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Royal Profile: 54 Facts about Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy

  1. Baroness Elisabeth Anne de Massy aka Elisabeth-Anne Grimaldi at birth was born 13 January 1947 the daughter of Princess Antointte of Monaco & Alexandre-Athenase Noghès{Source}.
  2. She has one younger brother{Source}:
    1. Christian Louis de Massy (1949)
  3. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne has one sister{Source}:
    1. Christine-Alix de Massy (1951-1988)
  4. She is a niece of Prince Rainier of Monaco and Princess Grace of Monaco{Source}.
  5. Her first cousins are:
    1. Princess Caroline of Hanover, Princess by birth of Monaco (1957)
    2. Prince Albert II of Monaco (1958)
    3. Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Countess of Polinac (1965)
  6. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne is a first cousin once removed of:
    1. Andrea Albert Piere Casiraghi (1984)
    2. Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (1986)
    3. Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi (1987)
    4. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (1992)
    5. Louis Robert Paul Ducruet (1992)
    6. Pauline Grace Maguy Ducuret (1994)
    7. Princess Alexandra Charlotte of Hanover (1999)
    8. Alexandre Eric Stephane Coste-Grimaldi (2003)
    9. Princess Gabriella of Monaco, The Countess of Carladès (2014)
    10. Prince Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Marquis de Baux (2014)
  7. She is a first cousin 2x removed of:
    1. Raphaël Casiraghi Elmaleh (2013)
    2. Soon-to-Be Baby Casiraghi-Borromeo (due sometime in 2017)
  8. Elisabeth-Anne was the paternal grandchild of Alexandre Noghès & Marie Markellos-Petsalis.
  9. Her paternal great-great grandfather, Alexandre was the founder of the Monte Carlo Automobile Club and former general treasurer of Monaco's state finances{Source}. 
  10. Her great-grandfather Anthony (1890–1978), created the first Grand Prix ever raced in a city, the world famous Grand Prix de Monaco{Source}.
  11. At the time of her birth, her parents were not married; they subsequently married in 1951, legitimatizing her and her two younger siblings{Source}.
  12. However, this did not place her and her siblings in succession for Monaco's throne in line for the throne of Monaco{Source}.
  13. Due to when her uncle turned 21 years of age in 1944, her grandmother (Princess Charlotte) and and her mother, Princess Antoinette formally renounced their succession rights, however with the changes in the 2002 succession laws, Princess Antoinette and her line were briefly back in succesion for the throne from 2002-2005.
  14. She and her two siblings were originally given the surname Grimaldi, but when her mother received the Barony of Massy as a wedding present from her brother in December 1951, then Princess Antoinette changed her children's last name to de Massy to reflect her title. 
  15. However, Elisabeth and her siblings are not entitled to use Baron or Baroness of Massy as it is not considered hereditary nor do they have the courtesy titles as the children of a baroness. like they would in the United Kingdom (UK child of baron titles: The Honourable First name last name. Example: Peter Trevor Maxwell, 28th Baron de Ros's children areThe Hon. Finbar Maxwell, The Hon. Katherine Maxwell & The Hon. Jessye Maxwell){Source}. 
  16. Elisabeth-Anne is a baroness via her first marriage, not through hereditary titles or titles from Monaco (see #14). 
  17. Elisabeth has been married twice, and has two children-one from each marriage.
  18. She married Baron Bernard Alexandre Taubert-Natta (m. 1974-1983, he died in 1989).
  19. She married Nicolai Vladimir Costello (m. October 1984-1985).
  20. From her marriage to Baron Berard, she has a son and daughter-in-law
    1. Baron Jean-Leonard Taubert-Natta (1974)
  21. Through her son, she the mother-in-law of:
    1. Baroness Susanna Taubert-Natta (m. 2009)
  22. From her marriage to Nicolai, she has a daughter:
    1. Melanie-Antoinette Costello de Massy (1985, professionally known as Melanie-Antoinette de Massy)
  23. She is well known for her charitable works in Monaco.
  24.  Elisabeth-Anne is President of the Monegasque Tennis Federation 
  25. She is also president of the Monte Carlo Country Club
  26. She and her daughter Melanie also appear with the family on the balcony annually at Monaco's National Day celebrations. 
  27. In April 2015, she appeared with her daughter Melanie and cousin Prince Albert II, during the renaming of the Monte Carlo Tennis Courts {Photos}.
  28. With the death of her uncle in 2005, she lost her place in the line of succession for the Monégasque throne, however, she, her children, and her brother, his family and her youngest sister (who died in 1989)'s son and his family remain in the "pool" of familial persons eligible to be selected for the Crown in the event of the extinction of the descendants of Prince Rainier.
  29. She has one nieceto:
    1. Jonkvrouw Leticia de Massy de Brouwer (1971)
  30. She also has three nephews:
    1. Keith Sébastien Knecht de Massy  (1972)
    2. Brice Gelable-de Massy (1988)
    3. Antoine de Massy (1997)
  31. She has one niece-in-law:
    1. Donatella Knecht de Massy (1972, m. 1999)
  32. She has one nephew-in-law:
    1.  Jonkheer Thomas de Brouwer (1973, m. 2006)
  33. She has been the sister-in-law of:
    1. María Marta Quintana y del Carril (1951, m. 1970-1978, div)
    2. Anne Michele Lütken (1982-1987, div)
    3. Charles Wayne Knecht(1972–1976, div)
    4. Leon Leroy(1988–1989, her death) 
    5. Julia Lakschin (1992-1995, div)
  34. Currently, she only has one sister-in-law:
    1. Cécile Gelabale (1995-present)
  35. She is the great aunt to the following great nieces:
    1. Christine Knecht (2000)
    2. Alexia Knecht (2001)
    3. Vittoria Knecht (2007)
    4. Andrea Knecht (2008)
    5. Jonkvrouw Rose de Brouwer (2008)
  36. She also has one great-nephew:
    1. Jonkheer Sylvestre de Brouwer (2008)
  37. She is the step-great-aunt of:
    1. Jonkvrouw Hermine de Brouwer (2001)
    2. Jonkvrouw Liliah de Brouwer (2003)
  38. In April 2016, she attended several days of the Monte Carlo ATP Masters and the Launch Party of the event {Photos}.
  39. In September 2016, she attended the Traditional Pique-nique Monegasque with her cousins Prince Albert II & Princess Caroline and Princess Charlene, Prince Albert II's wife {Photos}.
  40. In November 2016, she attended Monaco's National Day Celebrations {Photos}
  41. Her astrological sign is Capricorn, along with her cousin Princess Caroline of Hanover, her cousin-in-law, Princess Charlene of Monaco, her nephew Antoine de Massy, her younger brother Christian Louis de Massy, and her daughter, Melanie-Antoinette de Massy. 
  42. She is godmother to her cousin, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.
  43. She is the oldest grandchild of Princess Charlotte of Monaco, The Duchess of Valentinos & Prince Pierre of Monaco, The Count of Polignac.
  44. She is of Mexican, French, Scottish, English, German, Italian descent on her mother's side (there might be more here as well)
  45. After her parents divorce, she became the stepdaughter of Margot James.
  46. Through her stepmother, she was the step-niece of:
    1. Dr. Charles S. James 
    2. Mrs. Holly W. James
  47. She is related to the first official Monegasque ambassador to the US, Gilles Noghès, who was Monaco's first official ambassador from 2006-2009. Prior to Gilles appointment, Monaco was represented by France's ambassador.
  48. She was close to her uncle Rainier growing up.
  49. She grew up in the little town of Èze, France, which is about a 20 minute car ride to Monte Carlo.
  50. She is president of A.S.Co.T.
  51. Sometimes her birthday is credited as 14 July 1947, which is actually her birthday, I'm unsure. 
  52. She was a regular at the Monaco Red Cross Ball with her two children (2012, 2011, 2006)
  53. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy has also attended the Rose Ball (2005, 2004, 2002)
  54. She almost shares a birthday with her nephew Antoine (15th),  brother Christian-Louis (17th), her daughter Melanie-Antoinette (18th).

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