Thursday, October 23, 2014

Royal Profile:Alexandra Prinzessin von Hannover

Alexandra Sophie Cecille Anna Maria Friederike Benigna Dorothea Prinzessin von Hannover was born as a Princess of Ysenberg and Büdingen on 23 October 1937 as a the second child and only daughter of Otto Friedrich III, Prince of Ysenburg and Büdingen and his wife Felicitas Anna Eleonore Cecilie, Princess Reuss of Köstritz {Source}.

She married Welf Heinrich Prinz von Hannover, son of Ernst August III Christian Georg Prinz von Hannover and Viktoria-Luise Adelheid Mathilde CharlottePrinzessin von Preußen, on 20 September 1960, in a civil marriage, a religious marriage took place the next day{Source}. Upon marrying into the Royal Family of Hanover, she became an aunt to the present titular Prince of Hanover, Prince Ernest August IV {Source}. Also through her marriage, she is an aunt to Queen Sofia of Spain and King Constantine II as they are children of her husband's sister  Queen Friedrike of Greece{Source}.

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