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Royal Profile: Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon

Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon was born 7 March 1930 as the son of Ronald Armstrong-Jones and his first wife Anne Messel (later Countess of Rosse) {Source}. He has one sister as well as a paternal half-brother, and two maternal half siblings{Source}:
  1. Susan Armstrong-Jones (1927-1986)
    1. John Eustace Vesey, 6th Viscount de Vesci of Abbey Leix (1919, m. 1950-1983, his death)
      1. The Hon Emma Frances Vesey (1951)
        1. Norman Zalkind (m. 1986)
          1. Susan Zalkind (1987)
      2. The Hon. Catherine Anne Vesey (1953)
        1. Bruno Creeton (m. 1984)
          1. Matthew John Cretton (1985)
          2. Cecilly Anne Cretton (1986)
          3. Alexis Pierre Cretton (1988)
          4. Madeleine Cretton (1991)
      3. Thomas Eustace Vesey, 7th Viscount de Vesci of Abbey Leix (1955)
        1. Sita-Maria Arabella Vesey, The Viscountess de Vesci of Abbey Leix (m. 1987)
          1. Damian Brian John Vesey (1985)
          2. Hon. Cosima Frances Vesey (1988)
          3. Hon. Oliver Ivo Vesey (1991)
      4. The Hon. Geogina Mary Vesey (1963-1965)
  2. William Clere Leonard Brendan Parsons7th Earl of Rosse (1936)
    1. Alison Margaret Cooke-Hurle (m. 1966)
      1. Lawrence Patrick ParsonsLord Oxmantown (1969)
        1. Anna Lin Xiaojing (m. 2004)
          1. The Hon. Olivia Rose Xuewei Parsons (2006)
          2. The Hon. William Charles Parsons (2008)
      2. Lady Alicia Siobhan Margaret Nasreen Parsons (1971)
      3. Hon. Michael John Finn Parsons (1981)
  3. Hon. Desmond Oliver Martin Parsons (1938-2010)
    1.  Aline Edwina Macdonald (m. 1965)
      1. Rupert Alexander Michael Parsons (1966)
      2. Desmond Edward Richard Parsons (1968)
  4. Peregrine Owen Llewellyn Armstrong-Jones (1960)
    1.  Caroline Therese Bloy
      1. India Armstrong-Jones (2000)
      2. Robert Owen Llewelyn Armstrong-Jones (2000)
Antony, 1st Earl of Snowdon contracted polio as a child while at the family's country home in Wales, and spent many months recuperating  in the hosptial, where his only visitor was his sister {Source}. He was sent to two different boarding schools as a young child. First, he attended Sandroyd School for four years, from 1939-1943{Source}. Upon leaving Sandroyd, he attended  Eton College{Source}. Upon leaving Eton, he attended Jesus College, University of Cambridge, where he studied archetechture, but failed his final exams{Source}. He coxed the winning Cambridge boat in the 1950 Boat Race {Source}.

After his university years, he  became a photographer in fashion, design and theatre{Source}. He later became known for his royal studies, among which were the official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh for their 1957 tour of Canada{Source}.

He had the following former wives and lovers, children and grandchildren{Source}:
  1. Camilla Fry (affair while courting Princess Margaret)
    1. Polly Fry (1960)
  2. The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (m. 1960-1978, div)
    1. David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon (1961)
      1. The Hon. Serena, The Countess of Snowdon (m. 1993)
        1. Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (1999)
        2. The Lady Margarita Elizabeth Rose Alleyne Armstrong-Jones (2002)
    2. Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (1964) 
      1. Mr. Daniel St. George Chatto (m. 1994)
        1. Mr. Samuel David Benedict Chatto (1996)
        2. Mr. Arthur Robert Nathaniel Chatto (1999)
  3. Lucy Lindsay-Hogg (m. 1978-2000)
    1. Lady Frances  von Hofmannsthal (1979)
      1.  Rodolphe von Hofmannsthal (m. 2006)
        1. Rex Antony Octavian  von Hofmannsthal (2008)
        2. Maud Dolores Diamond von Hofmannsthal (2009)
        3. Sybil Sabrina Ernestine von Hofmannsthal (2013)
  4. Melanie Cable-Alexander (affair in the 1990s)
    1. Jasper Cable-Alexander (1998)
Funeral arrangements are currently pending. I suspect it will be a semi-private affair and that several members of the British Royal Family will be in attendance. He is survived by two brothers, four children, four grandsons, and three granddaughters.

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