Friday, November 13, 2015

Royal Profile: Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia

Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia was born Katherine Clairy Batis on 13 November 1943 as the daughter of Robert and Anna Batis {Source}.

Crown Princess Katherine had a worldly education, studying in Greece, Switzerland, and the United States. Her primary educational years were spent in Greece and Switzerland{Source}. She studied business at the University of Denver, Colorado and the University of Dallas, Texas {Source}. After graduation, she spent a few years working in business in the United States {Source}. In 2007, Crown Princess Katherine was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Sheffield{Source}.

She has been married twice{Source}. Crown Princess Katherine has two children and five grandchildren from her first marriage, as well as three stepsons from her second marriage{Source}. Her children, grandchildren and stepchildren are{Source}:
  1. David Andrews 
    1. Alexander Andrews 
  2. Alison Andrews 
    1. Amanda 
    2. Stephanie 
    3. Nicolas 
    4. Michael 
  3. Hereditary Prince Peter of Yugoslavia 
  4. Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia
  5. Prince Peter of Yugoslavia

Crown Princess Katherine’s charitable activities have been numerous, especially since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia{Source}. She is the Patron of several humanitarian organizations including{Source}:
  1. Lifeline Humanitarian Organization
  2. The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation (est. August 2001) 
She speaks Greek, English, French and some Spanish{Source}. Princess Katherine enjoys music, reading, and all the activities that regard children, cooking, the theatre and cross-country skiing{Source}.

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