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Royal Profile: 32 Facts about Prince Lorenz of Belgium, The Archduke of Austria-Este

  1. Prince Lorenz of Belgium, The Archduke of Austria-Este was born 16 December 1955.
  2. He was the second child of Archduke Robert of Austria-Este (1915-1996) and Princess Margherite of Savoy-Aosta (1930-){Source}.
  3. He has the following siblings & siblings-in-law:
    1. Archduchess Maria Beatrice of Austria-Este, Countess of Arco-Zinneberg (1954)
    2. Archduke Gerhard of Austria-Este (1957)
    3. Archduke Martin of Austria-Este (1959)
    4. Archduchess Isabella Maria of Austria-Este, Countess Czarnocki-Lucheschi (1963)
  4. His siblings-in-law include:
    1. Count Riprand of Arco-Zinneberg
    2. Princess Katharina von Isenburg, Archduchess of Austria-Este
    3.  Count Andrea Czarnocki-Lucheschi
  5. He has the following nieces & nephews from his siblings:
    1. Countess Anna Therese Marie von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1981)
    2. Countess Margherita Ginevra Maria von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1983)
    3. Countess Olympia Elena Maria von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1988)
    4. Countess Maximiliana Aimée Maria von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1990)
    5. Countess Marie Gabrielle Hillary von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1992)
    6. Countess Giorgiana Astrid Maria von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1997)
    7. Count Alvise Marie Lorenz Bronislaw Robert Marcus d'Aviano Czarnocki-Lucheschi (1999)
    8. Count Carlo Amedeo Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2000)
    9. Countess Maria Anna Astrid Martin Zita Lucia Victoria Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2002)
    10. Count Alessandro Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2004)
    11. Archduke Bartholomäus Karl Robert of Austria-Este (2006)
    12. Archduke Emmanuel Achatius Franz Alexander of Austria-Este (2008)
    13. Archduchess Helene Cristina Margherita of Austria-Este (2009)
    14. Archduke Luigi Amedeo Thadeus of Austria-Este (2011)
  6. On 22 September 1984, he married Princess Astrid of Belgium.
  7. Together, they set up a home in Switzerland, from 1984-1993. 
  8. They returned with their children to Belgium in 1993.
  9. He is the son-in-law of King Albert II & Queen Paola of Belgium
  10. Through his wife, he is brother-in-law and uncle to:
    1. King Philippe (1960) 
    2. Queen Mathilde (1973)
    3. Prince Laurent
    4. Princess Claire (1974)
  11. Thorough his wife, he is an uncle to:
    1. Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant (2001)
    2. Prince Gabriel of Belgium (2005)
    3. Prince Emmanuel of Belgium (2003)
    4. Princess Louise Sophie Mary of Belgium (2004)
    5. Prince Nicolas of Belgium (2005)
    6. Prince Aymeric of Belgium (2005)
    7. Princess Eléonore of Belgium (2008)
  12. With his wife, he is a parent to:
    1. Prince Amedeo, Archduke of Austria-Este (1986)
    2. Princess Maria Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1988)
    3. Princess Luisa Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1995)
    4. Princess Laetia Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este (2003)
  13. He is a father-in-law to:
    1. Archduchess Elisabetta "Lili" of Austria-Este (1987)
  14. He was educated in France, Switzerland and Austria.
  15. He attended the University of St. Gallen in both Switzerland and Austria, earning a degree in Economics and Social Sciences.
  16. He works full time in the banking industry.
  17. He has been associated with  E. Gutzwiller & Cie since 1990 {Source}
  18. He is currently a member of the honorary director board of UCB, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer{Source}.
  19. He was a director of Sita (a worldwide waste management company located in France) and of Ondeo Nalco (a water management company in the United States).
  20. In addition, he takes part in many royal activities in Belgium.
  21. He has served as honorary president of the Council of the Association Royale des Demeures Historiques de Belgique since 2004.
  22. He is a patron of Europae Thesauri
  23. He has served as deputy chairman of the Société des Amis of the Almanach de Gotha.
  24. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.
  25. He holds dual citizenship with Belgium and Austria (Likely Belgian by marriage and Austrian by birth) {Source}.
  26. He was elected as a representative of private banks and bankers and succeeds Christophe Gabriel on the Board of Directors of Six Group {Source}.
  27. Professionally, he goes by the name Lorenz von Habsburg Lothringen {Source}
  28. He was given the title Prince of Belgium by Royal Decree of 10 November 1995{Source}.
  29. He holds honors from:
    1. The House of Habsburg
    2. Belgium
    3. Germany
    4. Luxembourg
    5. Montenegrin Royal Family
    6. The Netherlands
    7. Norway
    8. Portugal
    9.  Romanian Royal Family
    10. Spain
    11. Sweden
  30. Since 1980, he has served in the Austrian Armed Forces as a Leutnant Reserves Officer.
  31. He became the head of the House of Austria-Este in Februrary 1996 after his father died.
  32. Presently, his full title and style is: His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Imperial of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary.

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