Monday, March 27, 2017

Royal Profile: Princess Aisha bint Al Faisal of Jordan

Princess Aisha bint Al Faisal of Jordan was born 27 March 1997 as the daughter of Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan and Princess Alia Tabba{Source}. She has a twin sister, and two older siblings and a younger half-brother, brother-in-law and niece {Source}:

  1. Princess Ayah bint Al Faisal of Jordan (1990)
    1. Mohammad Talal Halawani (m. 2014)
      1. Raiyah Halawani (2016)
  2. Prince Omar bin Al Faisal of Jordan (1993)
  3. Princess Sara bint Al Faisal of Jordan (twin, 1997)
  4. Prince Abdullah bin Al-Faisal (2016)

She attended Amman Baccalaureate School. Her uncle is the current King of Jordan.

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