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Royal Profile: Princess Marie Gabriele of Luxembourg

Princess Marie Gabrielle Aldegunde Wilhelmine Louise of Luxembourg was born 2 August 1925 as the fourth child of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix {Source}. She was the 3rd of four daughters, her siblings being:
  1. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (1921-)
  2. Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg, Duchess of Hohenberg (1921-2011)
  3. Princess Marie Adelaide of Luxembourg, (1924-2007)
  4. Prince Charles of Luxembourg (1927-1977)
  5. Princess Alix of Luxembourg (1929)

Princess Marie Gabrielle married Knud Johan Ludvig, Lensgreve Holstein til Ledreborg on 6 November 1951 {Source}. Together, they have seven daughters and 14 grandchildren {Source}:
  1. Lensgrevinde Monica Charlotte Louise Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (1952)
  2. Lensgrevinde Lydia Adelaide Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (1955)
    1. Princess Antonia Monica Charlotte Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1981)
    2. Princess Marie Gabrielle Yolande Camilla Philippine of Bourbon-Parma (1982)
    3. Princess Alexia Thérèse Sybille Erica Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1985)
    4. Prince Michel Knud John Joseph Marie of Bourbon-Parma (1989)
    5. Prince Henri Luitpold Antoine Victor Marie Joseph of Bourbon-Parma (1991)
  3. Lensgrevinde Veronica Birgitte Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (1956)
    1. Charles Erik de Pottère (1982)
    2. Alexander Gabriel de Pottère (1985)
  4. Lensgrevinde Silvia Charlotte Maria Holstein til Ledreborg (1958)
    1. Tatiana Angela Maria Munro (1983)
    2. Alexander Munro (1985)
    3. Charlotte Tatiana Marie Munro (1990)
    4. Angela Charlotte Marie Munro (1992)
  5. Lensgrevinde Camilla Josephine Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (1959-2010, cancer)
    1. Baron Nicholas Bertouch-Lehn (1986)
    2. Baron Philip Bertouch-Lehn (1989)
  6. Lensgrevinde Tatiana Alix Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (1961)
    1. Therese Silvia Maria von Riedemann (2000)
  7. Lensgrevinde Antonia Charlotte Jeanette Marie Holstein til Ledreborg (1962)
Current succession law in Luxembourg stipulates that in order to hold succession rights, one must descend from Grand Duke Henri, because Princess Marie Gabrielle is Grand Duke Henri's aunt, she does not directly descend from him, therefore she and her decedents are not in line. However, it is likely they make low-key appearances at family events such as weddings. Her last known public apperance was for Grand Duke Henri's 90th birthday celebrations in 2011 {Photos}.

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