Monday, October 20, 2014

Royal Profile: 20 Facts about Emperess Michiko of Japan

  1. Emperess Michiko of Japan was born Michiko Shoda on 20 October 1934 {Source}. 
  2. She was the eldest daughter of Hidesaburo Shoda {Source}. 
  3. She is honorary president of the Japanese Red Cross Society {Source}. 
  4. She attended Futaba Elementary School {Source}. 
  5. In her senior year, she was elected, upon nomination by her classmates, president of the student government{Source}. 
  6. Many of her classmates recall that, though very reserved, she won full cooperation from her fellow students and helped to introduce a harmonious spirit into University life{Source}. 
  7. At the ceremony of her graduation in 1957 she was valedictorian{Source}. 
  8. She graduated with a degree in Foreign languages and literature from University of the Sacred Heart in 1957 {Source}. 
  9. Her marriage was approved by Imperial House Council on 27 November 1958 {Source}. 
  10. Her engagement ceremony took place on 14 January 1959 {Source}. 
  11. Her wedding took place on 10 April 1959 {Source}. 
  12. She has three children {Source}: 
    1. HIH Crown Prince Naruhito (1960) 
    2. HIH Prince Akishino(Fumihito) (1965) 
    3. HIH Princess Sayako, Mrs. Yoshiki Kuroda (1969) 
  13. She also has four grandchildren {Source}: 
    1. HIH Princess Mako (1991) 
    2. HIH Princess Kako (1994) 
    3. HIH Princess Aiko (2001) 
    4. HIH Prince Hisahito (2006) 
  14. She raised her children herself, with minimal help from staff {Source}. 
  15. Empress Michiko has an extensive interest in art, and is particularly well-read in Japanese classical literature {Source}. 
  16. She has constantly kept up her interest in children's literature and has done work in that field herself {Source}. 
  17. Hajimete no Yamanobori (My First Mountain), a picture book for which the Empress wrote the story, was published in 1991 {Source}. 
  18. She also published a book of poems by Michio Mado, selected, translated and arranged by Empress Michiko and entitled Dobutsu-tachi(THE ANIMALS) in 1992, among other works{Source}. 
  19. She plays the piano, and is a good accompanist to the Emperor who plays the cello and to Crown Prince Naruhito who plays the viola and violin {Source}. 
  20. In her spare time, she enjoys morning walks with her husband, playing tennis and being a mother and grandmother {Source}. 

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