Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Royal Profile: 19 Facts about Julia Caroline Ogilvy

  1. Julia Caroline Ogilvy was born 28 October 1964 {Source}.
  2. She is the daughter of Charles Rawlinson {Source}.
  3. She married James Robert Bruce Ogilvy on 30 July 1988 {Source}.
  4. She is the daughter-in-law of Princess Alexandra of Kent, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy & the late Rt. Hon. Sir Angus Ogilvy {Source}.
  5. With James, she has two children{Source}:
    1. Miss Flora Alexandra Ogilvy (1994)
    2. Mr. Alexander Charles Ogilvy (1996)
  6. Through her marriage, she is a first cousin-in-law once removed from Queen Elizabeth II. 
  7. She served as managing director of Hamilton & Inches (Jewlers) {Source}.
  8. She has served as a non-executive director of Lloyds TSB Scotland since 2003 {Source}.
  9. In 1992, she received the Scottish Business Achievement Award from The Princess Royal {Source}.
  10. In 2007, she won the ERnst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her work with ProjectScotland {Source}
  11. She is founder and chairwoman of ProjectScotland{Source}.
  12. She was a member of the previous Prime Minister’s Council for Social Action {Source}.
  13. She is the author of Turning Points{Source}. 
  14. Julia is a Trustee of Tearfund{Source}.
  15. She is also trustee of Buttle UK and the Arnold Foundation {Source}.
  16. She is an Elder in the Church of Scotland, focusing on youth work{Source}.
  17. She received the Scottish Business Achievement Award 2001 {Source}
  18. She received the Scottish Businesswoman of the Year 2001 {Source}
  19. She shares a birthday with: 
    1. Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein (1967)
    2. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg (1985)

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