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Royal Profile: 31 Facts about Marina Victoria Alexandra Ogilvy

  1. Marina Victoria Alexandra Ogilvy was born 31 July 1966 as the second child of Rt Hon. Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra of Kent {Source}. 
  2. She is the only daughter of Rt Hon. Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra of Kent  {Source}. 
  3. She has an older brother{Source}:
    1. James Robert Bruce Ogilvy (1964)
  4. Through her brother, she has a  sister-in-law{Source}:
    1. Julia Caroline Rawlinson (m. 1988)
  5. She has one niece {Source}:
    1. Flora Alexandra Ogilvy (1994)
  6. She has one nephew{Source}: 
    1. Alexander Charles Ogilvy (1996)
  7.  Her godparents were{Source}{Source}:
    1. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
    2. Prince Charles of Wales
  8. As a youngster, she was rather rebellious, and tabloids often labeled her the "black sheep". 
  9. She appeared on the cover of the fetish magazine, Skin Two, wearing a rubber jumpsuit and a crown, surrounded by corgis{Source}. 
  10. Upon this publication, her relationship with her parents and other royal relations became...strained to say the least {Source}. 
  11. She dated painter and decoration Phil Finton before moving on to Paul Mowatt {Source}.
  12. She married Paul Mowatt on 2 February 1990{Source}.
  13. They have two children together{Source}:
    1. Zenouska May Mowatt (1990)
    2. Christian Alexander Mowatt (1993)
  14. Marina and Paul were divorced in October 1997{Source}.
  15. Presently, Marina is 51st in line for the throne after the immediate family of the current reigning monarch, the Gloucester family, her uncle and his family, her mother, her brother, a niece and nephew{Source}. 
  16. She occasionally attends family and official events, such as weddings and The Trooping of Colour.
  17. She was once on welfare-while living in a grace and favor home by the Queen {Source}.
  18. It is said that during her marriage, she had a falling out with her godfather, The Prince of Wales {Source}.
  19. In 1989 rebel Marina tore her family apart with scandalous behaviour leading to her exile from royal gatherings{Source}.
  20. She is said to have grown closer to her mother since her father's death in 2004{Source}.
  21. She once had a career as a composer writing advertising jingles and film soundtracks. {Source}.
  22. Marina enrolled at the Royal Holloway College in Egham, Surrey, to begin a course in orchestration. {Source}.
  23. In 2003, she drove a silver Ford Focus{Source}.
  24. She was named:
    1. Mariana: maternal grandmother, Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark
    2. Victoria: Queen Victoria, her 3x great grandmother
    3. Alexandra: Her mother
  25. She is related to the following monarchs and consorts:
    1. Queen Elizabeth II: maternal 1st cousin 1x removed
    2. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh: maternal 1st cousin 2x removed
    3. King Felipe VI of Spain: both his 3rd and 2nd cousin 2x removed on either side of his family 
  26. She is related to the following former monarchs and consorts:
    1. Queen Sofia of Spain: maternal 2nd cousins 1x removed
    2. King Juan Carlos of Spain: maternal 3rd cousins 1x removed
    3. King Constantine II of Greece: maternal 2nd cousins 1x removed
    4. Queen Anne-Marie of Greece: maternal 3rd cousins 1x removed
  27. In 2014, she was seen in the public eye raising funds for the British Red Cross {Source}.
  28. She was born under the sign Leo.
  29. Her life path number is 33.
  30. Mariana's maternal grandfather died 24 years prior to her birth, her maternal grandmother died when she was two years of age.
  31. She shares a birthday with Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria, Countess of Limburg-Stirum

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