Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Royal Profile: The Lady Serena Armstrong-Jones, The Countess of Snowdon

The Lady Serena Alleyne Armstrong-Jones, The Countess of Snowdon 1 March 1970 as the daughter of the 12th Earl of Harrington and The Countess of Harrington {Source}. She has an older brother, a sister-in-law, a nephew and a niece {Source}{Source}:

  1. William Henry Leicester Stanhope, The Viscount Petersham (1967)
    1. Candida Bond Stanhope, The Viscountess Petersham (m. 2001)
      1. The Hon. Tirkana Stanhope (2003)
      2. The Hon. Augustus Stanhope (2005)
Through her father, as he is an Earl, she holds the courtesy style The Lady Serenea Armstrong-Jones, and with the recent death of her father-in-law, she has become The Countess of Snowdon through her marriage. Her nephew, The Hon. Augustus is currently a page of honor to Queen Elizabeth II

She married David Armstrong-Jones, The 2nd Earl of Snowdon on 8 October 1993 {Source}. Together, they have two children {Source}:
  • Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linely (1999)
  • The Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones (2002)

In 2010, she opened Serena Linley Provence, a shop selling soaps, scent and candles using lavender from Provence, France {Source}.

She also shares a birthday with Sir Vice Admiral Tim Laurence and The Lady Rose Gilman.

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