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Royal Profile: The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor

The Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor was born on 8 November 2003, via emergency C-Section, and is the elder of two children of The Earl and The Countess of Wessex{Source}. She has one younger brother{Source}:
  1. James, Viscount Severn (2007)

She was baptized at 5 months old in April 2004 during a ceremony in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle{Source}. Her godparents were the following{Source}:

  1. Lady Alexandra Etherington (her 5th cousin through Queen Victoria)
  2. Lady Sarah Chatto (her 1st cousin 1x removed)
  3. Lord Ivar Montbatten (her 1st cousin 2x removed via Princess Victoria of Hesse by Rhine, her parents are also godparents to his daughters Alexandra and Ella)
  4. Rupert Eliott (friend of her father's)
  5. Francesca Schwarzenbach (friend of her parents)

She was named:

  1. Louise: Likely for her greatx3 aunt The Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
  2. Alice: for her paternal great grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg
  3. Elizabeth: for her paternal grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II
  4. Mary: for her maternal grandmother, Mary O'Sullivan (who died when she was 2 years of age in 2005)

Over the years, Lady Louise has had her own medical issues. She was born with a condition called exotoropia, and underwent a 30-minute operation under general anesthesia to correct the issue in 2006 {Source}. In April 2012, she broke her left arm after falling off her pony while riding at her grandmother's estate in Windsor{Source}.

Since she is so young, she is rarely seen performing public duties. However, in recent years, her parents have allowed her to attend certain events. In 2008, during her father's trip to the Canadian province of Manitoba, there was a lake in the north of the province named Lady Louise {Source}. Lady Louise began attending Trooping the Colour appearing on the balcony with her family in 2009, and riding in the carriages with her family since 2011 {2009, 2011}. She was a bridesmaid at her cousin The Duke of Cambridge's April 2011 wedding {Photos}. During Easter 2012, she accompanied her family to the Easter services at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle {Source}. In June 2013, she attended several events: the Thames River Jubilee Pagent, the Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul's Cathedral, the 60th coronation anniversary celebration at Westminster Abbey and the coronation festival at Buckingham Palace{Source}{Source}. In April 2015 Lady Louise and her brother participated in their first overseas engagement. They accompanied their parents on a trip to South Africa {Source}. In May 2015, she attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show {Photos}. In June 2015, she attended (along with the rest of the members of her class) the annual Garter ceremony{Photos} and the Trooping of Color {Photos}. In August 2015, The Lady Louise, her mother and her 5th cousin 1x removed (her godmother Lady Alexandra's daughter), Amelia Etherington attended the Unibet EuroHockey Championships {Photos} and the 2nd day of the Festival of British Eventing {Photos}.

Lady Louise began attending St. George's School, Windsor Castle in September 2007{Source}. As of 2016-2017, she should be in Year 8 at the school (Equal to 7th grade in the US system).

Her title has long-since been debated. According the the Letters Patent issued in 1917 (that is still in force today that states that all male-line grandchildren of the monarch shall be titled HRH Prince/ss of XYZ), her legal title is Her Royal Highness Princess Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary of Wessex, just like her cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. However, when her parents married in 1999, her grandmother issued a statement via a Buckingham Palace Press Release stating that rather than be known as HRH Prince/ss of Wessex, the children of the Earl and Countess of Wessex would be styled as children of an Earl. This was in hopes to avoid some of the burdens that come with royal titles {Source}. Lady Louise is presently 11th in line for the British throne, after two uncles, 4 cousins, two 1st cousins 1x removed, and her father and brother.

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