Sunday, July 17, 2016

Royal Profile: Marina, Consort of Prince Michael of Greece & Denmark

Marina, Consort of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark was born 17 July 1940 as  Marina Karella  to Theodor Karella and Elly Chalikiopous {Source}.

She married Prince Michael of Greece & Denmark on 7 February 1965{Source}. Due to her being a commoner, she was not granted the title and style HRH Princess Mariana of Greece & Denmark,  but the courtesy title Marina, Consort of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark

Together, they have two daughters, two sons-in-laws, four grandsons and a granddaughter{Source}:
  1. Princess Alexandra of Greece (1968)
    1. Nicolas Mirzayantz (m. 1998)
      1. Tigran Mirzayantz (2000)
      2. Darius Mirzayantz (2002)
  2. Princess Olga of Greece, Duchess of Apulia
    1. Prince Aimone, Duke of Apulia (m. 2008)
      1. Prince Umberto of Savoy-Aosta (2009)
      2. Prince Amadeo of Savoy-Aosta (2011)
      3. Princess Isabella of Savoy-Aosta (2012)
Her husband is the 1st cousin 1x removed of King Constantine II. While Prince Michael obtained the legal authorization to marry, he only did so after he had renounced succession rights to the now defunct Greek throne for himself and his descendants {Source}. 

Mariana shares a birthday with:
  1. Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (1945)
  2. Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall (1947)
  3. Don Felipe Juan de Marichalar y Borbón (1998)

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