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Royal Profile: 40 Facts about Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark

  1. Henrik Marie Jean André, The Prince Consort of Denmark, Count de Laborde de Monpezat was born on 11 June 1934 {Source}.
  2. He is the son of Count André de Laborde de Monpezat and Countess Renée de Monpezat, née Doursennot {Source}.
  3. The Prince Consort of Denmark was educated in various parts of the world, including Vietnam (then known as French Indo-China), France, and Hong Kong {Source}. 
  4. He began his eduucation in Vietnam, with the first five years of his education {Source}. 
  5. In 1939, the family returned to the family residence, le Cayrou, in Cahors{Source}. 
  6. Having received instruction at home until 1947, The Prince Consort subsequently studied at the Jesuit boarding school in Bordeaux{Source}. 
  7. In the period 1948-1950, HRH The Prince Consort attended upper secondary school in Cahors{Source}. 
  8. He returned to Hanoi in 1950 and graduated from the French upper secondary school in Hanoi in 1952{Source}. 
  9. In the period 1952- 1957, The Prince Consort studied law and political science at the Sorbonne, Paris, while simultaneously studying Chinese and Vietnamese at École Nationale des Langues Orientales{Source}. 
  10. Having studied Oriental languages in Hong Kong in 1957, Prince Henrik subsequently studied in Saigon in 1958{Source}.
  11. He was married on 10 June 1967 to Princess Margarethe of Denmark {Source}. 
  12. And with this marriage, he became HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark, Count de Laborde de Monpezat{Source}. 
  13. From this marriage, they have two sons{Source}:
    1. Crown Prince Fredrik
    2. Prince Joachim
  14. They also have two daughters-in-laws
    1. Crown Princess Mary
    2. Princess Marie
  15. And 8 grandchildren:
    1. Prince Nikolai (1999, son of Joachim)
    2. Prince Felix (2002, son of Joachim)
    3. Prince Christian (2005, son of Fredrik)
    4. Princess Isabella  (2007, daughter of Fredrik)
    5. Prince Henrik (2009, son of Joachim)
    6. Prince Vincent  (2011, son of Fredrik)
    7. Princess Josephine(2011, daughter of Fredrik)
    8. Princess Athena (2012, daughter of Joachim)
  16. The Prince Consort holds backgrounds in military training, business, writing and translating and languages. 
  17. The Prince Consort was active in the military in infantry in Algeria from 1959-1962 {Source}.
  18.  In Denmark, he holds the honorary rank of General and Admiral in the Danish Defense{Source}.
  19. During the 1960s, the future Prince Consort served within the Asia Department of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was a Secretary to the French Embassy in London for four years {Source}.
  20. The Prince Consort also operates a wine estate Château de Caïx in Cahors, France, which exports wine throughout the world {Source}. 
  21. Prince Henrik's native tongue is French, but upon moving to Denmark he quickly learned the language {Source}. 
  22. He also speaks English, Chinese and Vietnamese {Source}. 
  23. The Prince and Queen under the name H.M. Vejerbjerg translated Simone de Beauvoir’s "Tous les hommes sont mortels” into Danish in 1981{Source}. 
  24. In 1982, The Prince Consort published ”Chemin faisant" (a volume of French poems) {Source}.
  25.  He published a memoir entitled Destin obligein 1996 {Source}.
  26. In 1999, he published his favorite recipes in the book Ikke Altid Gåselever (Not Always Goose Liver) together with Jakob Johannsen {Source}.
  27.  In 2000, he published a collection of poems called Cantabile {Source}. 
  28. In 2003, he published "Les escargots de Marie Lanceline". In 2004, he published Chateau de Caïx and Fotos fra Prins Henriks private album {Source}, it was also published in French as Intimité royale {Source}. In 2005, he published a collection of poems in French under the title Murmures de vent, and in Danish Hviskende brise {Source
  29. Also in 2003, he published a cook book titled Til glæde for ganen - nye opskrifter til et kongeligt køkken {Source}. 
  30. In 2007, the Prince Consort was part of a book called Absolutely Magnifique – French Chefs at the Danish Court{Source}. 
  31. A collection of French, Greenlandic, and Danish poems entitled Bruises on the Soul was published in 2009 {Source}. 
  32. With illustrations by his wife and artist Maja Lisa Engelhardt, another collection of poems, this time poems that were re-created by Peter Paoulsen, was released in 2010, and it was entitled Roue-Libre {Source} and Frihjul in Danish {Source}. 
  33. Lastly, in 2011, he was part of a poetry collection entitled Fabula {Source}.
  34. His second son named his third child after him in 2009.
  35. He shares a birthday with:
    1. Queen Fabiola of Belgium (1928)
    2. Prince Alois of Liechtenstein (1968)
  36. His astrological sign is Gemini.
  37. His life path number is 16
  38. His name number is 7.
  39. His personality number is 5.
  40. His Soul Urge number is 3. 

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