Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Royal Profile: Prince Philippe Jacques Nicolas d'Orléans

Prince Philippe Jacques Nicolas d'Orléans was born 3 November 1998 as the son of  Prince Charles-Louis d'Orleans, Duke of Chartres and his wife  Ileana Manos{Source}. He has three younger sisters and a younger brother {Source}:
  1. Princess Louise Marie Isabelle d'Orléans (1999)
  2. Princess Hélène Sybille Irène d'Orléans (2001)
  3. Prince Constantin Foulques Alexandre d'Orléans (2003)
  4. Princess Isabelle Roxane Christine d'Orléans (2005)

As his royal family is defunct, he likely leads a normal life and next to nothing is known about him. He is currently 7th in line for the defunct French throne. He shares a birthday with The Viscount Linely.

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