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Royal Profile: King Rama IX of Thailand

King Rama IX of Thailand was born as Prince Bhumibol Adulyadej on 5 December 1927 as the youngest son of Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, the Prince of Songkla, and  Mom Sangwan (later HRH Princess Srinagarindra, the Princess Mother) in the United States {Source}. He was the royal couple's second son and third child{Source}, his older siblings, their spouses and children, and grandchildren were:

  1. Galyani Vadhana, Princess of Naradhiwas (1923-2008)
    1. Aram Ratanakul Seriroengrit
      1. Dhasanawalaya Sornsongkram (1945-)
        1. First Lieutenant Jitat Sornsongkram
    2. Prince Varananda Dhavaj
  2. Ananda Mahidol (1925-1946, died under mysterious circumstances)

King Rama IX was educated in Switzerland, and Thailand{Source}. His early years were spent in Thailand{Source}.  He began studying at Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande, Chailly sur Lausanne and received the Bachelieres Lettres diploma from the Gymnase Classique Cantonal of Lausanne {Source}. After obtaining his high school creditentials, he began to study sciences at Lausanne University, but with the death of his brother in June 1946, his life path changed completely{Source}. He returned to Switzerland after his brother's death to study Political Science and Law{Source}. In 1950, he returned to Thailand and his Coronation Ceremony took place in May{Source}. He briefly returned to Switzerland for another year after his coronation, but the urgent calling of his people brought him back to Thailand to stay in 1951{Source}.

He became engaged to Mom Rajawongse Sirikit in July 1949{Source}. They were wed on 28 April 1950 {Source}. Together, they have the following children, children-in-law and grandchildren{Source}:
  1. HRH Princess Ubol Ratana, Mrs. Peter Ladd Jensen  (1951)
    1. Mr. Peter Ladd Jensen (d. 1998)
      1. Khun Ploypailin Jensen (1981)
      2. Khun Bhumi Jensen (affectionately known as Khun Poom) (1983-2004, autistic, died in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami)
      3. Khun Sirikitiya Jensen (1985)
  2. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn (1952)
    1. Princess Soamsavali Kitiyakara (1957, married 1977-1991)
      1. Princess Bajrakitiyabha (1978)
    2. Mom Sujarinee Mahidol na Ayudhaya (1994-1996)
      1. Prince Juthavachara Mahidol (1979, no succession rights)
      2. Prince Vacharaesorn Mahidol (1981, no succession rights)
      3. Prince Chakriwat Mahidol (1983, no succession rights)
      4. Prince Vatcharawee Mahidol (1985, no succession rights)
      5. Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana (1987, currently 4th in succession)
    3. Thanphuying Srirasmi Suwadee (m 2001-2014)
      1. Prince Dipangkorn Rasmijot (2005)
  3. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand (1955)
  4. Princess Chulabhorn Walailak of Thailand (1957)
    1. Royal Thai Air Force Air Vice Marshal Virayudh Tishyasarin (m. 1982-1996)
      1. Princess Siribhachudhabhorn of Thaliand (1982)
      2. Princess Adityadhornkitikhun of Thailand (1984)

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