
    11. Prince Aristidis-Stavros of Greece and Denmark (2008)
    12. Master Konstantin Gustav Heinrich Richard Johannsmann (2010)
  13. He is uncle to:
    1. Prince Christian Valdemar Henri Jean of Denmark (2005)
    2. Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe of Denmark (2007)
    3. Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander of Denmark (2011)
    4. Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda of Denmark(2011)
  14. Prince Joachim attended Krebs' Skole during the years 1974-1982, from 1974-1976 as aprivate pupil at Amalienborg Palace{Source}. 
  15. Between 1982 and 1983, the Prince was a boarder at École des Roches in Normandy, France{Source}.
  16. In 1986, Prince Joachim graduated from the upper secondary school of Øregaard Gymnasium{Source}.
  17. During the  1986-1987 school year, the Prince worked on a farm at Wagga Wagga in Australia{Source}. 
  18. From 1991 to 1993, Prince Joachim completed his studies in agrarian economics at the Classenske Agerbrugskole Næsgaard {Source}.
  19. Prince Joachim’s military education began in 1987 when he was a recruit in the Queen's Own Regiment{Source}. 
  20. In 1988, Prince Joachim was appointed as a sergeant{Source}. 
  21. In 1989, he was appointed as a lieutenant of the reserve{Source}. 
  22. After becoming a lieutenant, Prince Joachim served as a Platoon Commander of a tank squadron in the Prince's Own Regiment from 1989 to 1990{Source}. 
  23. In 1990, Prince Joachim was appointed a first lieutenant of the reserve {Source}. 
  24. In 1992, after completion of advanced training level I for officers of the reserve (VUT I), came his appointment as a captain of the reserve{Source}. 
  25. On 18 November 1995, he married Alexandra Christina Manley. They were divorced in 2005 {Source}.
  26. On 24 May 2008, Prince Joachim married Miss Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier {Source}.
  27. From his first marriage, he has two sons{Source}:
    1. Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik of Denmark (1999)
    2. Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark (2002)
  28. From his second marriage, he has two children{Source}:
    1. Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain of Denmark (2009, son of Marie)
    2. Princess Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie of Denmark (2012)
  29. Prince Joachim shares custody of Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix with their mother{Source}. 
  30. From 1996 to 2004, Prince Joachim was the commander of a tank squadron in the mobilization force of the Prince's Own Regiment{Source}.
  31. Since 2005, was attached to the Danish Division’s staff as a major of the reserve{Source}. 
  32. Following appointment as a lieutenant colonel of the reserve in 2011, Prince Joachim was designated as the chief of the Liaison Officers Group in Total Defence Region Fyn, Syd and Sønderjylland{Source}. 
  33. In addition to his agricultural background, Prince Joachim worked for the A.P. Møller Maersk Group in Hong Kong and France, respectively, from 1993 to 1995 in order to broaden his business experience{Source}. 
  34. Today, the Prince operates Schackenborg Manor, which has been in his possession since 1978{Source}. 
  35. The farming of Schackenborg Manor is based primarily on conventional agriculture{Source}. 
  36. Prince Joachim’s mother tongue is Danish{Source}.
  37. He speaks French, English and German{Source}.
  38. Prince Joachim resides at Schackenborg Castle in southern Jutland{Source}.
  39. He holds honors from Denmark, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Jordan, Luxembourg, Nepal, Norway, Romania & Sweden.
  40. He is patron of the Dansk Rugby Union{Source}.
  41. He participated in a classic-car race, part of the GTC-TC championship: he drove a BMW 2002, sharing the ride with Derek Bell.
  42. He is a Gemini.
  43. He was born in the Chinese Astrological year of the Rooster.
  44. His life path number is 11.
  45. He is godfather to:
    1. Prince Christian of Denmark (2005, his nephew)
    2. Alexander Davidsen Siesbye (2006, a good friend's son)

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